Fall News From Us! 

New at Optimum!

Concussion Assessment and Rehabilitation

Starting November 1st, we will be offering concussion rehabilitation program.  Danièle has had training in mild traumatic brain injury and associated spinal dysfunction.  Her training allows her to be a specialist in concussion assessment and management of concussion related symptoms caused by the injury.  We look forward to helping the northern community!


Tape and Braces

Come check out our new tape and brace display.  Braces, tape and clinical supplies will now be sold at Optimum Health.  Tape ranges from elastic to athletic and, everything in between.  Our braces are measured to fit and are of an industrial leading quality.

Gift Certificates 

Want to give your athletic friends and family a gift they will really enjoy?  Optimum Health now has gift certificates.  Help your athletic entourage get back to their optimum health so they can start the new year in tip top shape!  


The Optimum Health recently volunteered at the following community events. We are so glad to be helping out in and around the Sudbury district. Congrats to all participants.

2015 Pan American Games 

Once again Danièle Gervais was volunteering her time to help elite athletes perform their best. She was working the 2015 Pan Am Games in July and participated in men's soccer, as well as the combat sports judo and wrestling. 

These activities prompted an interview by the Morning North and Northern Life: 




Slow Pitch Mixed Baseball Tournament 19 and up

Sudbury Stones Rugby Football Club

Upcoming Events

Boréal Volleyball 

Once again, Danièle will be working as an Athletic Therapist with the Vipères from Collège Boréal volleyball team. Feel free to join and cheer on our Vipères though their season!

Family Medicine Forum 

The Family Medicine Forum is Canada's largest and most comprehensive annual conference for family physicians. Danièle will be representing CATA and talk to physicians about Athletic Therapy. This will be her third time attending this conference! 

We're Hiring!
Optimum Health Center is looking for a Registered Massage Therapist/Athletic Therapist/Acupuncturist. 
We pride ourselves on hard work, patient care and a welcoming environment. We also have new equipment and a new massage room! 

Optimum Health Center is in the ideal location for a young entrepreneur or established Massage therapist, Athletic therapist, or Acupuncturist. It's a great startup location with all the amenities. Includes hydro, heat, advertising. 

Join our group here at Optimum Health Center! 
Applications accepted by email, those selected for an interview will be contacted. 
If you wish to apply or know of anyone, please send your resume to optimumhealth@eastlink.ca

Optimum You

Come join us for a workout. We offer workout classes for everyone! They're on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15pm. There's online booking but book fast, space is limited!! 

New Developments 

We are always trying to provide new equipment and improvements to make your visit more comfortable! 

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Tel.: (705) 586-3326
Email: optimumhealth@eastlink.ca