Rapid Evidence and Report Processing and Return



As members of the law enforcement community, one of the greatest challenges we have witnessed is the incredible amount of time that it takes to get digital evidence processed and returned. Evidence submitted to larger digital evidence processing organizations is typically based on a priority scale with cases involving person crimes taking precedence of those associated with monetary or material loss. With wait times of up to one year or more typical in digital forensic cases from these companies and the knowledge that person crimes may bump your evidence further down the priority chain, we offer a service that provides results in a much timelier manner. We provide the same services to include cell phone data extraction and computer hard drive extraction with results typically returned in a period of days or weeks instead of months or years.


Our professionals have attained the highest training possible.  This includes instruction and certifications from the United States Secret Service, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association International Inc. (LEVA). Our evidence collection and presentation is courtroom tested and backed by over 25 years of law enforcement experience.