Computer Hard Drive and Digital Media Data Extraction and Analytics


MDFAA uses the latest in data extraction technology.  We use Access Data’s Forensic Toolkit software to conduct our extractions.  This program is regarded in the law enforcement and government agency community as a leader in data extraction in computer related evidence extraction.


With this software, we are able to distinguish several proofs that will assist you with your investigation.  Our experts can locate a number of digital artifacts to support your requests.  We can show the individual users that have accessed a particular drive as well as items that have been accessed in a particular drive, such as a thumb drive or SD card.  We can confirm when users logged into a particular machine.  After we have compiled the information, we will customize reports to suit your particular needs.


Our experts are able to locate information that has been deleted from hard drives and other digital media storage devices in addition to other digital artifacts, such as .


MDFAA follows the Evidentiary Collection Best Practices Protocol.  We are extremely well trained in the collection of digital evidence as well as the preservation of the evidence we will collect for our clients.  We utilize write blockers on all of our extractions to maintain the integrity of the extracted data.


Our professionals have logged over 3,000 hours each in data extraction and analytics over the last four years.  We created the Digital Forensics Laboratory currently in use by the Garden City Police Department.  This lab is recognized as one of only four such laboratories within the State of Kansas.