Jenks Trojans Freshman
Maroon & White Teams

Head Coach
Todd Williams
Assisstant Coaches
Steve Finks, Chris Tedford, Mike Ballard,
Brian Tinker, Kejuan Jones

Freshman Game Schedules and Results
Freshman Grade Representatives
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2006 Freshman Roster
1 C.J. Sidorakis 9 6-3 150 QB,WR Photo
3 Devin Pugh 9 5-9 145 QB,DB Photo
5 Hayden Ehrlich 9 5-6 120 CB,WR- Photo
6 Brad Haus 9 5-9 155 RB,CB,K Photo
7 Stephen Brown 9 5-9 150 QB,DB Photo
10 Charles Luck 9 5-8 140 K Photo
12 Tyler Francis 9 6-1 160 TE/LB Photo
16 Eric Wellons 9 5-8 135 WR,SS Photo
17 Tujaun Ferguson 9 5-1 120 WR Photo
20 Lee Graves 9 5-10 160 LB,FB Photo
22 Cory Jones 9 6-0 175 RB- Photo
23 Brian Nhira 9 5-5 135 FS Photo
28 Jamison Lundstom 9 5-7 145 WR Photo
29 Michael Estacio 9 5-5 130 DB Photo
31 Colby Jones 9 6-0 175 FB,LB Photo
33 Austin Enloe 9 5-9 170 QB,HB,SS Photo
34 Lucas Gates 9 5-7 140 CB,WR- Photo
38 Michael DeMarco 9 5-11 140 LB Photo
40 Colton Dost 9 5-9 165 RB Photo
41 Ben Groesbeck 9 5-9 135 LB Photo
43 David Lore 9 5-11 195 LB,TE,FB Photo
44 Kyle Ivory 9 5-10 155 DL,LB Photo
48 Matt Ojeda 9 5-8 145 CB,WR Photo
51 Ben Moore 9 6-3 205 OL,LB Photo
55 Chris King 9 6-3 200 OL,DL Photo
56 Austin Musgrove 9 6-1 225 OL,DL Photo
57 Michael Medford 9 5-11 185 C Photo
66 Matt Ray 9 5-11 240 DL Photo
67 Brandon Orr 9 6-3 195 OL,DL Photo
70 Eric “Bob” Graham 9 6-5 255 OL,DL Photo
72 DeAndre Thompson 9 5-6 250 DL,OL Photo
74 Junior Trevino 9 6-1 255 OL,DL Photo
81 Josh Ghazio 9 5-6 135 WR,FS No Photo
82 Tyler Ott 9 6-2 185 TE,DE Photo
84 Daniel Optich 9 6-2 150 SS,WR Photo
86 Alec Montgomery 9 5-7 135 WR Photo
87 Matt Allen 9 5-10 130 WR,CB Photo
88 Jacob Westfall 9 6-1 155 DE Photo
89 A.J. Covington 9 6-0 170 TE,DE Photo
92 Eric Hansen 9 6-3 185 OL,DL Photo
94 Hunter Johnson 9 5-11 165 C, DE Photo
96 Ammar Al-Nasseri 9 5-4 145 DE Photo
99 Justin Wooten 9 6-1 185 OL,DL Photo

Trojans The next generation
By: Fred W. Wienecke, Sports Writer, Jenks Journal 11/02/2006
The future of Trojan football looks bright, especially in the near future. Coach Todd Williams had trouble singling out a player he thought was the best. The depth of quality players on the ninth grade team is so good coach Williams simply listed a series of players and their qualities.
"Quarterback, Stephen Brown is an intelligent player. He's not big but what lacks in size he more than makes up for in intelligence," said Williams. That statement was repeated by four observers during the evening.
"He is always in the right place," said coach Williams. That applies to both offense and defense. As the starting safety, Brown was involved in play after play including a hard hitting solo tackle in Tuesday night's game against the Sandites. The impact was heard at the top of the stadium. The Trojans won 41 to 13.
"Brown has quarterbacking in his blood. His dad, Scott quarterbacked for the Tulsa Hurricane in the late 70's and early 80's.
"Number 20, Lee Graves is so intense, if you took those two out of our game we would lose the heart of the team," said Williams. That intensity was obvious during Tuesday night's game. Graves' play during the evening was leadership style.
Brad Haus, number 6, is a running back that does double duty as the place kicker. Only in the ninth grade he gets tremendous distance out of his kicks. The kicking game is secure for several years to come.
Due to an arm cast his participation in the running game was limited but the reports are that his running ability is as good as it gets.
Two more running backs, Cory Jones, number 22 and number 33 Austin Enlow both scored during the Sand Springs game. Both players have remarkable speed and agility.
Two linemen on this team are big enough right now to step into any game. Eric Graham, number 70 and Junior Trevino, number 74 are both over six feet and near 250 pounds.
Add Jake Alexander, number 77 who was injured during the varsity game against Owasso and the future offensive line looks big enough to move mountains.
Alexander also has football in his blood. His dad, David played in the NFL and is the offensive line coach for the Trojan varsity team.
Another stand out is David Lore, number 43. David is new to the Jenks program this year. He moved from Medford where eight man football is the norm. Adjusting to eleven man teams is an issue but he is already playing on both sides of the line.
His position list includes linebacker, tight end and full back. Number 43 is a student of the game, big and eager to play. "Give me a kid that wants to play and I will take him every time," said coach Williams.
Lore is another player with a football bloodline. David's dad, Brian was a teammate of coach Trimble's at NSU during the championship days.
Aside from athletic ability, there are qualities observable on the sideline that indicate these young men will continue the traditions Jenks fosters and demands. Gentlemanly behavior and speech, sportsmanship and affability are typical.
Even their dedication to academics was apparent during the game. A serious discussion about homework took place during one break.
The future of Trojan football is secure.

First Scrimmage
Trojans share Hunter-Dwelley stadium with the Varsity

Freshman Scrimmage at
East Central High School
Bixby, Booker T. Washington, East Central, Memorial, Jenks
A one hour flurry of activity

First Practice

Labor Day Road Trip Day 1 - Muskogee
Freshman Trojans defeat Roughers
21 - 0

2005 Freshman Season Webpage 

Coach Tedford prepares the Trojan offense prior to scoring one of five second half touchdowns
Labor Day Week Road Trip Day 2 - Bartlesville
Freshman Trojans defeat Bruins
Trojans Score 5, unanswered, second half touchdowns to
frustrate the Bruins

The Trojans came to life in the second half to score 35 unanswered points.

Trojan Captains for the Bartlesville game, Corey Jones and Steven Brown

Trojans Steamroll Wildcats
End of Brutal two week road trip
Thanks Freshman Cheer

Trojans defeated by Tigers