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The Radiac® from Baar Products is manufactured and designed by Dr. Baar. It is designed to enhance your meditation experience, reduce stress, and help with spiritual and self unfoldment. Reduce stress by balancing your mental, physical and spiritual activities. The Radiac Starter Kit #100 along with the Radiac Book #502 and the Radiac Container #102 is the most popular starting point.

"I believe it has improved my memory, helped me to remain 'balanced,' helped me not to gain as much weight as I otherwise would have, helped me to retain a youthful appearance, helped me to have more strength and energy, helped me reduce stress in my life, and helped me to get the rest and sleep I need." - D.D., VA

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image of Radiac Starter Kit
Item #100
Price: $265.00
image of Radiac XC with Extra Charcoal
Item #100RXC
Price: $295.00
image of Radiac Book
Item #502
Price: $12.95
image of Container For Your Radiac
Item #102
Price: $8.95