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Jennifer W. Stein, Director

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Main Line MUFON is a local division of the National Mutual UFO Network.

MUFON is an international non profit organization dedicated to the scientific research of the UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomena.

We are local regional group that is part of MUFON PA, and we have a “Meet Up” URL as well. see: Wayne Area UFO Group. We have a MainLineMUFON Facebook Page with interesting links.

Learn More: see this Article and Video Link from Suburban Main Line Times

Our Mission

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One of the oldest and largest UFO organizations in the United States,  MUFON's mission is the scientific investigation and study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.

The Organization was established as the Midwest UFO Network in Quincy Illinois, on May 30, 1969, by Walter H. Andrus, Allen Utke, John Schuessler, and other scientific-minded researchers. 

The organization's name was soon changed to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as interest grew and people began to join from all over the planet. The organization now has more than 3,000 members worldwide, with a majority of its membership base situated in the continental United States.

MUFON operates a worldwide network of regional directors with 800 Certified field investigators that investigate UFO reports that are made to MUFON International. MUFON holds annual international conferences and publishes the monthly MUFON UFO Journal.

The Mutual UFO Network provides opportunities for those seriously interested in the topic to train for volunteer positions with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)  as Certified Field Investigators.  If you interested in training, please contact Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre or Bill Weber thru MUFON PA Chief Investigator for Pennsylvania.

w To bring together residents of southeastern PA interested in the

    exploration of the unexplained UFO phenomenon with monthly

    programs at the Tredyffrin Public Library in Radnor.  Films and

    lecture presentations with nationally recognized presenters are

    featured, followed by Q & A with intelligent stimulating

    discussions creating community with other open minded

    individuals willing to explore phenomenon in a non fear-based


w To encourage the development of field investigators for MUFON.

w To invite membership in the Mutual UFO Network,, our national organization dedicated to the

    exploration of UFO phenomena and the expansion of our frontier

    of knowledge to benefit mankind.

w To host annual conferences and to support to endeavors of the

    Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network. Annual Pennsylvania MUFON

    conferences are hosted in both Pittsburgh and the Philadelphia

    area. Programs and conferences are open to the general public 

    and do not require membership to attend. Most programs are

    free that are hosted through the public library system in the

    Philadelphia area. These programs are coordinated by State

    section director Jennifer Stein. Regular monthly meetings are

    held at the Tredyffrin Public Library in Stratford.

    Click here to sign up for monthly meeting email announcement.

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Jennifer W. Stein

State Section Director

Phila. western suburbs

Main Line MUFON Coordinator

Contact Jennifer

Main LIne MUFON on Facebook

John Ventre

PA State Director PA MUFON

S. W. PA  Pittsburgh area

Chief Investigator

Bill Weber , Overseeing PA MUFON Field Investigators in Pennsylvania.

Contact Bill

Fred Saluga

State regional Director

Western PA, & West Virginia

Donna Luther

MUFON State Section Director,

Section One

Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia, Bucks, Lehigh, Carbon & Northhampton

Julia Weiss: State Section Director,  Section Two: Chester, Lancaster, York, Adams, Perry and Dauphin

Dan Medleycott

State Section Director, Section Three

Berks Lebanon, Schuylkill, Norhtumberland,

Mark Zmigrodski State Section Director, Section Four.

Monroe, Pike, Luzerne, Wyoming

John Weaver

State Section Director, Cumberland County

Bob Behanna

State Section Director, Section Five, Blair, Cambria, Somerset

George Medich

State section Director, Section Six, Fayette, Green, Washington, Allegheny,

Sam Colosimo

State Section Director, Section Seven

Westmoreland, Indiana, Clarion

Terri Seech

State Section Director, Section Eight,

Beaver, Lawrence, Butler, Center

Juan Carlos Tercero

State Section Director,

Section Nine, Erie, Crawford, Warren, Forest, McKean, Elk, Potter,