Does This Sound Familiar?
At bedtime you reach for your gratitude journal.
You plan to list five things that you are grateful for.
As you reflect on your day, you gasp!
You can’t think of one thing that you are grateful for,
none-the-less 5!

Now Imagine This
You wake up in the morning having something to look forward to.
You have enough energy to power through the afternoon.
You end your day tired, but not drained and exhausted.
When it's time for bed, you have at least 5 things to be grateful for. 

How many of us can relate to the first scenario?
If you do, you're not alone.
You are probably shaking your head wondering if having
a  perfect day is even possible.  How you wish it were!

Here's The Exciting Part
If you know how to create Perfect Moments, having a Perfect Day,
or at least a pretty good day, is possible.

Perfect Moments Are
 The moments that you look forward to when you wake up.
The items on your "To-Do" list that you don't mind doing.
The moments that get you through the afternoon slump.
The moments that help you wind down at the end the day
as your body and mind prepare for sleep. 


Yes, This Workshop Is For "You" 
If you're a woman over 30 and are spending more time taking care
of others than taking care of yourself.
If you "need" to have something to look forward to each day.
If you move from task to task and feel more like a
human “doing” than a human “being."
If you wake up dreading the day ahead.


Why This Workshop Will Work
In this workshop I’ll guide you to identify what you can bring into your life that is to you, a perfect moment.  Sometimes you may know what defines your perfect moment but as "they" say, "out of sight out of mind."  During our group workshop, as others share,
you may experience an AHA moment and think
“That might just work for me!”
Group energy in the right setting, with the right people, can be so powerful!


What Makes My Workshop Different
If you're expecting me to tell you what you should, or shouldn't
be doing or eating, then you're in for a surprise.
You have my promise that I will not ask you to
give up one single thing.
What I will do is ask you to focus on the positive and think about developing
a new habit that makes you feel good!
Together we will bring good things into your day and we will make it
SIMPLE ~ because I only do SIMPLE.
My goal is to set you up to succeed because no one ever feels
good when they fail.  In this workshop you will succeed!
Because together we will

"Keep It SIMPLE"


Why We Meet Four Times
Have you attended workshops and seminars and left feeling like you can tackle anything!  You leave feeling like Super Woman!
Then as soon as you put your car into drive ... the phone rings ... the real world takes over ...  and that workshop is only a distant memory.
You never follow-up with what you learned and the workbook you were so excited to receive gets put on the shelf (with the other books you never got to) and collects dust ~ and lots of it.
Big confession ... this has been "me" so many times!
So, as I envisioned this workshop, I decided to offer four sessions.
This is why. 
Having four sessions gives you a full week between sessions to reflect upon our discussion.  You'll have time to experiment with some of the ideas presented and will discover what works for you.  When you return for the next session you'll to be able to share how your perfect moment worked for you.   If you got stuck, encountered obstacles, you'll have support here to figure it out.
A Private Facebook Group will be open for the duration of the series to provide ongoing support between sessions to keep you motivated and excited.
I'll be available to answer questions and offer support.
My goal is that you leave each session feeling like you can accomplish it all.    
I want you not only feeling like you can do it, but that you are doing it!

A Little Bit About Me

As a Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, I support women caregivers, particularly those who care for children with Special Needs.  I chose to work with these women because I am a Special Needs Mom and have been a Caregiver to both my parents ~ so "I get it."  When asked what I do, I like to say that I help them “Keep Their Heads Above Water.”  It's funny how everyone seems to understand exactly what I mean.  Let’s face it, as women there is always someone in our life who depends on us for care.  It may be as extreme as a medically fragile child or one with special needs.  It may be an elderly parent,  or a friend or a family member that needs your caregiving.  Your profession or work environment (think school, organizations, employer) may make demands on your mind and body.  Whatever the circumstance,  the end result is  that you barely have time to breathe.  Your patience is spread thin ... if you have any left at all.  You feel isolated and you never have time for yourself.  Every day is a struggle to ...

"Keep Your Head Above Water"

Group Energy 
Here's your chance to be an active participant and part of a group that supports, encourages, and inspires each other!
If you prefer to sit, listen and absorb … that’s okay too.
No judgment, no pressure, no worries.
I will meet you where you are and wherever you are is totally fine.


What You Can Expect From Each Session
Each session is structured to focus on the different parts of our day.  

Session 1
Morning ~ how you start your day is how your day will unfold.
We'll talk about how you can have a great start regardless of
crazy busy hectic mornings.

Session 2
Afternoon ~ Oh NO!  Three o’clock hits and you’re ready to take a nap (AKA falling flat on your face), raid the cupboards or vending machine,
and we won’t even talk about your disposition.
We all know what we can be like ~ and it’s not pretty.
Yes, this time of day is quite the challenge ~ but we'll fix that too.

Session 3
Evening ~ You’re exhausted but you can’t sleep.
You still have "so much" to do, but sleep is so important!
We'll discuss how to wind down and prepare your body for sleep.  

Session 4
Bringing it all together ~ You will create something special to take home
which will serve as a reminder of your Perfect Moments. 
Because I "Go with the flow" there may even be a surprise or two.


Dates & Time
 Wednesday 9/13, 9/27, 10/11 & 10/25
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Please plan to arrive by 9:15

Audage Oasis for Health
389 Old Colony Road, Norton MA 02760

This is a beautiful and private location which provides a soothing and relaxing
atmosphere.  It's one of the area's best kept secrets.
From the moment you walk through the door you will feel
welcome and the tranquil courtyard will take your breath away.

What To Bring
All you need to bring is you!
Dress comfortably and be prepared to feel like you’ve escaped. 

What's Included
A refreshing beverage and snack will be served at each session.
A "special" notebook, designed by me especially for you, will be yours to record your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations.
You'll need a folder for the handouts I'll be providing
and I have one of those for you too!

My Gift To You
A 45 minute Private Wellness Follow-Up Session
is my gift to you.
(a $90 Value)
We can meet either in person, via Skype, or via FaceTime.
Sessions will be available for scheduling between 10/25/17 and 11/30/17.



Please register by September 1st to reserve your spot.
Space is limited to 8 special women ~ so act soon.


Contact Information
I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!
Together we will help you find the Perfect Moments in your day
and you will surely make a friend or two.


If you have questions or would like additional information
please don't hesitate contact me at

774-254-0356 or

To learn more about me, please visit my website
Go with the flow ~ Wellness
Follow me on Facebook to be a part of my very special community


Can't Make It This Time?
Life is busy.  If you can't make it to this workshop but would like to stay updated about upcoming events,  please click here
to be added to my mailing list.
I only send out Event Emails so no worries about email overload ~  I get it.
No more than one Email per month is the way I flow ....

And remember that when life gets crazy, as it inevitably will ...
Keep in mind that life happens, don't get stuck, and
Go with the flow ~ for Wellness


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