Leafy Spurge SMP

Landowner Cooperative Agreement



This agreement is willfully and mutually entered into by________________________(Name), hereinafter referred to as the “Operator” of the _____________________(Ranch Name or Name to be Published in Paper) Management Zone and the Crook County Weed & Pest District, hereinafter referred to as the District.

1.      The parties desire to enter into an agreement to provide for the control of Leafy spurge, through the use of an Integrated Management System.

2.      The Wyoming Weed & Pest Special Management Program (W.S. 11-5-303 et seq.) and the Rules & Regulations of the Special Management Program authorizes the parties to enter into this agreement.

3.      Negotiations have occurred between the parties in which the following terms were agreed upon:


Responsibilities of the District:

1.      Participate in the development and management of a SMP with the Operator in consideration of all Best Management Practices through an Integrated Management System on Leafy spurge.

2.      Provide technical assistance to the Operator as requested.

3.      Provide 80% of the treatment costs within the District’s budget and as allowed under District Policy.

4.      Maintain a map of the treated area within the_________________ management zone annually for applications done by the District or Contractor hired by the District.

5.      Assist the Operator in mapping Leafy spurge infested areas when requested.


Responsibilities of the Operator:

1.      Include all deeded or leased land managed by the Operator into the Management Zone.

2.      Provide for conditions of access by the District for the purpose of treatment, inventory and monitoring; and so note in this agreement.

3.      Contribute 20% of the total treatment costs incurred by the Operator.

4.      Provide mapping and application records for treatments performed by the Operator to the District as required under District Policy.

5.      Utilize Best Management Practices to limit or prevent the spread of Leafy spurge within the Management Zone or to neighboring properties.

6.      Consult with the District for treatment options.

7.      Annually participate in the management of Leafy spurge within the Management Zone throughout the term of this agreement in consideration of the Annual Operating Plan outlined below. Treatment of the Operator’s leased State or Federal land shall not be considered a Best Management Practice or part of the Annual Plan.*


Mutual Responsibilities:

1.      Review this agreement annually to make sure it is up to date and meeting the needs of both parties.

2.      Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, licensing requirements and rules and regulations.

3.      Enter into mediation to address any grievances.

Best management practices- for the purpose of this agreement shall be considered but not limited to:

·        Grazing management practices to minimize the competitiveness of Leafy spurge.

·        EDRR (Early Detection Rapid Response) of new infestations of Leafy spurge within the management zone.

·        Minimize disturbance, revegetate disturbed sites, and utilize certified weed free products in reclamation.

·        Clean vehicles before leaving the management zone.

·        Chemical treatment either by the operator or administered by District using either aerial or ground treatment methods.

·        Feed Leafy spurge infested hay in the management zone where it was raised, preferably not in areas of the management zone that are Leafy spurge free.

·        Not knowingly move Leafy spurge infested hay outside of management zone to un-infested areas.

·        Treat vector transmission corridors such as roads or drainages within the Management Zone.

·        Actively treat property boundary to reduce spread to neighboring landowners.

·        Actively monitor and relocate bio-agents.

·        Manage Leafy spurge using goat or sheep grazing management.

·        Any combination of the above or yet to be identified also known as Integrated Pest Management.




Intended Annual Operating Plan of Best Management Practice(s), Identify as either long or short term protocol:







Conditions of Access and Prior Notification Procedures:



The ____________________management zone has been mapped (Y/N)_______.


*Please note* :  Due to limitations in funding, treatment of the Operator’s leased State or Federal  lands administered by the District shall receive priority if the Operator’s deeded lands are enrolled in treatment.


This agreement may be amended, revised or terminated upon mutual written agreement by both parties due to lack of funds, acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances. The term of this agreement shall commence on this_____ day of______,20____ and shall not exceed 5 years thereby terminating on the______ day of_______, 20_____.


The Operator understands that by entering into this agreement they are eligible to participate in Cost Share assistance from the Leafy Spurge Special Management Program and that the District is obligated by Statute to advertise said participation one time in the local newspaper.


Operator:_____________________________ Date:___________

District:_______________________________ Date:___________