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Reviews - The Boston Globe

What Alice Found
By Janice Page

"......There are additional highlights with roots closer to home, of course. Chief among them: writer-director A. Dean Bell's "What Alice Found," which won a special jury prize at last winter's Sundance Film Festival. This modest drama boasts some of the best performances in the entire BFF program, as well as a fascinating story that doesn't fully reveal its true intentions until the very end.

"What Alice Found" begins with New Hampshire teenager Alice (newcomer Emily Grace) setting out for Florida, where she hopes to jump-start her college dreams. When her car breaks down, she accepts a ride from a handy RV-driving couple (Judith Ivey and Bill Raymond) with unclear motives. Do they just want to help Alice out of her transportation jam, or are they up to something far more sinister? Bell keeps viewers off balance the whole way, helped by a performance from Ivey that rivals Sissy Spacek's multilayered "In the Bedroom" turn.