Project Lifesaver is Proud to Announce its 4000 Rescue   


Project Lifesaver Has Been Protecting & Rescuing Individuals with Cognitive Disorders who wander away from their safe environment for nearly a Quarter of a Century!  

On January 6, 2023, The Elkhart County Indiana Sheriff’s Office conducted a rescue of an individual with Autism who wandered away from their home. The Elkhart County Indiana Sheriff’s Office, a Project Lifesaver Member agency, was notified and immediately responded. The conditions were harsh, below freezing temperatures, the subject was found approximately 1/4 mile north of his residence in less than 30 minutes. After being returned safely, the subject was seen by medical units, cleared, and released to his parents making it the 4000 Project Lifesaver member agency successful rescue, and maintaining its 100% success rate for nearly 25 years.   


Project Lifesaver Association of Nova Scotia (PLANS), one of the many Agencies of Project Lifesaver International has rescued 28 of those 4000 rescued persons. That’s correct 28 persons who have been clients of PLANS since 2010 have been rescued within 30 mins of highly trained Electronic Search Specialist of Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue teams commencing their search with specialized equipment. A big thank you to all members of Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue for their commitment to saving our most vulnerable people in the province of Nova Scotia.