When you buy local you support your community in abundance. The ways are not only fruitful for you but the community as a whole. You save by spending here. Not only do you save money but the dynamics involved in your decision to shop locally are profound. You know the owners and they know you. You are not just a number, we know your name. Our crew knows what you buy and how often and they truly care about your happiness. Your kids probably go to school with ours and you might be our neighbor. We could worship in the same churches. We may well be related or our families have known each other for generations. We create jobs for this community which makes this town healthy. We put money back into the community and we do not advertise it every time. We pay local taxes that are dispersed directly into our towns. You are the same as us and we are all a part of this wonderful community and we all want to make it better. The one thing that keeps communities great is doing your part to support local businesses.

We understand and appreciate that when you are accustomed to using a particular brand you do not want to compromise and use something different. We will do our very best to get you the products that you want and need at the best price.

There are so many reasons people should choose to buy local and we hope you understand that the strength of this community lies in those decisions. You are one and it takes just one of many to make a difference and make a strong community.

Thank You

And we hope DAmico Wholesale becomes YOUR EVERYDAY SAVINGS WAREHOUSE