Tournament Results


National Forensic League National Tournament: June 15-20

Lauren Larson did us all way proud by heading out to the UNLV in Nevada and combating 105 degree temperatures to compete at Nationals in Oratory. She went six rounds deep in her primary event before being eliminated and moving over to Expository. There, she survived the first cut and went an additional four rounds deep, thus becoming the first SAAS student ever to make a cut into outrounds at NFL nationals! It was a great way to end what has been an awesome Speech career at SAAS; on the national stage.

Extemporaneous/Impromptu Tournament of Champions: May 10-11

Each year, Northwestern University hosts the TOC for Extemporaneous and Impromptu. Students qualify by making finals at their state tournaments. Chicago was cold and rainy for a lot of our weekend there, but Helen Olsen and Morgan Purrier represented WA in first rate fashion! Helen brings home Seattle Academy's first ever national tournament award, and graduates with an NFL Degree of Distinction. She took on everyone from the Texans to the Iowans, and whatever you call people from Massachusetts, for two days, and ended up in the final round! An awesome culmination to a great career in SAAS Speech.

Helen Olsen 5th Place overall: Impromptu Speaking


Washington State Tournament: March 22

The end of an amazing year. We are poured out like water, and have nothing left. Exhausted, spent, but with weary smiles on our faces, we climbed on the bus and headed home after the culminating tournament this year. 19 qualifiers to the state meet. 11 breaks to finals in the individual events. 3 Washington state champions. And when the dust cleared, the team title.

2008 1/2/3A Washington State Speech Team Champions

Helen Olsen 2008 Extemporaneous Finals - WA State (qualifies for Chicago TOC)
Helen Olsen 2008 Impromptu Finals - WA State
Morgan Purrier 2009 Impromptu Finals - WA State
Morgan Purrier 2009 Extemporaneous Finals - WA State (qualifies for Chicago TOC)
Katie Raynolds 2009 Original Oratory Finals - WA State
Rachel Liddell 2011 Expository WA State - 2nd Place
Connor Raikes 2009 Humorous Interp Finals - WA State
Lauren Larson 2008 Original Oratory WA State Champion!!
Erin Gamoran 2008 Humorous Interp WA State Champion!!
Marissa Roecks 2009 Prose/Poetry Interp WA State Champion!!
Marissa Roecks 2009 Dramatic Interp WA State - 2nd Place

National Qualifier Tournament: March 1

Viva Las Vegas! That's right: Seattle Academy will return to the NFL National Speech Tournament for the first time since 2000! That year, we went in Extemporaneous. This time, we'll be representing the great state of Washington (home of hot coffee, jumbo jets, and speedy software! Sorry, just practicing for convention roll call. .  .) in Original Oratory. This year, the tournament is on the campus of the UNLV, and we'll be heading out into the desert in mid-June (whew! bring water!) to show them how we do things in the PNW!

Lauren Larson National Qualifier! Original Oratory
Helen Olsen Alternate: International Extemporaneous
Erin Gamoran Alternate: Humorous Interpretation

Tahoma High School: February 2

Is it the end of the regular season already? It feels like we just pulled up to TJ. The time does fly. In search of those last few key qualifier slots, we threw a few people in the family truckster and headed down to Covington for the Tahoma tournament. This is a meet that has doubled in size in the last three years, and offered varsity division-only competition. But when the smoke cleared, it was a mission accomplished. On to the playoffs! Highlights included:

Maddie Denman Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Rachel Liddell Finalist: Expository (State Qualifier!)


Mount Vernon High School: January 26

"Joel, we are in Canada! You missed the exit!" Mount Vernon isn't quite THAT far north, but it sure feels that far. "That mountie is pulling us over!" It was very cool to return to Mount Vernon and see their recently refurbished campus near the border. Charlie Potter and his minions ran a stellar meet that never ran more than 15 minutes off schedule. While I did have to go up on the roof with my white robe and staff to divert the snow away (you're welcome!), we made it home with nothing worse than a few sprinkles, despite the dire forecasts. Highlights included:

Marissa Roecks 3rd Place: Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier!)
Morgan Purrier 3rd Place: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)
Lauren Larson 2nd Place: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)


Federal Way High School: January 19

Welcome back, Federal Way! After a snow-out last year, it was great to get back down to FWHS for what is always an outstanding meet. There were 40 schools there, and we were 2 of them. Hard to believe, I know, but for the first time ever, SAAS took so many entries, that by rule we had to register as Seattle Academy A and Seattle Academy B, with no assurance that kids on the two different squads wouldn't be competing against one another in rounds. At 24 entries, it was the single largest group Seattle Academy has ever taken to a speech tournament!  Highlights included:

Connor Raikes 3rd Place: Humorous Interp (State Qualifier!)
Sarah Robinson Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Erin Gamoran Finalist: Humorous Interp (State Qualifier!)
Erin Handley Finalist: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)


Auburn Riverside High School: December 7-8

We reach the halfway point of the season, and head down to Auburn for what has turned into a HUGE tournament over the past few years. 34 schools showed up, and some events had as many as 70 competitors! At times, it felt a little insane, but really paid off. It's great to see different people stepping up each weekend, and the balance our team is beginning to acquire. Highlights included:

Helen Olsen 1st Place: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)

1st Place: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)

Zach Thal 2nd Place: Humorous Interp (State Qualifier!)
Katie Raynolds Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Marissa Roecks Finalist: Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier!)
Morgan Purrier Finalist: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)


Renton High School: December 1

We took several new team members down to Renton for their first tournament! This was our first time at this venue, but it won't be the last. A great, laid-back atmosphere was the perfect place for an introduction to speech competition. Special congratulations go out to:

Sarah Robinson 2nd Place: Original Oratory


Eastside Catholic High School: November 17

Always a treat to go across the lake and see the gang at Eastside. A respectful, thankful farewell to Coach Mike Burton, who is retiring this year after decades of Speech and Debate in Washington. His team, staff, and parents threw an awesome tournament! Highlights included:

Helen Olsen Superior: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)

Superior: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)

Morgan Purrier Superior: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)

Superior: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)


Thomas Jefferson High School: November 10

The TJ High School Invitational now kicks off the season each year, and we joined 24 other schools down south to inaugurate a new team. Highlights included:

Marissa Roecks 3rd Place: Dramatic Interp
Marissa Roecks 2nd Place: Prose/Poetry Interp
Connor Raikes 2nd Place: Humorous Interp