Civil Litigation and Evidence Consultation


Our professionals have a combined 25 years of courtroom practice. Our law enforcement experience has introduced us to preparing evidence for cases as simple as a speeding ticket to as complex as a homicide. We feel that this experience is invaluable when preparing our clients for their cases.


Our experts have worked numerous cases involving child pornography at the state and federal level.  We have received training in the identification and detection of these images as well as the attempts and processes to hide this type of evidence.  As soon as this evidence is located, our experts are trained to locate and extract this information without damaging the original files.


Our experience has taught us the value in preparation and collection of evidence, chain of custody issues and the overall presentation of that evidence to have the greatest impact on the trier of fact in each case. The presentation of your evidence will make the greatest lasting impression on those trying your case. Our experts will work with you or your counsel to ensure that you are putting the most accurate and appealing case before the trier of fact.