Tournament Results



National Tournament of Champions, May 13-15, San Antonio, TX

What am I doin' hangin' round? I should be on that train and gone. I should be riding on that train to San Antone. What am I doin' hangin' round?

Mike Nesmith and the Monkees probably didn't do a lot of forensics in their high school careers. Or maybe they did, who knows? San Antonio is quite lovely, and Demond Wilson, his committee that runs the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions, along with all the folks at St. Mary's Hall, all threw a great national tournament this year. Despite its size, it always felt personal, personable, and professional. We were a split squad this weekend, as Daniel Stewart headed East to the Windy City of Chicago to compete in the Extemporaneous Tournament of Champions as well. When our planes touched down at Sea-Tac Monday night, we were exhausted, but elated; bringing back with us Seattle Academy Speech's first ever national title (Rachel Liddell in Expository). How did we get here? And where do we go next? Tune in next season for a whole new ballgame. Thanks to all those who followed and supported us through an extraordinary year.

Rachel Liddell 2011 National ToC Champion; Expository
Ben Symons 3rd Place - Storytelling

Quarterfinals (top 25) - Humorous Interpretation


Washington State Tournament, March 12 (Speech) 18-19 (Debate), 2011

Some years we've won the WA State title fairly handily. This year, with the new changes to the WIAA state bid allocations, the tournament basically doubled in size, and we found ourselves in a full-on, Swayze/Roadhouse, broken-bottle-over-the-head, bar fight. It was INCREDIBLY hard to break finals at this tournament this in 2011, and those who did should feel very proud. The lovely setting down in Tacoma at the University of Puget Sound provided comfortable surroundings and great food, even if the weather didn't always cooperate. At the end of a long day, WSFA president Lois Gorne called out the names one by one and we held our collective breath when it came time to hand out the Big Piece of Chicken. Results:

Murray McCulloch/Kristina Sokourenko Quarterfinals (top 8) PF Debate
Jenna Levin 3rd Place - Prose/Poetry Interpretation

4th Place - Dramatic Interpretation

Dot White 5th Place - Expository
Reid Furubayashi 3rd Place - Dramatic Interpretation (national qualifier)
Peter Alexieff/Sam Warren 3rd Place - Duo Interpretation (national qualifier)
Ben Symons/Rachel Liddell 2nd Place - Duo Interpretation (national qualifier)
Ben Symons 5th Place - Humorous Interpretation (national qualifier)
Daniel Stewart WA State Champion - Extemporaneous (national qualifier)

WA State Champion - Impromptu (national qualifier)

Overall Team 2011 3A Washington State Champions


Eastside Catholic, February 11-12, 2011

Always good to drive up on the plateau. The lads at Eastside Catholic threw an intimate, well-run affair that brought another regular season to a close. We brought a few debate teams, some of our junior members, and a smattering of varsity wanting to get new pieces tuned up for State. There were some pleasant surprises that will make for an eventful next couple weeks as the District 2 playoffs commence. On to the post-season! Results included:

Matt Fulle/Elliot Frank 3rd Place-Public Forum Debate (State Qualifier)
Daniel Stewart 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

1st Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Decker O'Donnell/Wiley Jones 3rd Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Rachel Liddell 4th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)


Mt. Vernon, January 21-22, 2011

O Canada; we stand on guard for thee. Ok, not quite that far north, but yeesh! At least you can sleep on the bus. We took a mix of new kids from the class, a few seasoned veterans, and some lights of the future starting to come into their own. It was a long day, though we did enjoy the separation out into pattern A and B events again (good practice for State). When head coach Charlie Potter and his team (a nicer bunch of kids you will not find!) finally put up the Finals sheets, there were some lovely little surprises. The cupboard looks good for future years. Results included:

Jeremy Alben/Chrisina Leonidas 3rd Place-Public Forum Debate
Daniel Stewart 4th Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

3rd Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Decker O'Donnell/Wiley Jones 3rd Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 4th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)


Federal Way, January 14-15, 2011

50 schools take up a lot of room. Federal Way's TOC tournament bid brings them in from near and far, making for a gigantic meet that nevertheless ran seamlessly on time. Our gang was undaunted however, and we came away with some serious wins. This tournament also saw Seattle Academy's return to the arena of Lincoln-Douglas debate for the first time in years, with Rachel Habib taking 1st in Jr. LD at her premier meet! The State tournament looms just a few weeks away, and we were able to place 1st in 5 of the 8 events. Other results included:

Rachel Habib 1st Place-Jr. LD Debate
Daniel Stewart 2nd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

1st Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Ben Symons/Rachel Liddell 1st Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Ben Symons 1st Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Henry Chafee 2nd Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Reid Furubayashi 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)
Gracie Truex 1st Place-Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)
Dot White 4th Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifer)


Auburn Riverside, December 10-11, 2010

My oh my, but the Auburn Riverside tournament has gotten large. We mark the halfway point in the season with this southern behemoth, and this year we braved the floods, furious winds, and everything else the Winter Warlock could throw at us to get there and back again. The Ravens hosted almost 50 schools, 4A, 3A, public, private, parochial, and everything in-between, adding up to over 700 kids roaming those halls. SAAS took a high-powered team, and they ended up looking pretty dominant at the end of the night on Saturday. It was lucky we brought back as many trophies as we did; the bus needed all the extra weight we could get on the ride back up I-5! A giant kudos to Diana, the judge/bus driver! We wouldn't want to be in anyone else's hands. Happy Holidays to one and all, and we'll see you in the New Year. 

Rachel Habib/Nick Britton

Sally Slade/Elif Koc

Closed out finals in Novice Public Forum Debate
Daniel Stewart 2nd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)
Peter Alexieff/Sam Warren 4th Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Ben Symons/Rachel Liddell 3rd Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Ben Symons 1st Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Sam Warren 2nd Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Kendall Reingold Finals-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Rachel Liddell 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Gracie Truex Finals-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)
Dot White 2nd Place-Expository (State Qualifier)

4th Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifer)

Jenna Levin 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)

1st Place-Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)


Renton, December 4, 2010

You have to love the Renton tournament. Jessica Buchan and her faithful throw such a marvelously civilized meet; it starts at a decent hour, and you're home in time for a late dinner. We have traditionally used this one to welcome some of our newer members to competition, and they had a fun introduction. Coach Zoe Burstyn took a squad of 17 to the lovely Renton campus, and they returned with some Hanukkah gelt! Highlights included:

Daniel Stewart 1st Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

2nd Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Henry Chaffee 1st Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Nick Fielden 4th Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)


Tahoma, November 19-20, 2010

Wow, 45 schools makes for a sea of humanity! Impromptu alone had over 100 competitors at the the Tahoma tournament down in Covington, WA. On the positive side, that meant that every event had the numbers in Open Division to make it a state qualifier! So it only made sense to go out and get ourselves some state slots, which our gang proceeded to do in seven of the eight events. Tahoma has a new coach, and experimented with a different tournament schedule than we are used to, which had both competitors and judges on the run for most of Saturday, but it did get us home a bit earlier, and may be the trend of the future. Our extemp'ers have all our files on laptops, and when Daniel began speaking in the second round, the judge, instead of giving time signals, put his iPad on a stand, swung it around with a gigantic seven minute clock on it, and touched it when Daniel started speaking to begin the countdown. The future is on the way. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Daniel Stewart 2nd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

2nd Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Decker O'Donnell/Wiley Jones 1st Place-Novice Duo Interp
Ben Symons/Rachel Liddell 1st Place-Duo Interp (State Qualifier)
Ben Symons 1st Place-Humorous Interp (State Qualifier)
Gracie Truex 2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)
Dot White 4th Place-Expository (State Qualifier)
Jenna Levin 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)

2nd Place-Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)


Snohomish, November 12-13, 2010

Held for the last few years at Glacier Peak's campus a few miles away, the Snohomish tournament moved to the newly-renovated Snohomish High School for an awesome housewarming party. 25 schools from as far away as Wenatchee and Tumwater brought a host of competitors, as coach Nicolay and his parent committee threw an outstanding meet in their lovely new buildings. As it was the first meet of the season, we had many new faces, and some familiar ones who had to move up to Open division this year. All acquitted themselves beautifully, and everyone's pumped to have the season off and running.

Daniel Stewart 1st Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)
Murray McCulloch/Kristina Sokourenko 2nd Place-Open Public Forum Debate (State Qualifier)
Jeremy Alben/Christina Leonidas 1st Place-Novice Public Forum Debate
Reid Furubayashi 1st Place-Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)
Gabriela Sotero de Menezes 2nd Place-Expository
Peter Alexieff/Sam Warren 2nd Place-Duo Interp
Matt Fulle 4th Place-Novice Editorial Commentary
Kendall Reingold 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

2nd Place-Humorous Interp