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The Two Creations

(Posted on November 4, 2014 by David McMillin)

[NOTE: While serving as mentor for an online version of “A Search For God” study group and working on the Spirit lesson, a group member requested help in understanding the two creation stories of Genesis and how they relate to Cayce’s creation story that discusses a first and second creation – first in spirit and then in materiality (as described in the lessons on the Destiny of the Soul and Spirit). Specifically, the question of timing was raised with regard to Amilius, Adam and Eve, the creation of light and singing of the morning stars. Here is my reply. – David McMillin]

… thanks for sharing your understanding of the role of Jesus in restoring the restoration of unity (Oneness) with God. And yes, it is by application (“little by little” as it was in your own experience) that we remember “from whence we came, how, why, and where we go – and why” (ASFG book text quoting reading 262-114).

The FIRST CREATION (as described in Cayce's creation story) is strictly in Spirit. It involves the creation of souls (as spiritual beings with individuality made possible by will) in the image of God. But some souls were selfishly willful and rebelled (in Spirit) requiring a second creation.

The SECOND CREATION involves the creation of the physical/material universe (or multiverse, if you prefer). This is associated with time and space (as we know it) and the awareness of separation from the Source.

With regard to the ASFG book text for this lesson, the two creations are discussed explicitly in three sections: “In The Beginning,” “Humanity's Projection,” and “God's Projection.” The FIRST CREATION is described in the first four sentences of the “In The Beginning” section. The SECOND CREATION begins with the fifth sentence of that section: “Life in material bodies …” and continues on through the next two sections. Thus Amilius (in Atlantis), Adam and Eve in the garden, the creation of light and singing of the morning stars are part of the SECOND CREATION.

Of course, conceptualizing creation as “FIRST” and “SECOND” with a “beginning” and “end” indicates a temporal (sequential linear time) mental framework that is in itself an effect of physical consciousness (rather than “one time” and “one space”). Perhaps this creation story is simply that – a “story” (like a parable) to help us grasp our situation as souls making our way through eternity, finding our way (in consciousness) back to unity with our Source. We can interpret the story at different levels, depending upon our consciousness.

This is reflected in the fifth section of the ASFG book text ('Time, Space and Patience') with its references to the “universality of time” in which “all time is one” when we practice Patience.

(Q) Are time and space concepts that exist outside of physical consciousness?
(A) No. For the physical consciousness is an activity that uses such, as the divisions of space and time. And in patience only may ye become aware of the concept of either.  (262-123)

From the perspective of Spirit (eternity), creation is ongoing – the rebellion in Spirit persists (which we can observe around and within us); the restoration of unity (Oneness) with God already exists (except in our own consciousness of separation). We can become aware of this by patiently becoming conscious of the “eternal now.” But such an explanation requires that we “Loosen Up” our minds a bit to take it in (an exercise for this lesson).

THINK – universe, eternity, time, space! What do these mean to the finite mind? More often than otherwise they are just names. More often we think of spirit as just a name, rather than experiencing it. Yet we use it, we manifest it, we are a part of it. Taking THOUGHT doesn't change anything! It is the application of the thought taken that makes the change within ourselves! (262-119)

Thus in the APPLICATION of PATIENCE we become aware of the reality of SPIRIT by EXPERIENCING it (rather than simply as thoughts, concepts, and names within the finite mind). As we use it, manifest it, be a part of it, we are changed within ourselves – so simple and practical to manifest the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT in the here and now of daily life in this three dimensional classroom of consciousness.

We can even catch glimpses of the Oneness of Spirit (eternity) while yet immersed in the physical consciousness of space/time materiality. We can become aware of the Spirit of God in creation at multiple levels – yet ONE. It all depends upon our consciousness. How purposeful and precious is this Opportunity to experience space/time in materiality and realize its Source in Spirit. As Jesus observed, in Patience we possess (become aware of) ourselves as spiritual beings (souls).

I realize that this reply is rather long and complex and may not be relevant for some members of the group who may just be getting started (or have an entirely different consciousness regarding such matters). That's fine. If the above doesn't make sense or resonate at some level, just file it away for future reference, if the need arises:

That that is Truth is growth! For what is truth today may be tomorrow only partially so, to a developing soul! (1297-1)

For you … I pray that this explanation is helpful and applicable in your own experience in a practical way as you pursue your comparative studies. Blessings, Dave

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