Daniel A. Clark


 ©  Copyright by Daniel A. Clark September 2002

Revised December 2004





Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome the accuser of the brethren by the blood of the Lamb, (Christ), by the word of our testimony and not loving our own lives unto death. This book begins with these three precepts being realized and then shifts toward understanding God’ order for His church. This is my testimony and it is clear God delivered me from destruction. The reader should understand how little real power death has over the Christian that will choose life. Death attempted to claim my life on several occasions and failed. There were no grand thoughts or strategies or powerful deeds done to overcome the destroyer it was the blood covenant of Jesus Christ alone that prevented him from winning. The testimony given here is accurate but considering the number of things that have taken place since 1996, much is omitted because it is simply irrelevant to this manuscript.


It is important to see the patterns God set before us since the beginning of time. The message has never changed. It was not my intelligence, insight or dedication to the Lord that saved me from death or from being trapped in a useless body like a caged animal until growing old and giving up on life. That was the prognoses of medical science but the merciful gift of God allows me to walk the earth today, progressively recovering from the attack.


Because first person singular writing is filled with “I statements” it is not my favorite format; even though it is necessary when giving your testimony it is still uncomfortable and apology is made to the reader in advance for using this style. This book is largely a personal testimony and the reader will have to forgive the use of this arrangement. I could not figure out any other way to tell the story. As things happen to me there will be some explanation given about what those things meant to my spiritual development.


This story begins in August 1996. By that time, I had been borne again for more than seventeen years. August 13th a physical ordeal began and it has changed my life completely. This is an account of that ordeal, with some personal experiences and some of the attitude changes that have come out of it. 


I thought I was a well-rounded and mature Christian. Having been fed on word of faith teachings and attending positive faith building churches for almost two decades; plus listening to a variety of similar teachings on radio and television, I believed my life was on the right track. And, compared to the overall body of Christ that analysis may not have been that far off.   Unfortunately, my understandings were based on a series of myths and misinformation that caused me to believe many things that have just not proved to be true.


Soon, I would find out how wrong I was. Soon, my thinking process itself would be revealed to be so steeped in carnality and pride, it was impossible to see through the veil of darkness that restricted my vision. I could not get any more than an occasional, and then very small, glimpse of God’s call on my life. He set before each of us a destiny and I could not see more than a tiny part of mine. Satan also has a plan for us and I saw that plan very clearly. My life was out of control. A life consumed by debt and slavery.


Debt and slavery is really the condition most of humanity finds itself in, the church was a whole seems trapped in bondage to debt and religious pride. Soon I was going to discover the Lord had a plan specifically for me. A plan beyond my ability to understand or live up to, I believe each one of us is in a similar situation. Without the Lord leading us and directing our every step, none of us would ever find the gifts and callings that were in us before birth but if we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us the things we accomplish will far exceed any ability we ever possessed on our own.


Believers all over the earth today see their just lives as futile as I saw mine.


God said in Isa.55: 9, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (KJV)[1]


Because of the influences of this present world, our very thinking processes are corrupted and we cannot see properly. Do not forget Satan has had control over the earth since the fall of Adam; yes I know, Jesus has reclaimed the authority for us if we appropriate it by faith but man has not yet walked in his ordained level of authority because man has not believed God. Man does however desire the relationship that brings him close to God and positions him according to His order. Some individuals may not, but most men earnestly seek that honest relationship with Him and everything it brings. A people of pure heart do exist. They may not be large in number but the honesty of their heart is real. In short, God does have a people for this hour. You might be one of them. However, if your reasoning processes or your emotional mind is clouded by the wisdom of this world and you are unable to see or hear with the mind of Christ how much authority will you be able to walk in or how effective will you be? The mind of Christ is the mind granted to us by God but to obtain it we must completely yield ourselves to Him. We must become one with Him, not on our terms but on His. Man has to stop trying to make God in his own image. God will not fit into man until the man has allowed himself to commingle with the Lord to the point that no distinction between the two exists. This is an individual event and through Christ, we are received into God, becoming one with the Lord, the Holy Spirit and our Father.  We will never be one with another like John 17:21 says except by first fixing ourselves on Him and becoming one with Him.


  I John 17:21, “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (NIV)1


This is my personal testimony but it goes far beyond that. I hope you see God moving in the earth today as you read these pages. He is reclaiming what is rightfully His, just as the potter owns the pot that he made on his wheel, so the Lord owns the earth and everyone in it.  As this testimony unfolds a progressive exposure of ungodly, mind-sets or thinking processes becomes evident and with these mind-sets out of the way greater knowledge, understanding and peace comes.  It is my hope your life will be changed forever as mine has been. That you might fully become the person God has created you to be.


Gen 1:27 “So, God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.” (KJV) 1


There was no Eve in the garden only a male and female Adam. This is just one of the misleading teachings the church in this world has foisted on the people of God. God was the first to split the Adam and He did it when He made the woman. God removed parts from the male Adam. From these parts, God fashioned and formed the female Adam. Since that time it takes both male and female to make one man who is complete and in the image of God. It was Adam, the man, who named the woman Eve. That took place was after the fall and was an act of treason against himself and God. I believe that was the beginning of the war between the sexes and until that war is resolved, man will not be a in the image of God. The Word has been taught to us in a twisted way causing us to believe wrongly. It is up to today’s believer to straighten out the mess man has made. If we allow the Lord to direct us, the task will be easily accomplished. Remember that what He has begun He is quite capable of finishing. Under satanic rule man has become so arrogant that he has convinced himself that he is God and rather than trust the Lord he tries to impose his own solutions on every situation, or the solutions offered by evil spirits and then expects God to empower them. Man is out of line. He does not have the solutions but his Creator does.


It is my earnest desire that all mankind fulfill their individual destiny in Christ Jesus. That is not going to happen because we have learned to control our behavior but because we have submitted ourselves to the Lord God Almighty and learned to trust in Him. When we learn to lift Him, up He will draw men to Himself and the church will increase enormously. Foolishly, man has thought, he has to get the people saved. As though any man could save a single soul. All we can do is introduce the unsaved to Christ. The choice for salvation rests in the hands of the person in need of being saved and the salvation is offered by the Lord and will only be accomplished through and by Him.  Beyond the introduction, our main contribution is to intercede to keep the veil of darkness from preventing that person from seeing truth and provide discipleship training, after the fact.


You will read of physical, mental and spiritual events in my life and a see new way of thinking emerge as the Lord reorders my thinking. Like all of the rest of the salvation message the choice of what I would pursue and believe has been mine. People I have known since my life changed in 1996 offered many thoughts and opinions but it was up to me to take those thoughts to the Lord and receive guidance. As I did that, it was always with an honest desire to know the truth. It has been with His help that I have prayerfully meditated on them and a new thinking process now governs my life. Many of these new thought processes are in this book. Do not think you will be able to just take what is mine and make it your own. You must do just as I did and take the things that spark your spiritual interest to the Holy Spirit, seeking truth. He will reveal it to you. He has promised you He would. Allow yourself to ponder His words and he will show you more than you could ever dream.


I wrote this in the hope of providing you insight, passing on Anointings and releasing a new way of thinking to you, the reader. The thoughts of the Lord can become your thoughts but be aware with every step upward toward His high calling you will need to let go of some mind set that has, until now, weighed you down. The church has stayed in the shallow water. Not venturing into the deep fearing the weight of ungodly thinking processes would pull then down. They were right. Those weights must go. Most people will not let go of those burdensome weights because they value them. Usually it is some form of control or an issue of pride that must go but letting go of it is required as you press on toward His high calling for your life, it is well worth the effort.









On August 13th 1996 I had an aneurysm of the brain and a severe stroke. These two things happened on the same night and they turned my life inside out, upside down and crossways. It is questionable which is taking longer to recover from, the afflictions themselves or the surgery required to keep me alive, because of the afflictions.


It is probably necessary to give you some background information before jumping into the events that revolutionized my world that August evening.


At the time I was struck down, I was working as an independent real estate appraiser. Owning my own business and setting my own schedule as an independent businessman made it possible to avoid the 9 to 5 lifestyle so much of the world lives by. I recognized many years earlier there was usually little reward in working for others and being under the control of the schedules they set. Because, my schedule was of my own making the overall requirements on my time were manageable in a way that allowed for time with my wife, daughters and grandchildren. However, there had been incursions into my life that were continually trying to get me under the control of the worlds way of living. There are very few, if any, of us humans that do not have forces working continually to control us. The biggest of these, in my life, was financial. There is probably no greater battle in this country than the battle against debt. My wife and I had more than enough of that. The actual amount of money we owed was not very much but the obligations were structured in such a way that it had become impossible for me to see a way we could get out from under it’s weight. The cost of equipment for business, like the pickup truck or office equipment did not bother me. Nor did the home we were buying, (this was in partnership with our oldest daughter and her husband). These were investments so not truly debt. Credit cards, revolving charge accounts and the like were a completely different ball game. This kind of consumer debt carries high interest and usually there is nothing to show for it by the time, the bills are paid. Debt was the primary influence in my life. Another major influence came when time commitments were made, on my behalf. A year earlier, it had become necessary to retrieve another daughter from New Hampshire, along with her two young daughters and, if she was going to work, it was essential to have childcare services. Because, my business was home based it was assumed that I would provide that service. I did not refuse and as a result, I was unable to begin my workday until after noon when our daughter got home from her job. In addition, she and the children had moved into the spare bedroom that was formerly my office. Therefore, now my office was reduced to a corner of the master bedroom. Due to these circumstances, time with my wife was being eaten away and my most productive work routine completely destroyed however, my wife and I were still able to spend time together occasionally, just not as often as we had prior to these changes in our household. The third major influence that had invaded my life was quite different in nature, and the much more serious.


For several years, we had slept with word of faith teaching tapes playing throughout the night on an auto reverse tape deck. These messages lulled us to sleep at night and we woke up to them in the morning. If awakened in the night a gospel message would be playing. If our subconscious mind was fed during our sleep, it was fed the principles of the kingdom of God. Only occasionally would we break the pattern by playing music CD’s. However, in January of 1996, the tape player broke and within a month, the CD player joined it by quitting also. Having become accustomed to the continual sound, we replaced it with all night radio talk shows. The programs seamed interesting to go to sleep to and we planned to get the machine repaired when it was more affordable anyway. It was not going to be long so what would it hurt? We did not understand the seriousness of this move and giving way to financial worry over the cost of having the equipment repaired was a faithless and huge mistake.  But then so was getting caught up in those other trials of life instead of looking at the solutions provided in God’s word.


Being accustomed to working during the late evening made it easy to spend time with the family in the early evening hours and I routinely went to bed between midnight and two A.M so; after moving the office into the bedroom the habitual late hours continued even though I was not working, most of the time.  Once in bed I would listen to the radio for a while and drift off to sleep. As the radio played through the night a medical talk show would come on nightly the doctor would nearly always speak about high blood pressure and give his projection of it’s probable result. He was continually forecasting strokes, aneurysms, and death as the expected outcome. The picture he painted of the stroke and aneurysm made death seem much more desirable. I have no doubt he was speaking truths, at least as he understood them based on what he learned in medical school or in his practice. His truths however were based on carnal knowledge and understanding. The understanding of medical science and this kind of understanding by itself is not enough because accurate science is based on the laws of God. Without knowing that truth, the scientist is prone to error. This pension for error increases considerably if the scientist gets puffed up in pride over their education. When that happens they will easily discount any laws of God. The word of God is in itself law and at times, appears to be in conflict with itself, but in fact, what we see as conflict is no more than an order we do not understand or want to accept. That was happening nightly as he promoted his scientific theories as undisputable fact. Faith is a confident expectation that the good things promised by God will come. Fear on the other hand is the confident expectation of evil things to come; it is the same force just going in the opposite direction. This doctor was building fear, not faith. We were fed faith steadily for years but now we were listening nightly to a fear message. It did not take long for fear to begin accomplishing its work.


In the early 1990’s, my father had a stroke. It was his third and he passed away a few days later. He had high blood pressure most of his life and told me I had higher readings than I should on my return home from Viet Nam in the late 1960’s. I did not equate the influence of his words to a curse at the time, but even though he did not intend to do so he was releasing a word curse into my life. When most people think of a curse, they think of witches, caldrons and the conjuring of spells. Truthfully, parents release most of the curses and they release them against their own children. How many times have we heard mothers speaking about their own child saying things like he is a cute little demon or we dread the day she becomes a teenager she’s a wild one. The words of man are productive and the way we speak is critical to the path of our life. The economy of the world relies on the exchange of goods and services; but God’s economy is creative and our words are the avenue through which that creative force is released. Words also build our expectation of the things to come. The words we allow ourselves to hear effect the things we will believe. Ultimately the choices we make determine how we live.


 Deut 30:19, I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live: (KJV) 1


The words I was allowing to be planted in me were working with words planted more than twenty years earlier by my father. Moreover, the fruit they were producing was in the choices I was making. Some of the choices I made intellectually were to accept the word of God as truth but often these were superficial. A choice of substance is a choice from which there is no turning and any thought in conflict with that choice is not acceptable and immediately rejected. Such thoughts must be rejected every time they come. Faith just refuses any thought that does not agree with it, because faith knows what the promise of God is and will accept nothing less.


As a young man I started my working life at the beginning as an independent businessman, first buying a gas station, then joining my father in a timber harvesting business, then becoming production manager for a corporate manufacturing business after the logging company closed down.  Soon after leaving the logging business I met and married a woman with three children. When the children were grown, I began looking for a way to be paid based solely on my own productivity instead of time spent at the job. I soon found myself driving a truck. This did not happen until after a dismal experience planting a church in the California desert in deference to my wife’s objections, I had allowed our Pastor, at the time, to push me into the church planting; knowing our calling and equipping was not as Pastors. Being sent by man is not the same as being sent by God even when the man doing the sending clearly has a prophetic ministry that is of God. The man was doing the sending rather than the Lord, as a result I was being a went one rather than a sent one in the eyes of God. The church never really got off the ground and I started driving truck because we needed an income.  When I became a truck driver, it was necessary to maintain a medical card. It got increasingly difficult to pass the two-year physical due to blood pressure readings that grew higher as I put on weight. In 1992, I got off the road and learned to appraise real estate.


My routine was to go and do the on site inspections for all the properties I would inspect on a given day. Then return home and write the reports and do the calculations for those properties. Once my appraisal business was moved into the bedroom I had to complete the computer work before my wife went to bed because she had a job too and needed her rest. Then I often would deliver the completed reports before calling it a night myself. My bedtime was usually around 1:00 AM.


The radio Doctor poured out his spiel nightly, when I was awake, I would fight the thoughts of suffering the terrible afflictions declared on the radio. If asleep, those thoughts were dumped into my mind without resistance. Progressively the weight of finances, loss of control over my time combined with this nightly assault against my mind resulted in my becoming more willing to go home to the Lord than remain in the earth and fight. Those words even came out of my mouth on more than one occasion. I suffered two strokes; the first was about a month after a whirlwind trip to New Hampshire to bring our daughter and grandchildren to Oklahoma. The second was ten months later.


The first took place in November 1995; on Thanksgiving evening.  It was the result of fatigue left from the trip to New Hampshire, a month earlier combined with a big dinner.  I never was able to get rested from that trip, it was too rushed and the truck driver life and pace associated with it was too far behind me.  Pride had caused me to push to hard during the trip.


Although I broke my arm that night as I fought the effects of the stroke off, in reality I came out of the whole affair with nothing more than an a limp. The more serous situation was still developing. I was in a battle for my life and I knew it but I only knew and understood with my carnal mind not the mind of the Spirit.  I thought I was fighting with all I had to speak and to believe the word of God. However, in truth I was all the while entertaining thoughts borne of hell. I reasoned that it would be better to be present with the Lord than to continue as I was. Not knowing I would soon get the opportunity to do just that.


During the previous years I was exposed to the inner workings of the ministry and took offense too much of what I saw and heard. Even though my wife and I pioneered a church and saw first hand the difficulties of Pasturing, it was mostly Pastors’ comments that I took offense too.  Typically, when someone becomes offended they will soon fall out of fellowship and I did so by the time these events took place we were only intermittently attending church and switching from one to another when we did go.  We had no foundation of fellowship with believers outside our own household.  If that were not true there might well have been conversations that would have helped steer me away from the direction I was heading.  This is hindsight and I have no idea whether the course would have been altered but it has become quite clear since that friendships and fellowship often work in this way.  That is a major reason for not forsaking the gathering to gather of believers.  We will listen to a friend who has similar beliefs and is not trying to run our life long before we will listen to anyone that has come to fix us, including a Pastor.


After the first stroke, while still recovering my oldest daughter asked if I would accompany her to church to see a young woman who was a former Miss Oklahoma, telling me how pretty the young woman was and how well she could sing. After two or three weeks I agreed to go just so my daughter would leave me alone. I had no way of knowing how important this would be in the days to come. This visit to church was in early 1996 and although I went two or three times, there was no promise of continuing the practice.


On August 13th my whole world would change and all of these things would take on a whole new dimension.








August 13th 1996 began easily enough the workload was light. There were no actual appraisals to do, just one receretification. All I would have to do in the field was drive to the property, take a photograph, and find the most current comparable sales in the area and photograph them. Then I could wait until later to do the rest of the work. The computer work would not take more than an hour but I would be doing that in the evening and delivering the completed report by Email during the night. As the workday started, I had a headache but that had become a typical, daily, condition, at the time. I got started around noon and by five PM I was at my wife’s workplace, waiting to take her to a lite dinner before going home.


It would be a good day for it because she got off early.  At five I picked her up from work and we drove to a local restaurant to eat dinner. We did not have many of these evenings since our daughter and grandchildren moved in and I eagerly looked forward to each of  them. However, when I got to her work the headache that had been growing all day had become very difficult to live with. It was about 5:30 when she emerged from the store and we were able to leave for the restaurant. I had taken some more painkillers but they were not helping much and once we got to the restaurant, were seated and placed our order the pain became so severe that carrying on a conversation was nearly impossible. When we were finished eating, I gave my wife the pickup keys and asked her to drive home. I was able to eat very little because the headache consumed most of my attention.  The pain behind my right eye was so intense I scarcely remember the three-mile drive to the house. Once we arrived home, I went into the living room and just plopped down on the couch, laid my head back against the cushion and drifted into sleep. My wife awoke me a short time latter to tell me to go to bed and let me know she was going to the store and would return shortly. Our younger daughter and grandchildren were not home yet but our oldest daughter had arrived home from work, while I was napping on the couch. I got up and went to the bedroom to lie down.  During the nap the pain subsided enough be bearable and I look forward to getting into bed and returning to that state.


Soon after dozing off, a violent illness came over me making it difficult to make my way to the master bath to vomit. But, I made it and on returning to the bed, I stumbled and crashed onto my desk breaking the, pull out, arm attached to it and then fell back, ending in a sitting position on the edge of the bed.  Dacia, our oldest daughter, heard the commotion and came to check on me.  Although it was a warm summer evening, I had cold sweats and must have looked terrible. Feeling more nausea and knowing I wasn’t up to another trip to the bathroom, I asked her to hand me the trash can beside my desk. Attempting to rest, after the wave of sickness passed, I lay back on the bed. Dacia asked if I would be willing to let a certain man from the church pray for me. He taught the adult Sunday school and was a former truck driver and she thought that created a connection between us. I said yes. She called the church but could not reach the man she was calling for. She had someone named Richard on the phone and wanted to know if I would let him pray. Again, I said yes, as she handed me the phone.


As I listened, a male voice introduced himself as Richard Escoe and asked me if I would give consent for him to pray for me. Again, My response was yes. Then he said, “In the Psalms 118, king David said, “I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord”, will you do the same”? I will always remember that question even though as I agreed my thought was just to agree so he and Dacia would leave you alone. I knew I was dying by then but really did not care and as soon as the call was over I just fell back on the bed. Within minutes Dacia woke me again to tell me there was a call from Gary Wano Jr., another man from the Church at the North Gate and I only vaguely remember speaking with him. Gary, usually called Junior, was involved in a head on collision a couple of years earlier and considered dead at the site.  He had a red blanket over him when a lady from the Church at the North Gate saw him and began calling him back to life.  He came to and was transported to the hospital.  I only heard parts of his story, second hand, but was quit interested in it even though I had never personally met him.  I do remember vaguely Junior praying for me but as soon as the conversation was over I fell back crossways on the bed, eyes closed. I was clearly aware of the things going on around me but I did not care my eyes were closed so I could not see but was somehow more aware of the things happening around me than I would have been if I my eyes were open. I heard our daughter, Tranea’s voice as she entered the room and Connie, my wife’s, voice as she returned from the shopping trip and came in to see what the commotion was about.  Then my youngest granddaughter, Brooke, the three year old, came into the room and crawled right up on top of me while everyone else was busy discussing out how they were going to get me to a hospital and she said, “We need to praise for gramps”. A comment much more insightful than anyone recognized at the time. She was told to get off me but I heard her respond, “I can’t until I get his shirt buttoned.” I was wearing a pull over, polo type shirt and usually did not button its three buttons. It was obvious she felt the need to do something although she did not know what. As I listened, I suddenly felt very small, selfish and cowardly. I knew this little girl would be without a male influence for a long time to come and these were very important years in her life. How could I bail out on her like this, even by dying?


As I lay, still I heard the controversy over the fact that I had earlier refused to go to a hospital citing lack of health insurance and the cost as the reason. After that was brushed aside, the decision was made to take me to the VA hospital and the problem became how to get my 265 lbs. through the house and into the pickup. My wife and two daughters got me into my office chair and rolled me through the house to the garage. They had some difficulty getting down the one step into the garage but made it without incident. Connie had called a woman she worked with and the woman’s husband met them in the garage and helped get me into the passenger seat of the pickup truck. I was completely aware as we made the 10 mile trip to the hospital. Once there the hospital staff took over. One of them crawling onto the gurney and pressing on my bladder to make me relieve myself. Not very becoming but it did not really matter how embarrassing it might be because the next stop would be the emergency room and all those things we get humiliated over are common occurrences in an emergency room and no one there pays much attention to them.  No one really has time to accommodate our petty embarrassments in a hospital.  They are conditioned to respond to the more important, life and death, issues. 


I want to stop here and explain some of the events that had taken place, up to this point. For those who will be entering the arena of spiritual warfare, these things will be very important to understand:


·        A request for my agreement was made when Richard was preparing to pray. Although exceptions do exist, this is generally a necessary step in the process of intercession. To pray for someone against their will is in conflict with God’s word and His very nature.

In Deut 30:19 God said, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live”: (KJV)1

God regards liberty very highly and expects us also to honor one another’s freedom of choice just as He does.


·        The word of God was released with a choice for life.

       Ps 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD. (KJV)1

Do you agree to do the same? The answer to that question was critical to the outcome.


·        I changed my mind. I had been willing to die in the beginning of this ordeal but no longer felt the same after Brooke became so upset, expressing her determination to see God intervene as she said, “We’ve got to praise for Gramps.” Without a doubt it was a last-minute choice but never the less the choice to live was certainly made, at the core of my being, as my granddaughter sat on my chest and I lay immobilized.



All of these things were dependent on my making a choice. Making choices is always the issue we are dealing with in every situation. The whole earth is the Lords and everything in it so; He has the right to choose for us. Yet, he keeps us in the position of having to choose for ourselves. He said He gave dominion to us in the beginning and God will never violate His own word. When He gave us choice the decision was made and it was final. The choice is always simple, although it almost never seems like it. It is always a matter of life or death, blessing or cursing but again it seldom seems like it. God is life and that life is the light of men. Anything that builds, grows or increases man will be life. Anything that reduces diminishes or defeats man will be a death force. Just as light and darkness cannot exist in the same place at the same time, life and death cannot either. Darkness is driven out with the mere presence of a small light; likewise death forces are driven away by a small presence of life.


I can remember being wheeled into emergency but little of what took place while there. However, I do remember a doctor saying he needs to go to surgery right now. I have no recollection of making the trip to the surgical ward, only the sound of the doors to the emergency room opening when the gurney hit them. The next things I do remember is burned into me forever.


I found myself in a very dark place. The darkness was clear, crisp and sharper than anything I ever seen or imagined. Instantly there were three light beings standing next to me. Their whiteness was also extremely clear and crisp in direct contrast to the surrounding darkness. There was absolutely nothing else around me except the darkness and these three light beings. The three were clothed in robes of white. It was not normal like cloth but more like light. Although they stood right beside me, it never crossed my mind to look into any of their faces. In fact, I never looked above about waist high. I was not forbidden to do that; the thought just never entered my mind. I intuitively knew the one standing nearest me was the Lord, Jesus the Christ and He was the only one who spoke to me during the entire encounter. I directed all of my attention toward Him. I experienced no fear, only a peaceful calm. It was not a normal calmness but was very deep, as though having arrived home, with all the comfort home should bring. He pointed downwardly before us and I saw a hole open up in the darkness. It was much like the map on the old TV program Ponderosa, at the opening of the program a map of Nevada catches fire and a hole burns in the center of the map. Through this hole, I could see my wife sitting in a waiting area as a doctor approached and said, “ Well, he survived the surgery and is in recovery now. However, his brain is burned out because the aneurysm caused a lot of blood loss into his brain. He only has a 15% chance of surviving the night and then if he survives until morning he will still only have a 10% chance of being able to get from a wheel chair to his bed unaided for the rest of his life. He will not be able to speak or walk. [As I heard this my thoughts were, “he is condemning her to slavery over a hopeless invalid for the rest of her life.”]  As we stood, looking at this scene the Lord lifted his hand and it was as though we were flipped back about 50 feet. I could still see and hear clearly but everything was farther away. The Lord said, “Do not worry you are mine and complete healing is yours.” Then He asked, “Will you go back”? I knew He meant return to the life I had been living just a moment before. My answer came immediately without having to think. I said, “ Whatever you rather.” He responded, “I would rather you do.” Instantly I was in a different place, it was dark also but more like a murky darkness was surrounding me and the three light beings were gone. In the distance, I could hear a female voice asking questions. “What is your name”? “How old are you”? “ What day is it”? “Where are we”? “Where do you live”? “Who is the President”? I spoke to answer that one saying, “We don’t have one she just thinks she is”. The voice responded, “ He’s a real smart aleck isn’t he”. At that, I knew I was back in this world. When I spoke, I was amazed that anyone was able to understand me. My thoughts were clear about what I wanted to say but my body just would not follow instructions. The words came but they were not understandable. My tongue was thick and my lips felt dead like after a visit to the dentist. My words were so slurred I had difficulty understanding them myself. I do not know how anyone else could have understood what I said.


Two very important things happened that I have not told you about. These were not things spoken but nonetheless clearly communicated. It was in the form of a knowing certainty. The first being certain knowledge that we do not understand life or how important we are to God. That importance is not limited to the people who have accepted the salvation offered through Christ but extends too all mankind.  There was an understanding of that importance far exceeding the limitations of my mind. I could feel or sense that importance in every cell of my body. (Quite a feat considering that I understood that I was not in my physical body).  Literally every square millimeter of my body cried out with that sense of importance. A longing that can only be expressed as an aching of the heart overcame me.  It was not just about this physical life but life as a whole. The second was a certainty that we do not understand either space or time. All space and all time is now. These two things have marked my life even more than the rest of this encounter. I have been on a non-stop pursuit to understand life, time and space every since returning into this world. The depth of the absolute sense of knowing that brought them into my life is only matched by the intensity of my thirst for understanding about these things. It is not possible to express the magnitude of importance that is attached to understanding these things.


Some parts of the experience were omitted from this account but they are specifically personal to me and probably of little or no value to anyone else.


I cannot say that I died but there was a time when I considered it probable and maybe because of the life support, equipment connected to me nobody may have known it. I have not consulted the hospital records to find out, nor do I intend to do so. I know the word says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. I was certainly present with the Lord. Of that I am sure but it may not require the body to be dead for that to happen. Even now, I occasionally am caught up in the spirit while praying and although the experience is different, there are similarities to that brief period with the Lord. Another thing I do not know is how long did all this take. It could have happened in an instant, as we know it, or it could have taken days or maybe more. I do not know. It could be of interest in the future but right now, it is not important. I am confident, when the Lord considers it beneficial for me to know the details, I will know them.  He has demonstrated His ability to see to that several times in my life.


To anyone that has never had an experience like this it would seem to be a momentary and minor occurrence but for many months this brief encounter dominated my completely thinking and after eight years, dominates my thinking process.  I learned more during that brief time than I have in the rest of my life.







When I woke up from the surgery my son in law, Rodney, was in the room. When I collapsed, he was in New Jersey driving his truck.  He told me that when he got the message about my condition, he demanded a dispatch home and arrived in Oklahoma days before I came too.


Shortly after Rodney and Dacia got married, he and I discussed blood covenant extensively. Their marriage ceremony was a covenant ceremony and when I gave Dacia into the marriage on behalf of both her mother and myself, it made us associates in their covenant with the Lord. Most people have no understanding of the depth of such agreements. However, his heritage is largely Cherokee and he had some comprehension of these deep covenant relationships.  That is unusual in today’s American culture, except among the native peoples there is little to no understanding of covenants or covenanting, even in the Christian church.  For me it had been revealed through intense study in the Bible. For him the understandings were developed progressively as he grew up and increased considerably when he lived on a reservation for a short while as a teenager.


It was in response to that covenant relationship that he dropped his current business activities and came directly home. He understood that with his wife’s dad in the hospital, his family was under assault. Once in Oklahoma City, he put his truck up for sale and got a job delivering trucks for a local dealer. This allowed him time to spend at the hospital or home where he was able to help the family deal with the myriad of problems that I left behind. My being suddenly incapacitated presented a completely new set of financial problems that had to be dealt with.


While I was still in the hospital he helped my wife trade my work truck in for a small car that she could afford to drive to work; as well as assuming the various responsibilities of maintaining the household. In short; he reorganized his entire life to accommodate the family’s needs.


In 1989, Connie and I were driving cross-country and that December; we had a large bonus check coming. Enough to cover closing costs on a home purchase. Connie had been on the truck with me for a year and was ready to get off the road and with the bonus check coming; we figured it was time to buy a house. Having seen the United States, we thought Oklahoma City would be the best place to do that. The economy was down and houses were far less costly than other areas and it was evident, to us, the economy was about to turn. We asked Rodney and Dacia if they wanted to share in the purchase. Connie and I would enter into the purchase agreement in our names but Rodney and Dacia would pay all of the utility costs and be equal owners, sharing in the proceeds at the time of sale. We agreed to hold the house for three to five years before selling. It was probable Oklahoma would be recovering during this time and the after sale profits would probably give both couples enough to get into individual housing. In 1996, we had been in the house for six years. We were over the projected time plan but with Rodney on the road, it seemed best to keep the living arrangement intact.


During the six-year period Rodney purchased his own truck and became owner operator. His truck was leased to a large interstate trucking company. What he was giving up was more than a truck. It was an independent business enterprise.


After coming too, I remained in the VA hospital a little over a month. I had two very big things going for me throughout this time. 

1.      First was after the experience of being present with the Lord; He remained in conversational communication with me on a continual basis. He did not speak audibly but by the still small voice of the Spirit. I found myself speaking to Him in the same way. It was more than a mental conversation. It was on a spiritual level and could be happening even during other conversations. I found myself asking Him for direction on even the smallest things. Often these conversations were about the reasons people did what they did or said what they said. Moreover, many times I found I had insights into future events but not necessarily the liberty to talk about those events. 

2.      The second was Rodney and the seriousness with which he worked with me daily. He worked in a rest home when he was young and learned a lot about the processes of recovery after a catastrophic illness or affliction. He understood some of the physical therapy techniques and the mental constraints that cause you to feel imprisoned during the period of being incapacitated. He would occasionally sneak me out of the hospital and take me to dinner at the truck stop just down the road. I was bound to a wheel chair and was almost unintelligible whenever I spoke but that did not deter him. These excursions were more important than you might think. One of the biggest problems with being in a hospital is the tenancy to be caught up in the afflictions rather than seeing the recovery. Everyone around you is focused on the problems all day long. These breaks allowed that mind-set to be broken and enabled me to see life again. I know the doctors and medical staff had saved my life but this concentration on the negative could become depressing if the pattern was not broken.  And the spiritual conditions, discussed earlier, made the atmosphere outright dangerous.  The nurses were not always fooled. Some knew we were sneaking out and I could tell they secretly approved. Others were annoyed by the fact that their rules were being disregarded. I believe it was an important element in my recovery. It was already obvious the doom and gloom the doctor had spoken to my wife after the surgery was not happening.


During the hospital stay, Rodney would visit daily when he was in town but sometimes he had a delivery and could not make it. While I was in the Intensive Care Unit, before awakening, several people who came to visit that I have no recollection of ever seeing. Therefore, it is clear that coming back into this world did not prevent me from having memory loss and, as you read on, delirium. I have only muddled memories of the things that took place before becoming cognizant of my surroundings a few days after waking up. I had some vivid dreams and related them to my wife and family but I have only vague recollections of them myself. Evidently, I was quite convincing in relating these wild fantasies.  They even considered making a complaint to the police Department because of one of them but changed their minds before actually making the call. I imagined witnessing a murder on the elevator. My story had vivid detail but the elevator in my dream did not exist. Neither did the building it was supposed to be in. They were just complex fantasies. 


The ICU period has always been foggy in my mind but the visitation with the Lord and His two companions remains clear and vivid until this day. After ICU, they moved me to a room with another bed. Although the first days of this are unclear, I do remember a few things. I hazily recall trying to get out of the bed. I remember falling and hitting hard on the floor. I have vague memories of a spinal tap and hearing the term spinal meningitis. However, it was after these things were over that my awareness really began to return.  The first significant thing I recall was the clock. It hung on the wall just a foot or so from the bathroom doorway directly across from the foot of my bed and it would not stay still. It was strange. It was always moving to the right but it remained in the same spot. Looking at it made me dizzy but I could not look away. The clock was not the only thing trying to move. Everything was trying to move to the right. Although this phenomenon applied to my whole world during the next three years, it progressively got less and less powerful. After five and a half years, I would only experience an occasional period when I was in that surreal world but even in those times the things around me stayed put. The surreal world was much like being dazed after a fall. However, the sensations of movement like the clock was doing were completely gone.


When I left the hospital, I could not manage more than two or three steps at a time and rode in a wheel chair most of the time. The hospital released me in the last week of September. In a few weeks I was using a walker and a few weeks later a four footed cane.  Rodney was continually joking about my clumsy walk and when he was in good form and I could not help laughing at his cracks, I could hardly walk at all. This only gave him more amunition to make jokes about.


When Rodney came off the road, Dacia was attending the Church at the North Gate and she had been bragging on him and his abilities. She told them he could fix the sound system. Therefore, when the hospital released me he already had that project ahead of him. He would go nightly to the church and work on rebuilding the system and I would accompany him. I did not go because I have any giftings in electronics or sound but just to be active. Besides, I just enjoyed being around the church. The Escoe family was there every night until late into the evening in those days.


In addition to being the Praise and Worship Leaders they have two sons. Both were enrolled in the newly begun Alpha & Omega Gymnastics Team a gymnastics-training ministry that had started at the church. It is unusual for a physical training programs as this to be regarded a ministry. It was more unusual for a Pastor to allow his sanctuary to be disassembled weekly for such things. That is however, what was happening. Every week the assistant Pastor would get some men to help him remove all of the chairs from the sanctuary after Sunday service. Then all of the gymnastics equipment could be brought in and set up. From Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening the sanctuary became a gymnastics training facility. The assistant Pastor’s wife, DuSharme, was the young woman who had been Miss Oklahoma and was the director of Alpha & Omega. DuSharme was Charlotte Escoe’s younger sister and was a national and international gymnastics competitor along with the Escoe’s oldest son. Several years earlier Jeremy Escoe became a national champion six years running and placed fourth in the World competitions and DuSharme, herself, was a highly rated gymnast achieving Fifth Place in World Competitions. This was a new ministry at the Church at the North Gate and it caused many people to deal with the religious issues common to the church in Oklahoma. We were in the Bible belt and this entire concept was breaking the generally accepted rules that separate church from all other activities of daily life. Because of this ministry, I had to maneuver around all of the equipment in the sanctuary while Rodney worked on the sound system.


On Sunday morning, I rode to church with Rodney in the car that had replaced my pickup. We went early so he could set up the sound equipment before Praise and Worship Practice, I would attend to the Adult Sunday School class while he prepared for service. Usually before Sunday school started my wife, oldest daughter and our two granddaughters would arrive. My wife and daughter would go to the Sunday school class with me but my daughter had to leave early to join the Praise and Worship team in their warm-up session, having become a member of the Praise Team. The Sunday school class was upstairs so it was not until I got out of the wheel chair and started using a walker I was able to attend but that did not take very long. Then during the week, I would accompany Rodney in the evening when he went to the church to work on the sound system. A family who went to church occasionally just weeks earlier was now attending every Sunday and involved throughout the rest of the week in church related activities. The only one absent from these activities was our second daughter, the mother of our grandchildren. She was working part time at a local donut shop and did not go to church services. She made it clear she really did not want to attend anyway.


It is common for Christians to react to their children’s apparent rejection of the Lord by pressing them until they cave in and submit to the parents will. This is true weather the child is young and still under parental authority or grown and under their own authority. Many families become divided because of that kind of pressure. In reality, this pressure is no more than the Christian form of witchcraft and the conversions coming this way are usually false. The book of Romans tells us we must believe with our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. The confession without faith fails to please God. Knowing this we did not pressure her choosing to allow the Holy Spirit liberty to do His work without our help.  If we, Christians would stop trying to lead God in the name of helping Him instead of following Him, the church would accomplish a lot more.



After returning from the hospital and having the experience of meeting the Lord, the world was completely different for me. The most notable difference was the intimate conversational relationship with Him that I was now experiencing on a continual basis. I was finding it hard to relate to people. The way of thinking that had been so common and comfortable for me, just a few weeks earlier was almost foreign to me now. Not because of any great sudden insight but because of the continual conversation I was having with the Lord. My thinking, foundations built on fifty years of carnal living do not existent in His thoughts or conversation. For example, I knew prosperity is based on wealth and wealth is measured in money. All things can be translated into a measurable value in monetary terms.  This is the basic premise of the appraisal business. Therefore, it is possible to place an estimate of value on anything. After all money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. Money allows you to trade a physical property for something with less substance like a service. This is the basis on which every world economy works. Anything universally accepted as having value by the people can be the money or medium of exchange. The Lord does not think the same way at all. The foundation of His economy is creativity. He does not give anything up in order to get what He desires. He just creates it. Moreover, He made man in His specific image and according to His exact likeness. This concept is just one example of the different thinking process that was causing me difficulty. Another important concept is the difference between the world’s definition for the word wealth and the Lords definition. His definition for wealth is living souls. A living soul is a saved soul. A living soul is in the likeness of God and brings with it all of the creativity, increase, prospering, growing and producing characteristics of God. The more time I spent in conversation with the Lord the more contrast I would see. It was causing all kinds of problems in personal relationship with those around me because these changes were inside of me and everything that had been important was now questioned.  People counted on my resuming the life that I had always lived but that guy was dead and he was going to stay dead.  I was now a new person, with different values and a completely different approach to life.


In the early 1980’s, my wife and I were going to a church in southern California and one of the guest speakers that came to our church was T. L. Osborne. He and his wife Daisy were fresh from decades of missionary service abroad and his messages were always simple in presentation but as simple as they sounded they often contained very deep truths. These nuggets of truth usually came in small statements. One such statement he offered was the challenge. “Dare to think a new thought.” What I found myself learning through continual conversation with the Lord was to think in a new way, to think new thoughts.  I was thinking new thoughts or old thoughts, viewed from a new prospective continually. Only the thinking process was not new. It was, in fact, very old. This new way of thinking is the way God created man to think originally, exactly as He thinks. It is only by receiving the mind of Christ man will be able to think like Him. This only comes by faith and is surprisingly easy to do but you must be ready to live outside the lines. There is a vast difference between what the world teaches us and the thoughts of God; the difference is in the foundations upon which we base our thought process’.


As a child there was little in the way of church around our house but my sisters and I were raised on the principles of God anyway. At least as my parents understood them but it was not in the context of religious belief but simple understandings of right and wrong. One of those precepts was an expectation of having to work for the things we wanted by the sweat of our brow. We never had Geneses chapter three quoted to us but we expected to exchange labor or something related to it in order to enjoy the prosperities of life. For those who were taught in the church it was the curse that came with the fall in Geneses 3:14-19 that demanded man’s labor. Most church people were taught God cursed man but the Bible does not support this message. God cursed the serpent and told Adam, both male and female, the consequences of the choices they had made. The man Adam cursed the earth causing it to war against him. He had simply put the earth under the authority of the realm of darkness and its chief minister, Satan.

Gen 3:14-19 So the LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, "Cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." To the woman he said, "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." To Adam he said, "Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, 'You must not eat of it,' "Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."(NIV)1


In Christ, we have been set free, even from this curse. However, only by trusting the Lord will this level of salvation come. The serpent has no choice he must feed on the dust of the earth. And man’s body is made from the dust of the earth. It is not man himself, just the body he lives in or, the carnal man that the serpent must feed.


The result of these changes in thinking caused me to begin saying things that sounded strange to those who were in hearing range. It was quite common to see shocked or confused looks come into people’s faces in the midst of a conversation. Without realizing it, I was beginning to join Christ in the fellowship of His sufferings. I had already come to know a little about the power of His resurrection. In addition, I guess, to some degree, I had become conformed to Him in His death. This was all new, peculiar and uncomfortable. It started being uncomfortable, to the people around me also, when the cares of the world, (that had always governed my life), started to fall off. That started the moment I fell across the bed to die. I was unmoved by any of the things going on around me until my granddaughter crawled onto my chest.


Not knowing how to act or speak, in his new world that was being created for me, I simply started clamming up. If exposure were limited, people would not know how strange I had become. Besides, the more I spoke the more looks of confusion and contempt I got from people that did not understand. I was becoming a recluse, particularly after my wife and I spent a day visiting Mrs. Escoe at their home. During the course of that day, she used the word multiplicity in reference to the creation in Genesis. That single word sparked something in me. I began to see the whole Bible in a new light. I suddenly understood God did not make a tree he made kinds of trees each with the seed of growth in it. Everything God made was designed to grow and expand from it’s beginning. Everything has been multiplying from the time God said. “Let there be”. Life is being continually revealing itself to the whole world and for those that are willing to see and hear by the Spirit, with the revelation comes understanding also. Life is always about growth, expansion, replenishing and filling emptiness. If life is about these things then what was death? Was it about reduction, diminishing, or vacating any filled space? These thoughts raced through my mind as we drove home from that visit.  I searched the scriptures to see if God ever depleted life and found several references indicating He did but when I looked closely at them it became clear these references were about pruning to increase life not about destroying it.


The Bible tells us in Ps 24:1, “The earth is the LORD's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. (KJV)1 When the Bible is read in this context and the life-giving nature of God coupled to it the picture becomes more clearly defined.  The image of a potter creating a pot and owning the pot he created is understandable to everyone.  So isn’t the concept of the potter breaking off a part of the pot he has created, in order to improve the pot.  Or, the farmer that owns a vineyard pruning his plants so the pruned plant will grow new branches and increase the amount of fruit it yields easily understood by anyone that has raised even a houseplant or played with clay.   Of course these things are understandable.  So, why is it difficult to conceive of a creative God doing likewise with His Creation?





The basis on which Christians live life revolves around the covenant given to us by God and ratified in the blood of Christ. The Bible is, among other things, a progressive revelation of both the person and character of Jesus Christ and, the covenant by which He made a way for mankind to be delivered from the penalty of sin. To illustrate the covenant walk let us look at how the plains Indians live out their covenant relationships.


The Cheyenne tribe for example has no understanding of family that includes aunts, uncles or cousins. The generation of a child’s father and mother includes the aunt and uncle as parents also but the Anglo Saxon world the family unit is fathers and mothers, uncles’ aunts, cousins, etc. In the Cheyenne way of life there is a continual sense of a large tightly nit family unit, with no extended family; where non-Cheyenne’s are used to a smaller family unit with a larger extended family. The Cheyenne model of family structure gives a security to the child and eradicates abandonment from the child’s mind regardless of the circumstances life presents. This also reinforces the concept of the family’s responsibility toward all generations of the family unit. When someone from outside the family makes covenant with someone in the family the whole family is obligated to accept them as a father or mother in the generation through which they came into the family. This includes all of the rights, responsibilities and position of those in their generation. There is no division or separation brought on by their having been adopted. In the eyes of the tribe, they are as much a part of that family as if they were physically born into it. Since the whole of the tribe is related in some way, the covenant adoption makes them relatives of the whole tribe. In this example a type and shadow of the relationship Christians have through the covenant of, (Yashewa), Jesus Christ. There are other facets of covenant that I will mention later on but this inclusive family relationship is something all Christians would do well to understand. You can see the seriousness involved in accepting covenant.   In the covenant of Christ there is an expectation that each covenant participant regard their covenant partners more highly than themselves. 


As Rodney worked at getting the sound system repaired, I became more acquainted with the Escoes. Then one Sunday morning before service started Richard Escoe came to where I was sitting and said, “Your enemies will be my enemies and your friends will be my friends.” Knowing covenant words when I heard them and having great respect for the depth of the mutual commitment required to fulfill a covenant relationship, that statement shook me. I did not respond. I had to speak with the Lord before doing anything. A week went by before seeing him again and the Lord did not speak to me about this covenant until we were on the way to church the following Sunday. He told me to find Richard and say this to him, “ I accept covenant with you. There will be no division between my house and your house.” It is not likely anyone will ever know how much doing this frightened me but obedience to the Lord demanded I do it. Christians make such agreements all of the time but fail to actually walk them out.  That is the reason I was fearful.  God takes them very seriously.  King David had to hang several people he personally knew from his youth because King Saul had violated a covenant with the Gibeonites made by Joshua some four hundred years earlier. A famine came on Israel as a result of the broken covenant and the cost of satisfying the Gibeonites was the lives of several of Saul’s descendants.  Only after the Gibeonites were satisfied did God remove the famine from Israel.  A covenant in the name of the Lord is no small thing.  We have walked this covenant continually since that day. It has only been possible because the covenant in Christ carries with it a willingness to forgive transgressions against one another, restoring our partners to right standing. I cannot think of any transgressions against me that have required a conscious act of forgiveness.   I can easily remember times when my family or I have transgressed against the Escoes and their forgiveness was required to maintain the relationship.


Any blood covenant not in Christ is doomed to failure because it is only in Christ the kind of forgiving nature, required to maintain it, is found. There is a big difference in going through the actions of loving someone and experiencing it by the Spirit. The only way a Godly covenant can be lived out is through Godly love between the people involved.  The reason the two covenants we walk in work are because we do not look at the other people but at Christ. If I am looking at the Lord and you are looking at the Lord and it is He that consumes our attention then we will automatically be in unity with each other. The church attempts at unity have been me looking at you and visa versa basing our unity on our actions toward one another. The covenant of love is a three way covenant and relies on God, [Love personified], to exist.


My wife and I were participants in two covenant relationships on an individual basis. The first with our son in love Rodney and daughter Dacia, the second with Richard and Charlotte Escoe. Although we did not understand much about covenants when Rodney and Dacia got married, we agreed concerning our committed to support to them. The covenant with Richard I agreed to without consulting Connie. The word of God was enough for me to accept the covenant relationship. I thank God she is willing to honor the commitment. If my actions have been offensive to her in this I will have to rely on God’s grace to bring peace to her after all He got me into this. We started spending our Sunday afternoons with both Rodney and Dacia and Richard and Charlotte Escoe and their sons.


Charlotte Escoe was with out any doubt the most discerning person I had ever met. Her husband shared in the gift of discernment but in a different way. One Sunday afternoon I asked Charlotte to discuss with Richard imparting this gift to me. Her exact words were, “You don’t want this”. Nevertheless, a week later she made the impartation. Richard was supportive giving me some idea of what to expect this gift to do in my life.


Discernment is a gift of God but like any other gift, understanding is required to walk in it. Satan is not God he is just a minister of darkness therefore he has no creative power. He can only use what has already been created. The gifts, callings and things of God become weapons when he has access to them. He will use them against us. Dark or evil spirits appropriating our gift through deception must be guarded against. Because I now had discernment I began seeing the things people did and hearing what they said in a new way. I often had an instant understanding of where the person was being pulled into a dangerous situation and it seemed so obvious that the people involved appeared to be stupid for not seeing the dangers themselves. I did not know they could not see the same thing as I did. I started becoming angry with people who were so blind. Although, not voicing it I had an attitude of contempt toward them. What is wrong with that person can’t they see where this will end? That was my question. In fact, they really could not see where their words and actions were leading them. It was not because they were stupid but because they were blinded by deception. I found myself able to see how darkness was working in people’s lives all around me. If the Lord had not revealed the blindness I was walking in myself, it would have destroyed me because evil was paraded before me continually and looking at or focusing on evil will sever our connection to the forces of life. I suppose all of this was necessary for me to learn to come against the sin in people’s lives and not the people themselves.











Soon the gifts of God became an active part of my life and once that happened there were changes in my future that I did not anticipate. Richard and Charlotte Escoe were destined to be a powerful force in making those changes a living reality instead of classroom theory. The Escoes are experienced in deliverance as well as other areas of ministry. Their principal calling is in the area of Praise and Worship but that is the first line of spiritual warfare and deliverance is an element of spiritual warfare that is often ignored or denied. deliverance is not a well received ministry even though the Lord works very powerfully through this medium. I had some reservations myself having seen errors in past exposure when other people moved into deliverance ministries and got off track. My wife and I faced the concept of demonic activity in the eighties. We addressed the issue of demons at that time and saw a tendency for people in deliverance ministries to get caught up in a demon hunter mentality, seeing demons under every rock. Demons are present and in great numbers, but not in great power. However, the demon hunters were acting as though the demon powers were on par with the power of God.  We found that very offensive.  Clearly, the command to deal with demons is real, the Bible clearly tells us so but some people put so much emphasis on demons they failed to see God anymore. Obviously, there were people who were allowing demons to use them in our current congregation and they were actively protecting the demonic areas of their lives but that was not surprising and is in fact quite common behavior; however, I had an understandable hesitancy to voice this observation because people are not inclined react well to hearing anyone voice such an observation. This church was very actively pursuing the signs and wonders referred to in Mark 16 but admitting we had people in regular attendance who were in the grip of demonic forces would not be well received and would tend to apply a stigma to the that person because they supplied the voice for a demon to express itself. It is O.K. to say there are angels all around us but the possibility of demonic being in the church building is appalling. The angels that God cast down with Lucifer equaled one third of the total number of the angels He had created. These are the angels of darkness and they are greatly outnumbered two to one but they do exist. To deny them is to deny the Word of God. This church was a target because it was perusing miracles and receiving answers to their requests. Within less than two years of my arrival, I knew of at least eleven people delivered from death. That number does not include me. There was a man killed outright, in a head on collision and declared dead at the crash site. A prayer of faith was answered and the Lord raised him up and brought salvation to his lost soul. He was taken to a hospital with broken bones throughout his body and given a prognosis of being a Quadra pelagic confined, to a wheelchair for life.  With in weeks he was walking, is now married, has three children and is traveling countrywide as he works to expand the family body shop business.  His whole family gives the Lord all of the credit.  There is a boy that was declared dead in the womb and his mother scheduled for a DNC. Before the procedure, the Lord intervened and the boy lives and was borne healthy and strong and now holds a national title in gymnastics. Another little boy was delivered from respiratory failure within hours of birth. His older brother died a year earlier just after he was born with the same affliction but the younger brother was healed when some intercessors called on the Word of God; six women were healed of diagnosed cancers, five of them in a single day. The other woman was healed of cancer only to die of another ailment just weeks later. There was a demonstrated need to receive healing but to refuse death is also necessary. In simple terms, where the power of God is visible the forces of hell will work hard against the people. Our Lord is the God of our salvation and the god of darkness does not have to waist himself on the people who are controlled by the ways of the world. Satan knows they are already falling. They have been seduced into the ways of death. The ministers of death, Satan and all of his followers, are working to discredit God and we are just pawns in this game. We are really of little or no importance to them. They are truly always warring against God. All they want from us is that we die. They do not particularly care whether we go to glory or hell as long as we are out of the way.


If you want to see people scatter, all you have to do is acknowledge the existence of demons. It is popular for anyone in the church to recognize the spirit realm as long as you are only giving that recognition to God or angels. However, it is not popular to recognize the existence of fallen angels in any form. Although giving these beings any kind of power or authority in our thinking is a mistake; it is also a mistake to ignore this third of the created servants that God made even though they now serve the prince of darkness.  Ignoring an enemy does not overcome that enemy.


The entertainment media has built this myth of power around satan and his demons and it is a blatant lie. It is man that God has made in His image and likeness. We are spirit, we have souls that equip us mentally and emotionally, and we have bodies that give us a place to live and the right of authority in the earth.    That is part of the established order of God.  God does not change nor will He do anything in contradiction to His Word. To do so would make Him a liar. He is not a liar. We are spirit beings who live in a body.  That has come from the womb of a woman, which is the only gateway into the world that God created. Any spirit not rightfully residing in a human body is an outlaw spirit having no rightful authority.  The only way a disembodied spirit can express itself in the earth is by conning some with a body into providing the voice for its communication.  We even relate this in our speech and then deny we did it. 


After witnessing an altercation between two people, and heard them say something like, “That guy was overcome with anger”?  Anger is a demonic spirit.  In fact it is a dangerous spirit that the Bible specifically warns us about.  

James 3:16, For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. (KJV)1 Strife is an expression of anger.



If anyone has a demonic problem, the only way they will get rid of it is by their active desire and agreement.

Deut 30:19, This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live (NIV)1.


If a demonic entity is removed from a person’s life and they do not accept the Lord, the vacancy will not be filled by God’s Spirit then when that demonic entity returns and finds the body, [house], empty he will move in inviting others to move in with him and the person whose house, [body], it is will find themselves in a condition much worse than they started.

Matt 12:43-45, "When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.' When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that man is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation."(NIV)1


Foolishness in dealing with demons can destroy people’s lives. The Escoes were aware and cautious of this.


It is not necessary for an army of people to be present for evil spirits to be cast out, nor is loud prayer required, nor physical conflict, nor vomiting, nor arguing with the demons. Some of these may occur but not as a rule. Often there is no formal session at all. It might be very low key with few people even knowing it is taking place. Nevertheless, the spirits know and are fearful. We had a deliverance take place at our kitchen table and only one person not at the table, other than the person being delivered and the one conducting the deliverance, knew it happened.  However, over the next few days’ weeks and months resistances and denials abounded as to whether anything took place at all. The person would not release all of the darkness from their life. Hanging on to a part of the spiritual darkness caused that person unbelievable turmoil and eventually drove them out of the church. Ultimately I think they will let go of it but the choice is theirs. 



These developments took place through the spring and summer of 1997 and by winter, I had gained some physical coordination and strength. I was now using a cane, one of those with a four-peg foot on it. My youngest sister was coming to visit in March and I had a 21-day fast scheduled to end on the day of her arrival. On the eleventh day of the fast I sat at the kitchen table and took my blood pressure, something I usually did prior to taking any medications, after getting out of the hospital. I could not get a reading from the electronic device I was using. I was on massive dosages of blood pressure medicines and always took a reading before taking the medicine. I was told the medications I was on were the strongest available. The primary medication was called Pericardia and according to a nurse it was generally considered to strong for white males except in dosages under thirty milligrams a day. I was taking two twenty-milligram capsules three times a day for a daily total of one hundred twenty milligrams. The pressure readings were my idea and I did it just to reassure myself before taking that high dosage of the drug. This time, the reading was mysteriously unavailable but there had never been a problem before and it was time to take the capsules. God promised me full healing because I was His; therefore, I went ahead and took the medicine. A moment later I felt so tired I could hardly hold my head up so I laid it on my hands which were on the table top, I was using my hands as a pillow. The next thing I knew I was coming to with a case of cold sweats, there were two paramedics in the dinning room with me and one was trying to get my vital signs. As I came to, I tried to tell everyone I was OK but no one would listen. My son in law was talking about them taking me to the V.A. Hospital. I wanted to physically resist but knew I was in no condition to fight. As I sat facing the kitchen, to my amazement, Richard Escoe walked into the room coming from the garage. He and his wife, Charlotte, had come to return our car; having borrowed it while theirs was in the shop. They arrived at the same time as the ambulance and Richard, an Army Sergeant walked in, kneeled beside me and began praying. The paramedic repeatedly said he needed to get in there, implying Richard should move and give him room. However, Richard was immovable. So were the declarations of faith in God that were coming out of him. After a few moments, they decided to transport me. Still no one would hear my objections. I knew with absolute certainty I could not be killed and this was a wasted trip. As the ambulance took me to the hospital Connie’ s little car followed with her, Richard and Charlotte inside. It took a couple of hours to get out of the emergency room. A nurse kept telling me I could not be alive because my potassium levels had dropped too low to sustain life. I lay there while they pumped potassium into me through an I.V. After some blood tests were completed and a doctor gave me a new prescription and told me they were taking me off the high Pericardia dosages, we left the hospital.  The new medications were far less aggressive although Pericardia was still among them but the new the dose was under thirty milligrams and time released to boot, (within weeks that particular medication was dropped completely). When I was released from the emergency room, I joined Connie and the Escoes for the ride home. Rodney informed me that night I had three separate spasms in which I banged my head against the window behind me, several times, then fell forward onto the table with no sign of life, no breath no pulse, only to suddenly burst into another spasm and repeat the process. He was convinced I died three separate times that evening only to rise again. After discussing these events and while talking about this book Rodney also told me the doctors informed him after the earlier surgery I died four times on the operating table. If the count is accurate, I have had seven deaths or near death experiences but death could not hold me because God was not agreeing. In the book of Job God told satan he had the right to attack Job but not to take his life. I am very privileged to be alive and very thankful to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that He is my God too. 





Within months, the medications were cut to less than twenty percent of what they were before that evening in March 1997.  These were medications I had been taking for over five months but no longer needed.  Part of the backlash resulting from this ordeal was a revived desire to get some control over my faculties.


In late spring and early summer of 1997 I began writing. The first book was a shirt pocket, scripture book for assistance in prayer warfare.  The Escoes said they needed a scripture booklet for the Praise Team. They were the Praise and Worship leaders at the Church at the North Gate, as they had been previously at other churches before coming to the Church at the North Gate. One of the practices of their ministry was to teach the Praise and Worship team to be prayer warriors. In the past, they used a scripture book produced by a minister in Texas making photocopies of it as they needed them. This was with the authors consent but the consent was now withdrawn and they were almost out of the booklets. In response to the need, I assembled a similar booklet called, The Honing Stone. This project started as a means of getting me back to producing again. With the help of the Escoes for direction and my wife as proofreader, by mid summer The Honing Stone was completed. It was a handout for the Praise Team or anyone else involved in spiritual warfare, as a reference and guide in how to pray. Although it was only be published with a copy machine it has been well received and now New Promise Ministries International is using it as the foundation for The Honing Stone Project.  The Honing Stone Project is a Christian Outreach Ministry directed toward the military personnel in Iraq and the Iraqi people that have never been exposed to the God of Life.


A big part of the reason behind writing The Honing Stone was my need to start doing something useful again.  I believe the need to be a contributor to life is strong in everyone and I had a strong desire to overcome the physical limitations that were in control of my life after the aneurysm.  Writing was not going to help me walk but it would help me get control of the hand-eye coordination needed to operate a computer.


Less than a year after surgery The Honing Stone was printed and distributed to the Praise Team.  It is now the foundational work for a ministry outreach to military personnel, their families and the Islamic world at large via the Internet.


This latest attempt to kill, steal and destroy did not only fail to accomplish the task but the evil was turned to good and kindled a fire to spread the good news through publishing The Honing Stone.  The Honing Stone is not a literary work.  It is a compilation of scriptures.   There is very little in it that required any more than finding the specific scriptures applicable to the topic heading and copying them from the Bible.  That is the very thing that makes The Honing Stone a powerful tool.  God did not promise to do anything out of line with His Word.  God watches over His Word to perform It.  Therefore, the prayerful use of His Word, in faith, is in and of itself the most powerful form of agreement in existence.  His words, mixed with faith, cause things to be created and appear, (or come into existence in this physical realm).





After The Honing Stone was written, in one of our many conversations, the Lord told me to volunteer to answer the telephone at the church during the week. The church secretary, a volunteer, had quit to take a job and there was no one to answer the phone except the Pastors their wife’s or the Praise and Worship leaders. Each had duties they were responsible for beyond the phone and were often gone from the building. I almost balked at this instruction. How was I, who could not speak clearly, going to answer phones without making a fool of myself? Fear not withstanding, I said yes, asked the Pastor if he wanted my help and started working at the church on October 1st as a telephone receptionist.


During the months of January and February our Pastor was fasting and after the fast ended he asked me to become the church Administrator, saying the Lord had instructed him in this, during the fast. I did not respond; just as when Richard Escoe spoke those covenant words to me a few months earlier, I had to talk with the Lord before doing or saying anything. On inquiring of the Lord He told me to accept the position saying, I want you to submit to My order, I appointed the Pastor to his position and it is in My order for him to be in that position and it is My order that shall guide your life so submit to his request as your Pastor.  Before I was able to give him my answer the Pastor changed the title from Church Administrator to Minister of. Therefore, I became Minister of Finance at The Church at the North Gate Finance and specifically charged with the duties of financial oversight. There was no work or authority released to me for about three months. Then it came in limited amounts but I was now included in the weekly staff meetings and did get to talk about some of the insights and ideas that were churning inside me.


This was my opportunity to see the inner workings of church ministry.  Although, my wife and I started a small church years earlier in the California desert; we were separated from other churches or church groups and functioned entirely on our own.  This was my first real look into life inside church operations.  Everyone on the staff, except me, was familiar with the way things work and knew the driving forces that effected the decision making process.  To my surprise many of those forces were financial in nature.  The American church is spoiled.  If meetings are held in the darkest regions of the world people will walk for miles, without shoes and stand in an open field, in the heat of the day, in hopes of being in the presence of the God of life.  In America the meeting must be in an air conditioned building or the people do not come.  They will drive a hundred miles, sit in bleachers in a windstorm and pay high prices for admission, to see a ball game but have little interest in hearing powerful men of God speak, inside a building, without charge.  More than once I have seen speakers leave a meeting like this and go overseas to be met thousands or tens of thousands of people eager to hear what they have to say.


The Church at the North Gate was not like the vast majority of Christian churches because the attacks were more focused and intense than normal.  A lot of the abnormality was a direct result of the faith filled prayers on behalf of the afflicted people we encountered.  And, a lot had to do with the North Gate’s stand against the witchcraft that was coming out of Logan County, Oklahoma and the city of Guthrie, located a short ways north of the church.  Logan County had a widely known reputation for witchcraft and Guthrie hosts a major Scottish Rites Temple, (Masonic Lodge).  The geographical area between the church and the city of Guthrie was riddled with drug labs, to boot.


It has been reported that a single two square mile area, located in this geographical area is responsible for over seventy percent of the police calls to the Logan County Sheriffs office.  According to the Pastor The Church at the North Gate was in the middle of the most unchurched place in Oklahoma.  I was not quite sure just what that meant but it didn’t sound good.  We were in the center of something and things were changing fast.  I had no idea what the Lord was doing with this church or me but two things were certain.  1] There was a demand on both of us to let go of all of our predispositions and only follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  2] Depose witchcraft as soon as it was observed.  (A later chapter deals more extensively with witchcraft.



None of this would be easy to do on our own but with God all things are possible.  In fact, the things come from above are easily entreated or done.  The only part we really have to do on our own is, make the choice.  The choice does have to be a quality choice but once it has been made the Creator God begins working in us and the impossible becomes possible.









The first step of obedience was to let go of those weights that hold us back. 

Heb 12:1, Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, (KJV)1


It was well into March of 1998 before the Ministry of Finance had an office assigned to it and the first part of its duties were not given to me until late April.  Upon starting as Minister of Finance at the Church at the North Gate I was faced with the problem of getting to and from the church on a daily basis. The car was now my wife’s transportation to and from work.  She was no longer relying on me to transport her to and from her job.  I was in need of a vehicle since I would frequently be required to remain at the church late and the person providing me transportation would be gone before I was ready to leave. The Pastor’s mother had given a small car to the church when she felt she was to old to drive and it was used to transport the children, attending the church run day care, to and from school. This car became the focal point of one of the most difficult lessons I ever had to learn. I asked the Pastor if I could use the car for transportation home every night and would have it back for use in the day care the following morning. He agreed. The first thing I did was to clean and wax the car. It was six years old but did not have to look like it. The man who drove the children was a guest at the Pastor’s house, while has was attending college. That was a long standing arrangement that began when he moved from Mexico to get his teaching credentials. Although he had been going to school for several years he still had a couple of years to finish. I began immediately having conflict within myself; In my opinion, he did not exercise the control that was necessary when overseeing the children. The interior of car was a mess every night and every night I would clean it up. Throughout the majority of my working life, I had been in some kind of supervisory position and in control of the people around me and now I was dealing with a volunteer and didn’t know how to handle the situation. In every position previous to this I could just replace anyone who displeased or dissatisfied me. That was not so now. The pressure on me over this simple situation was unimaginable and lasted for a whole year. After hearing the Lord repeatedly telling me not to be bothered by this little thing, I finally got the message and decided to let it go, refusing to let the untidiness of a car get to me. Sometimes it required plain determination to resist becoming upset inside myself but I determined to stay filled with joy regardless of the car’s condition. Once that choice was made it was only a short time before I was driving a different vehicle and not having to share it but until this hurdle was overcome, I was condemned to that car. This may seem like a trivial thing but it was actually a lesson in letting go of the unimportant things and staying fixed on the things that are important to the Lord. The condition of that car was unimportant but living in the gift of joy is very important. If you are ever confused about what is important just ask yourself this question, if there was a fire today would this thing I am concerned with be burned in the flames? If it can be consumed it is of little importance and unworthy of your concern. It is impossible to consume the things of eternal value.  The car could easily be burned up, leaving a mess behind.  The state of peaceful joy I moved into about that vehicle could not be affected, regardless of what happened.





Things were moving at a fast pace and the car issue was still fresh when Randy Clark announced the selection of the Church at the North Gate to release a Fresh Fire Anointing in Oklahoma. Randy Clark, known for the Toronto Blessing God poured out while he was ministering there, and the Pensacola Revival that broke out soon after his visit to Pensacola, Florida. The Lord told him to go to the northernmost part of Oklahoma City and release the anointing at the gate to the city. The Church at the North Gate’s driveway ends at the Oklahoma County and Oklahoma City lines. Upon finding out there was actually a church named the Church at the North Gate located at the extreme north side of the city he changed a previous plan to meet at another church in favor of the Church at the North Gate. When he came, a new anointing was released and it was a powerful release of God’s gifts but because the visible signs were different from those seen in Toronto or Pensacola, many have failed to see the move of God that is taking place.


There is no doubt God is moving but it is not a surface move, it is very deeply rooted. Anyone that has worked in construction would understand that the things that make a building work well are not visible to the eye.  The electric circuits, the pipes carrying water into the building or the pipes carrying waste out of the building are buried under the floors or hidden in the walls in most cases but without them there are no lights and the toilets don’t work.  The initial steps are preparation of the ground under the structure and after the building is up and the sidewalks and parking lot is in place almost no one considers the work that was done.  Yet, without it, the building would not remain standing for long.  One of the failures man has repeated time and again is to pursue the signs and wonders rather than the God who does the signs and wonders. The world has seen many powerful revivals down through the ages and it was in response to that remnant of people with pure hearts that has caused God to release them. However, when the importance of the signs became the focus of the revival it would falter and slow until it eventually stopped altogether. Why did this happen? Because men were seeking the miracle instead of the God of the miraculous, but this time God is demanding relationship with His children. He will not continue performing supernatural tricks for a self-involved and self-serving people. God will not be mocked.  Man has been relentless in his selfishness and God has been merciful to us giving us time to do what is right. For those who want a deep relationship with their Creator a wonderful life awaits, more wonderful than can be imagined. For those in pursuit of the signs there awaits destruction beyond belief. This coming revival is the reviving of man to his original, intended, state. The only man to walk in that condition since Adam has been Christ Jesus, the second Adam. He comes to lift us into the fullness of perfection that we may be one with Him in everlasting joy. The Lord admonished us to not despise small beginnings. It was for good reason. This current move of God looks small to most people but it is the call of God to bring His children near to Him. We are the generation who has seen the end of one age and the beginning of another. We were chosen, to live for such a time as this. You and I are the word of God in earthen vessels and we are being conformed to him in His perfection. That is the release of the Spirit in the earth today, the perfecting of the saints through faith in Jesus Christ. None, who have set their hearts desire on Jesus, will be lost.


The Church at the North Gate usually had a Sunday attendance that ran between 100 and 150 people but during the four-day Fresh Fire meetings, we had over five thousand people come through the building. The building was large enough and after borrowing some chairs we could seat a little over a thousand people. Every one of the Wednesdays through Saturday evening meetings was full but Thursday evening the news media showed up. Their coming was not a secret they announced the visit on television so the building was overflowing in the extreme on the night the cameras were there.  The one and a half story metal building occupies about 17,000 square feet and sits on five acres. The driveway is around 800’ long. Even with all that room the overflow, parking was still into the street. People were coming from all over anyway but when the media came so did hordes from around Oklahoma City who normally would not make the effort.


Although these meetings taught me many things, there are only a few requiring mention here. The first having to do with the Thursday evening meeting and the effect the news media had on it. The television reporter who came is a very personable anchor lady whose sister previously experienced the healing power of God. She came with an honest desire to understand and communicate the things that were taking place to help the public understand and I believe she was genuinely looking for truth herself. Unfortunately, her very presence influenced the flow of the meeting. Secondly, Randy Clark was himself influenced by the attention; even though he seemed to be trying hard not to allow it to effect him.  He acknowledged that he was affected and apologized to the gathering the following evening.  It was probably the willingness to repent combined with a heart for seeing the Lord glorified that caused God to use him the way he was.


Randy had a way of ministering that I had never witnessed before these meetings. Always before I saw either one man or a select handful of publicly recognized men & women, acting as the vessels through which all of God’s anointing flowed. Often people would speak as though it were those in the five-fold ministry that provided the healing power instead of God. Randy had a ministry team drawn from the local body and he would deliver his message then pray for and lay hands on the team members. The team members gave the impartation to those in the general body that wanted to receive. Therefore, the ministry was coming from the body and going to the body. That was what the Bible told me should be happening.


Thursday evening Randy Clark preached longer than he did other evening and although there was a powerful presence, it was more carnal than spirit.

Eph 4:11-13, It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. (NIV)1


The five-fold ministry is not supposed to do the work of the ministry. They are to prepare God’s people for that purpose. Some Ministry leaders have twisted the scriptures to give themselves a position of importance. They have fallen prey to the spirit of Leviathan referred to in Job 41: the name means the twisted one, a serpent of the deep. Seeing people in ministry positions twisting the scriptures in this way is actually quite common. It must be remembered the minister of darkness, satan, has been controlling the world for thousands of years. The only reason this has continued over the last two thousand years is that the children of God have not walked in their identity. Anyone who thinks they can live in a sea of lies, without the mind of Christ to keep them straight, and not be deceived is foolish in their thinking. Randy was releasing a variety of impartations and with it he was straightening out this twist in the church. However, because of the media influence the Lord did not pour out power in the same way He had on previous evenings.


The following evening Randy assumed the blame for the low level of God’s power seen that Thursday evening and being lured by the attention of the media. He was not alone in being seduced in this way. Most of the people in the meeting were affected by this attention.  Other people affected were most certainly those people from the local area who did not come on the nights the camera crew was not present.


Another prominent change was in the impartations themselves. It has been common for ministers to lay hands on people as they pray for them and it is scriptural. What was not so common revolved around the fact that Randy was imparting more than the thing needed by an individual person. He was imparting a gift for ministry. When he prayed over the ministry team, it was to release the gifts and/or Anointings and the instructions he gave with the impartation was that they were to be given away freely and not hoarded by the recipient. The instruction was not only to lay hands on those in need of a Divine touch giving deliverance to them but also to release the gift itself. This was a lot more than praying for another Christian who had a problem. This was about sending, equipping and dispatching the saints of God into the world so through them the Lord might be seen.




You would think, after the Fresh Fire meetings were over and we would be able to settled into a less demanding daily routine, everything would generally tend to calm down. In some ways, this happened but there had been a stirring in the spirit realm that came with the Fresh Fire release that was not ever going to stop. While the Fresh Fire meetings were going on the church staff had a grueling schedule. Once the Fresh Fire meetings concluded The Church staff had to begin dealing with, more overt forms of resistance coming in as a direct spiritual attack. Across the street from the end of the church driveway is Logan County, Oklahoma and a few miles north lies the city of Guthrie. Guthrie was the first Capital of Oklahoma. This area is known world wide as a primary location for witchcraft in the United States and on the site of the first state Capital of Oklahoma, the Masonic Lodge has built a major temple. The foundation of the Masonic Lodge is Lucifer worship. Although the Church at the North Gate represented only part of the people God assigned to confront the Lucifer worship of the Masonic Lodge. Several people from the church were actively engaged in an ongoing prayer assault against this organization of deception. The Scottish Rites Temple, (Masonic Lodge), located just a few miles north of the Church at the North Gate is the largest Masonic consistory in the world and was built with stones imported from Palestine. The Masons have several levels or degrees a member must pass through before joining the upper hierarchy of this secret society. Each new degree requires the swearing of an oath. With each upward movement, the oath becomes more ominous. Starting with simple things and graduating toward the more the damaging declarations, that Lucifer is the creator of God and Jesus Christ. Logan County and the city of Guthrie are known, world wide as a center of witchcraft and I believe the existence of that Temple is the reason. There were witch covens behind much of the bizarre assaults against the Church at the North Gate. Things like dead birds in the driveway or weird people coming to the church unexpectedly. They were always asking for ministry but not wanting it when it came. This pattern began slowly but soon started becoming a frequent occurrence. The Pastor’s name was found on a coven curse list revealed by the police. The people who came almost never wanted the ministry they were asking for because, they were coming on assignment, looking for a way to stop the gifts God was releasing through His people. We are not warring against people and there is no reason to attack them. All we need to do is speak the word of God in response to evil, whatever it is.  We do that in a way that leaves the person with a choice to let go of the evil spirit or keep it but understanding each consequence. If they opt to keep it, they will take it with them when they go. And, they will go. Dark spirits do not mind hanging around Christians until the Christians start declaring God’s word. Remember the Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword and it cuts going both ways.

Heb 4:12 for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (KJV)1


Demons are stupid. Like a moth in the night that see a light and run to it only to be consumed by the heat from the light so it is with a demon. They will run to Gods light shining through someone only to find that it is life producing the light and they cannot stand in the light.


The power related to that temple was only what men were willing to give it. Anything coming from darkness is built on lies and the whole impression of power was derived from lies.


Even doing spiritual warfare against the evil can empower the evil. This is not always so but over emphasizing, the evil allows the evil a place of importance in our thoughts. We should acknowledge the existence of evil but do not allow it any prominence in us. So, how do we best war in the spirit. Astoundingly it is by not warring at all, but by simply fixing our eye on the promise of God and refusing to allow ourselves to consider, speak or otherwise permit any other thought into our mind, in essence by believing the Word of God. The Lord has told us how to think now all we have to do is follow instructions.

Phil 4:8 says “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” (KJV)1


Guthrie had several structures housing Masonic Lodge enterprises. There was a State Headquarters Office building a Freemason Retirement Home, (closed now), a Masonic orphanage/School, (also closed), plus the temple itself. Guthrie was the first Capital of Oklahoma and it was located the site on which the Masonic Temple now stands. The Cimarron River snakes through the state with its headwaters in the northwest corner of the state and it’s exit in the southeast corner. Caves in the northwest area show evidence of being a temple of Baal worship maybe dating as far back as 3500 years. In the southeast are The Mounds where evidence of an ancient city of unholy worship where a deity requiring human sacrifice was worshiped. The Masonic Temple is located midway along the Cimarron on the high ground. Many people, captivated by the apparent benevolence of the lodge and not realizing the hidden Lucifer worship, visit it each year. Witch covens began springing up but were regarded the lunatic fringe and therefore unimportant. Others who were aware of the spiritual influences started fighting back. However, the fight itself can be destructive. As a result of over emphasizing the evil many Christians are spending their lives chasing the demons and principalities but are perpetuating this powerless and godless deception by attributing worth to it. They are giving authority to the enemy in their lives because the focus of their attention has been drawn to this battle instead of the victory already achieved through Christ. As long as they chase after the evil forces of Baal, the forces of Baal retain authority in their lives. As soon as their attention turns to the Lord, fixing their eyes on the promises contained in God’s word, Baal looses power over them completely.


When we started warring against the Temple, Lucifer worship and witchcraft the temple had a countenance of power. It stood majestically on top of its hill in Guthrie and the windows appeared clear, crisp and sharp. Even at night. However, the day came when the power left it and as we drove around the building the once clear sharp windows looked drab and bleak. I knew the temple was dead. Do not think the building is gone or empty. It still exists and the Masonic Lodge still operates out of it but there had been a major shift in the heavenlies and the underlying sense of control it enjoyed for decades was gone.


With that spiritual shift there have been signs of change in the community as new business’ start up and old business’ and residences undergo face-lifts.  This community was under the controlling influence of the KKK a short time ago but now has an extraordinary number of interracial relationships surfacing.  The changes are obvious and indisputable in all parts of the county.  A fire destroyed a large number of drug labs, south of Guthrie.  Tornadoes have destroyed towns and property on both the western and northern sides of Guthrie.


For those who still attribute power to the Masonic Temple, the influence remains active in their life.  The things that have power in our life are the things we have given power to.  There are still many people living in the area that attribute power to the Masonic Lodge and it will continue to effect their lives but a turn toward the real Lord is evident and change will inevitably continue.







During the spring following the Fresh Fire meetings our Pastor, his wife and Charlotte Escoe traveled the two hundred miles south to Dallas, TX. They went to a Friday/ Saturday seminar where the leaders of the Argentine Revival, the longest running revival in history, (starting in the mid 80’s and still going), were imparting the gifts they were operating in as revival broke out and gained momentum in their country. Hearing the report of the events was very inspiring and on hearing of their coming to Oklahoma City later in the year, I planned to attend regardless of the cost. Charlotte Escoe called her husband, Richard, and they joined me into my office after her return from Dallas and she imparted everything she had received at the meetings to us. She recounted stories of hundreds of people having been slain in the spirit, they were going down in waves as one of the men from Argentina ministered. She told us that when she went to the ladies room there were women even falling out while in the stalls.


When Randy Clark was ready to give up as a Pastor in St Louis, MO, he went to the Revival in Argentina in an attempt to meet God. While he was there, he received an impartation of these gifts and returned to North America to begin imparting this fresh anointing of the fire he had encountered. That is how the Fresh Fire meeting began. The impartations were first recognized in Toronto, Canada as God confirmed His word and again in Pensacola, FL. This whole thing was the outgrowth of an act of God and it was destined to continue growing.


When these men arrived, later in the year, I attended the meetings. At those meetings, like at the Randy Clark meetings, I went forward for every impartation and although before Randy Clark came to The Church at the North Gate I had only been slain in the Spirit once, while he was there I spent every evening lying on the floor with no cares at all. That experience was duplicated in the Argentine meetings.


After the meetings were over, I was eager to give away everything I had received just as I was after the Fresh Fire meetings. I inquired of the Lord about doing it before mentioning it to anyone and I would only give according to His instructions but His desire for us the bless each other was evidenced by fact that He was always in agreement for the impartations to be given but not necessarily according to my timetable or method.


This is a list of the impartations given at the meetings, starting with the Fresh Fire meetings at the Church at the North Gate and continuing through the Argentineans visit to Oklahoma City:


During the Randy Clark Meetings at The Church at the North Gate March 1998

[Randy Clark imparted to the alter ministry team members, who them imparted to the people that wanted to receive, I was among those people]


1.      Gifts of Healings


2.      Anointing for Revival


3.      Gift of Faith


4.      Gift of Ministry


5.      Gift of Wisdom


6.      Gift of Revelation


7.      Peace


8.      Refreshing



As a result of the Dallas Light The Nations Meetings April 1998

[Charlotte Escoe imparted these gifts and Anointings to Richard and me after her return from Dallas, TX]



1.      Gift of Revival


2.      Gifts of Healings


3.      Gift of Holiness


4.      Gift of the Discerning of spirits




During the Taking the City meetings at Metro Church in Oklahoma City by the Argentineans in Nov. 1998

[The person indicated in brackets behind the imparted gift or Anointing gave that Impartation]

[All of these men, except Randy Clark, live in Argentina and have been ministering in that Revival since its early days]


1.      Gift of Love [Pablo Derios]


2.      Gift of Valor [Carlos Merada]


3.      Gifts of Healings [Randy Clark]


4.      Gift of Discernment [Pablo Derios]


5.      Power to Cast Out Evil Spirits [Pablo Batari]


These impartations came with the laying on of hands and spoken declarations of faith, by ministers of God, but; the Bible is a book communicating the declarations of our Father and true contact with Him through His word comes only when our spirits touch His Spirit and receive knowledge and information directly from Him through revelation.  In the laying on of hands, the point of contact is physical touch, a sensual experience. In receiving by faith in His word, the point of contact is on a spirit level and is therefore supernatural in nature. In either case, it is the receiving of the gift or anointing that is the important issue not the manner in which it took place. Physical contact is reassuring to the carnal mind but supernatural contact is probably more faith based. The way in which we receive not withstanding the important thing is our receiving the gift of God.


I am now asking the reader to fully understand the previous paragraph because by doing so they might receive these same gifts and Anointings from God.  While writing these pages the Holy Spirit has impressed me to impart to the every reader that will receive according to their faith: therefore, I now ask our Father, which is in heaven, to embrace each person, that has come to receive these gifts and Anointings, imparting each of the gifts and Anointings, listed above, which I received by the laying on of hands. With instruction to freely give that which was to given me and ask that You give each of them courage and faith to give these gifts and Anointings freely to others. Amen.


When returning from the Temple a beggar asking for alms accosted Peter and John. Peter responded by saying Silver and Gold have I none, [worldly wealth I do not have with me], but such as I have, [supernatural wealth], give I you.

Acts 3:6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. (KJV)1


The gifts and Anointings I requested our Father to bestow on you are supernatural wealth but they only come through faith in Christ Jesus. There is an important principle of the kingdom seen in

Matt 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. (KJV)1


It is impossible to use up the gifts of God. In fact, the more we give, the more we will have to give. Luke 6:38 tell us that by giving we experience increase. I encourage you give away the imparted gifts so you may enjoy the increase.








When I first started attending the Church at the North Gate, after the aneurysm and stroke, the Pastor was repeatedly sharing a vision he had soon after starting the church. He related the vision in detail. His vision was of a white mountain and some time later, while vacationing in Colorado he saw a mountain that is identical to the one in his vision. He anticipates the Lord moving that mountain to Oklahoma City, on to the church property. Being raised in and around the Sierra Nevada mountain range I do not see anything in Oklahoma I would call a mountain but to the people raised in Oklahoma a few hundred feet of elevation qualifies as a mountain and it becomes possible to fit such a mountain onto the church property. I interpret this vision differently. I see it in a spiritual context and believe God has been creating His Mountain throughout the last several years. Regardless of how you view this mountain, it became a very big issue around the church after the Pastor commented on a book written by Rick Joiner Entitled, “The Final Quest”. It is recounting a prophetic vision or dream in which Rick Joiner was ascending the mountain of the Lord. Our Pastor believes the book to be about the Church at the North Gate. The Holy Spirit has confirmed this to be true but expanded the impact of this mountain to all the people that will worship Him in Spirit and Truth. When He speaks to me the mountain it takes on a different dimension that the Pastor sees. That does not mean one of us is wrong, just that we are seeing it through differing gifts and callings. This book is the first part of the vision or dream of this well-known prophetic writer and I believe we have started the climb described in the book. Around the same time, a young woman that has a history of having spiritual dreams experienced a closely related dream herself. Her dream specifically related to the Church at the North Gate even identifying several members of the church staff. These incidents sparked a lot of interest in Rick Joiners work and we read several of his books over the next few months. The basic four were “The Final Quest”, “The Call”, “There were Two Trees in the Garden” and “The Epic Battles of the Last Days”. Each book released a new flood of revelation understanding. The books were compelling and as revelation understanding was let loose on us our reading slowed in order to acquire the full meaning of message contained in the book. It took me one and a half months to read Epic Battles of the Last Days.  It would be impossible to list or explain the deep changes that took place inside me before finishing it. Each paragraph set off a torrent of thoughts and new understandings.


As we read Rick Joiner’s prophetic writings, we were entering a new dimension of understanding. Although Rick Joiner had written truths and expressed understandings, we did not have before the most powerful impact was not in the written words but there was a bombardment of spiritual understandings far exceeding what was on the page. For those who have experience revelation understanding while reading the Bible it is easily to understand because they are familiar with little bombs of revelation going off inside them, I know of no way of explaining the experience but once experienced no explanation is required. Richard Escoe highlighted every phrase that opened a spiritual understanding to him. While he was reading “The Epic Battles of the Last Days”, I would drive him home from work once or twice a week. He spent the whole trip reading to me and after a while I noticed virtually every line in his copy of the book had highlights. Oddly the prophecy’s were not really written but began welling up in our understanding. It was kind on like the experience of knowing the importance God places on each of us, while going through the out of body episode.  But, in this case the knowing was not as deep and definite but then nothing has ever been more powerful than that experience.  The writings were more the foundation on which the understanding, that we were now experiencing, rested.  I see and perceive whose of us who are borne again in a different way than ever before. I can understand clearly that darkness can see the light Christ brings into the world but darkness cannot comprehend the light. The life that is the light of men and just as the Life from God is light, so darkness expresses death. Think about light and darkness. Darkness is nothing more than absence of light and where light is present, darkness cannot come and displace it. Yet, where darkness is light can come and simply by coming light will drive out the darkness. 




While in the midst of reading the Rick Joiner books, Charlotte Escoe accepted a teaching job at a local Christian School. The school was an outreach ministry of a church who’s Pastor put on a weeklong leadership training conference for the teachers during the summer months. The speaker invited that particular year was well known televangelist from Washington State and his topic was about quitters, campers and climbers. He had done a film series on the topic using a climb up Mt. Rainier as the illustration. The subject of quitters, campers and climbers permeated our conversation after she related the conference to the staff at the Church at the North Gate. The three groups are obvious in the body of Christ and it is worth looking at the groups and their characteristics. The quitters are easily identified as quitting, usually early in the climb and they seek out whomever they can encourage to quit along with them. The quitter group is always trying to add more quitters to their group. Have you ever noticed the people you know that are openly involved in sin continually attempt to get other people to join them?  The drinkers are continually offering a drink or the dopers will attempt to lure other people into doing drugs with them.  This is also a strong tendency for the campers also. This type stops advancing in their growth when it becomes uncomfortable and will entice the climbers passing by them to just sit a spell and rest. They assume the appearance of a climber but in reality all they do is sit comfortably by the campfire inviting the passing climbers to stop and relax as they tell stories of the great exploits they have made and terrible trials they faced in getting this far. Their appearance is always dressed in their past accomplishments.  These are dangerous people because they entice the real climbers to join them, thereby stopping their climb. How many men and women of God have you encountered who want to tell of their great trials and victories but are no longer advancing or changing to be like Christ? We have clear instructions to continue in doing well.  Continuing the race until we reach the goal and being imitators of Christ will require us to overcome adversaries by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and not loving our lives unto death.

Rev 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (NIV)1


 Our testimony is an important thing having an important place in our ability to enjoy a victorious life but the upward climb toward God cannot stop. Our goal must remain fixed on helping others in their assent but not stopping until we have finished our personal race. 

Acts 20:24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me-- the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace. (NIV)


It will do us well to remember a basic principle of the faith seen in

Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A    good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  or with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (NIV)1


Many Christians fail to realize the receiving referred in this verse always works. Yes, if you give good things you will receive good things in return. However, if what you are giving is evil be prepared for evil to be returned to you, multiplied. It is important to understand the principles of God, not only always work but they also always work in truth. Therefore, it is the giving combined with the motive, which will come back. If the giving has a selfish, greedy motive attached to it then selfishness and greed is what you gave. Selfishness and greed is what will come back. It will come from mankind and it will be multiplied, or bigger, in your life than it was in the life of the person that received the original gift from you.  If the giving had a Godly motive, you can expect to receive the good return. Because the word of God is exact, we expect to receive according to the same measure as the gift was given. If it was money then money will come back. However, if an evil motive was attached to the money then the evil will come back.


The mountain climbing teaching was as influencing as the Rick Joiner books had been but in a different way. Where the Joiner books gave us a prophetic picture that put us on the mountain of God; the mountain climbing teaching gave us perspective of the pursuit of God and a determination to steadfastly continue the climb until reaching Him. It also gave us some insight about the people we will encounter that will attempt to hinder our climb. We all have seen Christians that fall into the categories of quitter, camper or climber. These categories just point out the level of determination or lack of it they have. A climber must be willing to continue regardless of the obstacles in their path. The most severe attacks usually come from those closest to us. That should not surprise us after all do you really care what a stranger thinks. Of course not it is your wife, children, brothers, sisters, friends or parents whose opinion affects you. Regardless of the attack or where it comes from, we must remember it is always released in the spirit realm before manifesting in the physical realm. Playing on lack of knowledge or understanding, ungodly spirits will use Christians or non-Christians alike in an attempt to stop any upward climb toward God. Every attempt of Godliness will meet resistance but the resistance has very little power over those who are seeking truth.

Luke 11:9-10 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened. (KJV)1


All that is required to find the truth is persistent trust in God to reveal it. Persistence is usually what separates the people who have faith from those who do not. The faithful just keep on trusting God, under all circumstances.



We had undergone major changes starting with the Fresh Fire meetings and progressing through the Argentine impartations from the Dallas and the Oklahoma City meetings followed by the Rick Joiner books and the Mountain Climbing teachings. However, there was more to come. In 1999 the Escoes presented a Spiritual Warfare class and some attendees from another church brought some videotapes entitled “The Garments of the Priesthood.” These videotapes were recordings offered by Dick Reuben Ministries. Mr. Reuben was one of the teachers at the Pensacola Revival meetings. As a Messianic Jew his understandings of the scriptures is considerably different from anything I was taught in any church I ever attended. On one of the tapes, he dealt with a myth that has been presented in every church, TV or tape ministry to which I was ever exposed. The story has been told repeatedly about the High Priest wearing a rope around his ankle as he entered the Holy of Holies to make the yearly sacrifice for the sins of the Hebrew people. This was so the other Priests could drag his body out from behind the curtain in the event he had sin in his life and was struck dead while inside the Holy of Holies. The Priests would listen for the bells sewn along the hem of his robe. If the bells stopped ringing for a long time they would know he was dead and use the rope to pull his body out. This has been a long-standing story told in the church. Leviticus chapter 16 tells us the garments the High Priest was wearing on that day and there were no bells. Neither is there any reference to a rope.

Lev 16:4 He is to put on the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments next to his body; he is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turban. These are sacred garments; so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on. (NIV)1


This information contained a major personal blow for me. First, because I had read these passages before and should have known better than to just buy what preachers had said without researching it myself. Second, I realized I was fed misinformation, not once but repeatedly. I am confident every preacher who perpetuated this lie did pretty much as I had done and accepted the myth without researching it. They probably were sucked in just as I had been and just passed the lie along. From this point on I could not accept any preacher’s word, even those I trusted as men, without checking it out myself. This is the responsibility of every Christian. Not because preachers are inherently liars but because we can expect them to be deceived like anyone else. satan is the prince of the power of the air. That title has been his for thousands of years. He is also the father of lies. We live in the air. We live in a sea of deception. To expect anyone to be undeceived is like saying they could be thrown into the ocean and not get wet. Only the Lord can tell who is or is not deceived. If He does not tell us, how will we know? If we have no deception in a specific part of our life does that mean there is none in the rest of our life? Probably not, I have preconceived notions or prejudiced thinking in thousands of areas and do not recognize it. Even apparently, insignificant things can affect us if we are not on guard. Although I try to seek the Lord in all things, I know I really do not. There are hundreds of little decisions I make every day that are automatic. A good illustration of this is driving. I spent about eight years driving a truck, five years across country, plus three decades in cars and have driven over 2 million miles. Driving became an automatic action in my life. There have been occasions when I have arrived at my destination and could not remember the trip. I did not go to sleep but there were no emergencies or sudden situations that demanded my attention. My actions were automatic responses to the conditions in front of me. I did not have to think about what I was doing. I have done thousands of times before. If something unfamiliar were to come up, I would immediately have to reason my way through the situation and thus would become aware and able to remember. However, without the unfamiliar situation, there was no need for deductive reasoning and the trained responses coming from years of experience took control.  Under those circumstances, I made hundreds or thousands of decisions without having to think let alone consult the Lord. I do not remember once asking the Lord if it was time to shift gears. If my training was incorrect, to begin with the automatic responses could all have been incorrect also.


Every child, raised in the ways of Judaism, learns the word of God in a different way than we Christians. They have understandings, usually of simple things, which are different. Because of this the Jewish interpretation of the scriptures is often much different from what is taught in the Christian church. As an example, Jews understand God made the nighttime before He made the daytime and a nighttime plus a daytime make one full day. Every day begins at sundown not midnight. Americans, Christian or not, begin their day at one second after midnight. The whole of Judaism’s time calculations are based on the timepiece created by God, The heavens above with the Sun, the Planets and the Moon being interregnal parts of the timepiece. Do not expect to see the date Passover is celebrated to change to accommodate the business community. It will not. The Christian church has been tremendously arrogant in its reorganization of Holy Days. The word holiday is a derivative of the words Holy Day and we changed the language removing the Godly connotation and replacing it with a sense of self-pleasuring. All of the Holy Days are supposed to be times of feasting so, the idea of celebration is accurate but all Holy Days were meant to center around the God of Creation.  Even though I find Judaism weighed down with legalism, I also have seen greater accuracy and understanding among the Messianic Jews than in the typical Christian church. Very often the selfish pride of people in Christian ministry have twisted the message of Christ into some empire building activity that has nothing to do with God, at all.


As a Priest of God, I have a responsibility to Him to care for His temple and His children. Often however the children themselves offer the most resistance. Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, they soon tire of me. If I stand in faith for them, trusting God and refuse to be emotionally entangled in their turmoil, it is taken as indifference to their plight. If I speak only the word of God in response to the offending situation, I am considered irritating. Are these things I should be upset about? According to Jesus, we can expect these tribulations but are not to let them influence us. If I am to be the Ambassador of Christ Jesus, a Priest, a King, these kinds of things can have no weight. Once lack of knowledge and understanding becomes known these minor and carnal, tribulations have no power. Unlike the prayer of witchcraft, I do not desire to command change in someone instead I stand in the gap for them interceding to cause deception to be revealed to them. The difference is, all choices concerning them, are theirs to make, not mine.








When I was struck down by the aneurysm and stroke in 1996, to my knowledge, only one of my two sisters had professed Jesus as her Lord but the remaining sister invited me to return to California in the first spring after being released from the hospital.    I had graduated to using a cane by then but still had great difficulty moving around and was considerably concerned about getting through airports and how I would negotiate the uneven surfaces in the country.  The plan was to stay in a travel trailer that was moved into my mother’s back yard.  It was an exciting excursion but a bit scary.  This was the first time I had gone home since I quit driving a truck over the road.  On arrival I was treated extraordinarily.  The travel trailer was prepared to provide exceptional comforts. My Brother-in-law had laid a walkway, made of wooden planks, to give me a flat surface to walk on as I made my way to my mothers house and the travel trailer was equipped like a motel room would have been.  They even found some of the little soaps and shampoos, like those found in a motel room, stocked it with disposable razors and shaving lather and filled the refrigerator with drinks and snacks.  I was truly treated like royalty.  I honestly can not remember feeling appreciated as during that visit.


While still in the hospital I resolved to not ever take one of the shortcuts or niceties provided to people with handicaps.  For that reason, things like handicap parking spaces, automatic doors for the disabled, etc. are shunned without hesitation.  To take advantage of one of these little conveniences requires mental assent to see yourself as disabled.  It was different before I had any physical affliction to contend with.  I would not hesitate to use one of the half dozen empty spaces near the door, reserved for the handicapped, if I was in a hurry and did not want to drive around the lot trying to find a place to park.  Now, I could easily defend any decision to use such a space, I will not do it.  For someone else to make things easier for me is an act of honor and respect but for me to do the same thing for myself requires a destructive mental submission that is totally unacceptable.  It was clear that I had been accorded honored in the thoughtful preparations made to anticipate my every need.


Somewhere around this period my sister announced her conversion and within a few months I was invited to return to California to witness her baptism.  The baptism was done in a pool a short ways from my mother’s home.  After that trip we spoke on the telephone frequently.  She was discovering that God had a destiny for her if she would accept it and she began searching intensely to find it.  Along the way she discovered the baptism of the Spirit and called several times during her investigation of the scriptures.  She developed a significant and dedicated prayer life, frequently calling with questions.  It was not long before I began to question the seriousness of my prayer life by comparison.  In short order she was discovering the gifts and callings on her life and our conversations turned from personal development toward ministry service. It was not long before she began writing a prayer book herself.


While my sister was finding her gifts and callings those of us in Oklahoma were experiencing a calmer time. The frontal attacks of satan began subsiding to be replaced with a more subtle form of conflict. There were no more dead birds in the driveway or demons coming to the door but there were certainly people carrying spirits with an assignment from hell making attachments to the church. Often these people would appeal to religious mind-sets within the churches leadership, or gain access through the ever present need for finances. Always the focus of this new form of war was directed at undermining staff relationships.


I have heard it said we must be prepared for a new devil whenever we reach a new level. These were new devils but sometimes they were using familiar people to express themselves. Under these circumstances it was often difficult to remember that we do not war against flesh and blood but against the spiritual strongholds and the demonic entities they give refuge to.

2 Cor. 10:3-5 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; (KJV)1


This same scripture in the NIV gives us a little better insight into what God is telling us.

2 Cor. 10:3-5 For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (NIV)1



We do live in the world and if we have allowed it to control the way we think we will try to war according to worldly logic and worldly logic is powerless against spiritual forces. That has been much of the reason the church has been ineffective in overcoming evil. No amount of logic or emotional outbursts will stop the enemy. Only the Lord has the power to accomplish that but He has made His power available to us for just that purpose.


What is a stronghold? Simply put it is a mind-set or a way of thinking. When we understand the stronghold is a thought process then we will see a repetitive comment in the phrase, We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. Both arguments and pretensions are mind-sets or thinking processes. It is God’s power, made available to us, that enables us to demolish these strongholds and take captive every thought, making it obedient to Christ. This scripture gives us the ability to pray strong powerful prayers over people. By praying according to this scripture, we are releasing the power of God to demolish the every stronghold that is keeping the person blinded to the truth of God. The choice of how, or how much, truth they will receive is still theirs to make but their decision will be an informed one, not prejudiced by a veil of deception.


Here is the answer to the change of strategy the demonic realm was now using; but a more powerful realization set in when the Lord made it clear that where He is evil cannot exist. Therefore, the better approach is to get into the presence of God. In a day when the majority of Christians do not openly admit they talk to God and hear His answer, it is clear that few know how to let themselves drift into His presence. That is a very big issue because there are few people who are able to teach the “how to” of this kind of relationship. Most of the children of God think this kind of relationship is over the top and those who talk about such things are just imagining the whole thing. If that is true then I must admit to that wild imagining.


While I was writing, this segment, my wife began suffering the symptoms of a head cold. A couple of days latter, while working late into the night, I began feeling those symptoms coming at me. As soon as I recognized what was happening I went to bed and allowed myself to move into the spirit realm and into Gods presence. I drifted off to sleep in that state and lingered in a half conscious dream like world for a while. While there, all of the symptoms left and the following morning I felt perfectly fine. If that was all my imagination then I say, “God bless my imagination”, because I did not have to suffer the way my wife had.


You decide what you will believe, and do, after all; it is your life therefore it must be your decisions that govern it.









In the process of writing this testimony I have touched on some things you might see as criticism and because of them you might assume my purpose is to expose evil. It is not. When I was given the choice of remaining in the Lords presence or returning into the earth my choice was not contemplated, pondered or meditated on. That choice was immediate and needed no extended thought or consideration because the response was focused on giving the Lord whatever He wanted. The Lord did not say, “You must return,” or “I want you to return”. All He said was, “I would rather.” I had no hesitation at all responding. The answer came instantly. The reason is because I was in the spirit and our spiritual identity is our true identity and as a spirit being, I knew the Lord never does anything without purpose. I have a purpose for being here. It is not to expose evil. It is to expose life and light. That is the motive for writing this book. It is also the reason for declaring and demanding order in the church. The church, the true church, is the body of Christ. The bride of Christ will be taken out of the body of Christ. The bride of Christ will be in complete harmony with Christ because He is the expression of the Father. The union between Christ and His bride will be exactly as illustrated in Geneses chapter two. The bride will be without spot or wrinkle. The spotlessness is not because the bride is perfect before the union but because He is able to obtain cleansing and purification from the Father for her. However, Christ will not be receiving a lazy, shiftless bride. Consider a phrase exposed in the curse: “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." The bride of Christ is, and will be, completely under the authority of Christ. Submission to the Lord’s authority will stem from love. Consider carefully,

Matt 25:1-12, "At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps. The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep. "At midnight the cry rang out: 'Here's the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!' "Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, 'Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.' "'No,' they replied, 'there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.' "But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut. "Later the others also came. 'Sir! Sir!' they said. 'Open the door for us!' "But he replied, 'I tell you the truth, I don't know you.' (NIV)1


We do not want to be among the foolish and hear the words “I don’t know you.” Wisdom says, start preparing for your eternal union now!


 Herein is the reason I must discuss the extreme amount of witchcraft functioning within the church itself, often under Pastoral leadership. There have been thousands of prayers uttered on Sunday morning, by Senior Pastors or their delegates that have crossed the line of rightful authority, moving into witchcraft. There are many prayer groups doing the same thing. Usually these people do this unknowingly on the other hand very often they reason that their end goal is good giving them justification for usurping the authority of the person for whom they are praying. Witchcraft has been defined as usurping the authority of the Holy Spirit to control, manipulate, maneuver or intimidate another person in such a way as to direct their thoughts or actions. The Theological Workbook of the Old Testament has given us another definition.

Witchcraft defined in their Workbook says, “there is no direct translation for this word and the exact of the word is unknown but lies not in form or method but in result or goal. Witchcraft directly opens one to the demonic realm. Its goal is to control circumstances, situations, or people through various avenues often without the participant’s understanding of what is happening in the spirit realm. There is a range of total ignorance of what one is doing to complete awareness of the powers of darkness involved. In essence, witchcraft can be practiced either with total unawareness or with complete knowledge. Its goal is control but inevitably, the controller becomes the controlled due to the involvement with the demonic realm.”5


The more you rebel, the more power you obtain, and the demons seek power. This is true because rebellion is witchcraft. The more people rebel the more they give legal access to demonic powers to influence, control and empower their lives. By rebelling against the order and laws of God and His delegated authority, they knowingly grant legal access to the controlling demonic realm. 5


The Literal Translation of Samuel 15:23 says, |3588| For |2403| the sin of |7081| divination |4805 is rebellion. |0205| Both iniquity |8655and idolatry |6484| {is} insolence |3282| Because |3985| you rejected |1697| the word of |3068| Yahweh, |3973| so He has rejected you |4428| from {being} king.4


Unlike the King James translation which says rebellion is as witchcraft; this translation says rebellion is witchcraft. Rebellion is not just related to witchcraft but in fact is an intentional act that moves the person directly into the demonic realm.


The church commits an act of rebellion every time it chooses to violate one of the commands of God. That is true for both us as individuals or the corporate body itself. We can thank God, for His continual mercy and grace providing both forgiveness of sin and time to get it right. We can turn to

1John 1:9 and read If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. (NIV)1


Sometimes you will see people, even Christians, cross that line with malicious intent toward another person. This kind of willful misconduct is very dangerous because that person has made a conscious decision to disobey God and unless there is a conscious decision to turn from the wicked way they have moved into they will be lost. Unfortunately, we humans have become well trained in the ways of pride and it is truly difficult to turn from that path. Doing so might make people think we made a mistake and our pride cannot endure that humiliation. That is the reason it is so important for us to pray for each other. The Lord has given us power to forgive sins but if no one acts on the word on behalf of those who has fallen away how will they be recovered? 

John 20:23 who’s so ever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and who’s so ever sins ye retain, they are retained. (KJV)1


We truly are our brother’s keeper or we just do not believe this verse of the Bible. The choice of how we act or what we will believe is ours. Most willful misconduct is set into motion by witchcraft. There is a demonic spiritual entity involved that is seeking after power. If the person falls prey to that spirit, they will begin to seek power themselves. That personal, ungodly, power will come through rebellion against God and His Word. Each act of rebellion does two things. First, the demonic realm will give an empowerment of some kind to the rebel. Second, the demonic realm gains greater access and control over any willing rebel, becoming firmly entrenched in the person’s daily life.


As, we, the children of God, increase in our understanding of whom we really are and the phenomenal protection provided us, witchcraft cannot help but loose its power over us.

Prov. 26:2 says, “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come”. (KJV)1


Every curse must have a mission or purpose behind it. The satanic realm knows that any curse pronounced over a Christian will not reach its target but it will come back upon the one who sent it unless they, the Christian, agree to receive it.

Luke 6:38  “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (NIV)1


This is a principle that always works just as every other thing spoken by God works. Sometimes it works for our good but at other times, it works against us. Anyone, who makes declaration against the children of God producing results, will consequently bring harm to the speaker of the curse because they were working outside the law of love when they spoke.


Through the years, I have heard many people say, God put evil on someone to punish them. There are cases in His word that can be used to demonstrate these claims but on investigation you will find a couple of important questions that must be answered in order to understand the individual situation.


First is a question of Gods order. When God speaks there is a law established. He cannot lie because whatever He says will happen just because He said it. Let us never forget that the word of God is creative. That is the very nature of God. God is life and it will do us well to remember that.  “God is life”.


There was a soldier in king David’s army who went with him to retrieve the Arc of the Covenant and deliver it to the city of David.  Not following Gods instructions on the Arc’s transportation, they used an ox cart to move it and as they came to the Nachon’s threshing floor, the cart shook as though it was going to spill its load. A soldier named Uzzah, reached out to steady the Arc, only to be struck dead on the spot. God had been very specific about who could touch the Arc and Uzzah was not among them. If I were to say to you this cable has 20,000 volts of electricity in it and only those with special gloves may touch it; you would not blame the maker of the cable when someone without gloves touched it and was killed. Nor would you blame the power company that supplied the electricity. Clearly, the fault would lie with the person who touched the cable without adequate protection. God said only the Levites were to carry the Arc and only they were to touch it. Uzzah’s death was unfortunate but it was David’s transportation plan that was out of order.


When Joshua led the children of God into the Promised Land they were under specific instruction from God to destroy the various Ites living there. The inhabitants of the land were worshipers of false gods. Most prevalent among them was baal. This baal god was not only a product of the satanic realm but pits himself directly against the authority of God, making claim of being the one who controls the economic prosperity of the people. The children of God would fall under the influence of these false gods if there were no action taken to protect them. The required action was to destroy them. That is exactly what happened. Joshua did not destroy them from the face of the earth as instructed and the children of God, over time, intermarried with them and followed after their false gods. Repeated destruction has come on the Jews because of this disobedience. This is the root cause of the Middle Eastern conflict today.


If we were discussing movies at the local theatre it is likely there are several with a story line depicting conflict, usually to the death. In this context or in the context of international dispute like World War II it is easy to understand and even agree with conflict. If we will just remember

Ps 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; (NIV)1


We understand this policy requiring the total destruction of the ites was not a minor issue in the protection of the children of God, but there are other important factors in this equation.  There is the matter of choice, remember

Deut 30:19 This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live (NIV)1.


The children of Ishmael, had chosen to follow other gods. Gods that led to death, but there was still another important factor involved. It is seen in the next verse.

 Deut 30:20 and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the LORD is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (NIV)1


The Lord is your life and the land, (The Promise Land), given to you by covenant promise.


God never violates His own word. It is His word He watches over and sees that it happens. 

Jer 1:12 “The LORD said to me, "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled." (NIV)1


James 1:13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man: (KJV)1


God does not put sickness or disease on anyone. On the contrary, He shields those who believe Him from such attacks. God is not going to give anyone cancer. He does not have it. Nevertheless, if we step out from under His protection through disobedience then there is no shield in place to stop this outlaw spirit from attacking. In the end, it comes down to what we choose to believe and how we choose to live. Witchcraft is a futile power because its foundation is deception and just a tiny truth will expose a big lie. Lies are the foundation supporting every curse and when the lie is exposed, the empowering of the curse unravels.


I went to school to learn how to practice witchcraft. The course of study was supervisory management but that name is a cover hiding an agenda of control, manipulation and maneuvering of the worker on behalf of the company.  Labor unions engage in the same practices. They usually choose a course of intimidation over maneuvering but the purpose is control and manipulation to control the companies on behalf of the workers. Both of these are seeking illegitimate authority. Remember, the earth is the Lords including everything and everybody in it. The Only legitimate authority is His authority. The kingdom of God does not seek profit through exchange but seeks universal increase, prosperity and blessings through creativity.






The Introduction of this book told you, the reader, this is my story. It would start with my testimony about my personal affliction and Gods merciful deliverance. The testimony of affliction and recovery was a prelude to, an extended period of intense revelation and character development. Some of the things you have read reveal a disorder in my life and sometimes a disorder in the church, always with  accompanied by insight on proper and Godly order. None of the knowledge regarding disorder is of value except as background for restoring Godly order. Allowing yourself to focus your attention on the things that are not right can only lead to trouble.  Because the church, and its leaders, is confronting the issues of right and wrong, they are being continually tempted by wrong thoughts or voices.  These thoughts or voices come out of the realm of darkness with the specific purpose of discrediting God, (Light), and His emissaries.  If those leaders are not armored and shielded or developed and sustained by faith in God, relying on His Spiritual leadership and direction, they may well fail to be able to withstand the temptations.  The church is one, single, body, having one head, Christ Jesus and anyone attempting to operate outside of that unified body is doomed to fail, (regardless of how well it appears they are doing, it will not continue indefinitely). I implore you, do not forget, we overcome the accuser of the brethren by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony and not loving our lives so much that we shrink from death.


Parts of this book reveal some extremely strange times in my life. If I did not live through them myself, I doubt I would believe the story but it has all taken place, and it happened to me. There is a young woman in our church that calls the bazaar spiritual encounters ooga-booga. She leaves when any ooga-booga begins. A few years ago, I may have done likewise. Now, so much has happened to me, ooga-booga has lost the power to be impressive. Before having the aneurysm, I thought witches and witchcraft were mostly storybook creations without substance. I also thought the most powerful part of us humans was our ability to reason. I was told I was a spirit but had no idea what that really meant but I am beginning to now. The word spirit conjured up visions of mystical vaporous being floating through the air. The imagery was one produced by television and movies. It was a twisted perspective with enough truth to sound right, when I read the Bible, but twisted enough to prevent me from seeing myself as I really am. I knew God, in the Ten Commandments, forbade Idols never suspecting God made Idols of Himself when He made man.  His Idols are not graven images but working, functioning images of Himself that are designed to be integrally connected to Him and function as conduits for the forces of life coming out of Him. 


This is my testimony but it is much more than that.  I have never been obsessed with anything as I have been with writing this book. The obsession has been beyond the limits of reason. I have written books and booklets before but always to help groups or people I personally know and were they published by copy machine or on disk; I never saw a need to submit to a commercial publisher, until now. This message is not mine, although the events took place in my life. It is a message to the body of Christ as whole and to the world in general.  God, (the Creator) is reclaiming His creation. He is warning us, the end times are not coming some day they are here. There is a warning foretelling these days in the book of Acts.


Acts 2:17-21, "'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. I will show wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.' (NIV)1


During the last few years, Halley’s comet came nearer earth than ever before in recorded history. In August 2003, the planet Mars did the same. These were wonders in the heavens above. The world never noticed. During the last three decades, the faith of the body of Christ has been revived through word of faith preaching and an ongoing revival. This revival appears to have begun in Argentina but is being spread worldwide by the efforts of men like Randy Clark, Pablo Derios and Carlos Merada. The church, often moved by visible miracles has failed to notice the signs in the earth below.  There are many such signs. In the church I attend, there are several people that have experienced miraculous healing and been delivered from death.


I know several people that give prophesy some being specifically appointed Prophets, of God, others only temporarily empowered for that purpose. I know several people who see visions and have myself experienced the phenomena. I know several people who have supernatural dreams and have myself experienced this phenomena many times. With all this going on the attitude of the church has been ho-hum, that’s nice.  When the church ignores the signs of the times, what hope has the world of being prepared for what is ahead?


When we were moving to Oklahoma in 1986, I was praying as I drove and the Lord told me to look at the Creation for illustrations of His kingdom. One of those illustrations is in the sea turtle, fish, frogs, etc. who lay hundreds or thousands of eggs, have hundreds of them hatch only to see a few dozen survive to adulthood. None of the warm-blooded species reproduces in this manner but there is a visual image here illustrating living and dead spirits. We are born into this world as carnal creatures having a body made of dust. Accompanying the earthen vessel is a carnal soul (mind, emotions and a reasoner or decision maker) but the spirit is dead and the soul destined to an eternity of torment, living eternally in outermost darkness. We can thank Adam (our ancestor) for that. The living soul, (soul attached to a living spirit), does not exist. That is the event of salvation. When we accept Christ’s gift of life and are connected to God, our spirit is made alive and we become living souls from then on. Every human born into the earth has the potential of being a living soul.  That is the reason the knowledge of our individual importance to God, regardless of our spiritual condition, was so strong during my absence from the body. Every person on the planet is a potential child of God. It makes no difference whether they are living amongst the elite of the world or are in a drunken stupor in a dive on the bowery. Until they accept the gift of life, they have a dead spirit.


Once the gift is accepted, they become living souls continuing into eternity with the Lord. The people who are living souls are the body of Christ. Their bodies are living temples of the Holy Spirit. We do not go to church. We are the church. We may go to church meetings in church buildings but we carry the church around in our bodies wherever we go, whenever we go there. That is the reason this book deals so strongly with getting into right (Godly) order.


Because, there is so much witchcraft in the world and the definition has been so distorted, it was necessary to dedicate a chapter to the subject but it is more important to see and understand the way the kingdom operates and whom we Christians really are and recognizing the authority that has been given to us. Getting an accurate perspective of these things and the powerful way covenant relationship, influences our life both here in the physical world and in our eternal life it will change the way we think and act. The power a Christian, who knows who he or she is, has in prayer is phenomenal and I would like to close with this prayer. It is Jesus’ example of how we should pray. 

Matt 6:9-13, "'Our Father in heaven, hallowed, (set apart for holy use),be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.' (NIV)1 Amen. (so be it).



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