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Saturday, August 4th @ 7:00 PM
New Horizons Fellowship, 820 E. Williams St., Apex, NC

Theme: "Workin' on It."

Whatcha workin on? We'd love to see it! Bring in any current magical project, at any level of completion, and share it with the Ring. Depending on the number of participants, we will take time to discuss each and brainstorm through any problems you may be facing. 

For those of us who attended the Family Fling and were fortunate to share in the Magic Estate Give-A-Way - 
Many of us carried items home that were incomplete, had extra or missing parts, or had instructions to an effect you didn't carry home. If you are one of these people, please bring your
incomplete effect, extra parts, instructions, or
any effect that you've decided not to use
to this meeting. Someone may be looking for the part you set aside. 

Don't forget to bring and share your 5-Star or No-Star Review of a commercial magic effect, book, DVD, or other magic-related product.
Third Tuesday of Each Month
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Hughie Olmsted/Bill Esau 
Weekly Magic Luncheon

The weekly magic luncheon is co-hosted by Triangle Magicians Danny Reeves and Steven Perry. 
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The Honest Conman
Saturday, September 8th @ 7:00 PM
New Horizons Fellowship, 820 E. Williams St, Apex, NC

The name of Gregory Wilson stands out in any discussion on magic! This prolific author, inventor, innovator, and two-time FISM champion is bringing his unique brand of close-up, restaurant, and stand-up magic to Ring #199! Gregory is one of the most popular columnists in Jim Sisti's The Magic Menu and Stan Allen's MAGIC Magazine. He has a chapter devoted to his talents in Paul Harris' remarkable tome, Art of Astonishment (V1)!  He is one of the "Wizards" behind Wizard Wars and Penn & Teller as well as Penguin's awesome LIVE series.

Known as "The Honest Conman," Gregory performs a professional full evening show as a pickpocket and mentalist. In the first half of the show, he steals watches, wallets, belts and eyeglasses and in the second half performs mind reading to the amusement and amazement of all, both his audience and his victims, er, uh, I mean, volunteers. 

Here is YOUR chance to delve behind the curtain of this devious and wildly creative mind!

Admission: Members - $20.00, Non-members - $25.00, Youth - $10.00

The Magical Marketing Genius
Saturday, October 6th @ 7:00 PM
New Horizons Fellowship, 820 E. Williams St, Apex, NC

For Michael, magic is not just an occupation; it's a way of life! Internationally recognized as one of the top sleight-of-hand magicians in the world today, Michael Kaminskas is a thinker, creator and innovator of magic.  The author of several books, as well as creator of numerous effects and instructional DVDs for the professional magician, Michael's work has been featured in nearly every trade publication - including a coveted Cover and feature story in MUM the trade periodical of the oldest magic organization in the world.  

Michael's lecture will include:
His go-to Chop Cup Routine done with a box made out of cards and a signed card.  
His take on the fingertips coins across plot.  So squeeky clean it can be done in the shower!
What Box - A method for removing the cards by having the box vanish a little at a time. 
Cold Fusion - Remove any two cards from the deck, fuse them together back to back then instantly split them into two separate cards again.  The perfect precursor to the Anniversary Travelers.
Anniversary Travelers - A unique take on the Anniversary Waltz where two signed selections are removed from separate pockets then fused together back to back and given away as a souvenir.
Candy Caper aka Skittled - Rip open a package of sweets and immediately reseal it and give it away.  But wait, there's more.. come see it at the lecture to find out the rest!
Escape - David Copperfield caused quite a stir in the magic world when he performed Timothy Wenk's "Misled" on television.  Imagine passing a pen through a bill without any gaffs or gimmicks.  Totally impossible and totally impromptu!  This is an updated handling of "The Great Escape" that I originally published in 1990.  So good it looks like a camera trick and super easy to do.
KFC - This ingenious card fold will take the place of the standard Mercury Fold.  Learn how to fold a card into quarters while the spectators are burning the deck.  Best yet, they push their card into the center of the pack themselves.
Dollar Dollar - Two silver dollars are produced at your fingertips and then visually change one at a time into folding currency.  The ultimate in eye candy!
Clinger - A modernized twist on a neo-classic effect of a (wand) pen clinging to your outstretched fingers.  Both your hands and the pen may be examined.  Quick preparation and a genuine fooler.

Other Possible inclusions...
Topit Discussion and performance ideas
Thoughts on a one man show? - No need to re-invent the wheel.  Find out what works and what doesn't and more importantly why.  
The Creative Process - how it works for me
Cups and balls techniques
Wand techniques
Sleights vs. Gaffs
The ways we learn

ADMISSION: Members - $15.00, Nonmembers - $25.00, Youth - $5.00

You do not want to miss EITHER of these incredible lectures! Mark your calendar TODAY!!
Be Sure to Watch Ring Member
Josh Lozoff
in his Debut Appearance on
Penn & Teller Fool Us

Monday, August 13th on the CW

Watch for the answers to TWO Vital Questions!
Did He Fool Penn & Teller?
Why did the Chicken cross the Stage?


May 1, 2020 will mark the Golden Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Lee-Snavely Ring #199 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians! The Ring officers have created a committee to plan a gala celebration including banquet, lectures, workshops, statewide media coverage, public open house, and a gala public magic showcase featuring the Triangle's Magical Best!  We have contracted with two of the BIG names in magic to appear! That announcement is coming SOON! 

Save the weekend of Friday and Saturday, May 1st & 2nd, 2020 NOW! This will be a blockbuster celebration of Triangle Magic! We warmly invite your ideas and suggestions! Let us hear from you at  

We will need YOUR help to make this happen! 
We'll need fundraising support, assistance drawing top name magicians to perform and lecture, on stage and backstage talent, close-up and table-hopping performers, magician and lay workshop leaders, local performers to appear on morning radio & TV shows, and more! 

Be a Part of North Carolina Magic History!
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