April 1, 2, 3, 2022

Mater Dei High School


Dear Youth Ministers and Parish Catechetical Leaders,




Our 20th retreat will guide its participants into the meaning of Jesus’ last spoken words and how we are to follow him.  What is our “Spirit”? How do you “Commit” your spirit to the Father?  Why do we need to commit our spirits into the loving hands of our Father?  


Our outstanding speakers are energetic, passionate, engaging and spirit filled.  They are called by God to strengthen the souls and minds of our youth trying to survive in a morally toxic culture while inviting them to a real and personal relationship with Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament.  They have committed their spirits into the hand of God and want to guide your youth to do the same! A great way to launch the Year of the Eucharist!

You can check them out on our website SOURCE + SUMMIT  or see the listing below.


Please let your youth know what waits for them at Source + Summit 2022, what they will find… Friends…Fun…Truth…and most importantly a changed life that is lived anchored in love with God and His Church!!  If a member of your youth group or religious education class has experienced this life changing retreat encourage them to share this with their peers. 


All health and safety protocols will be followed in accordance with the COVID guidelines in place at the time.


I have attached a Promotional Flier and Registration Form that can be emailed to your families and one that can be posted on your Parish Facebook Page or website.  Here is a link to the flier and registration form that is on-line


Flier -   SOURCE + SUMMIT FLIER 2022

Registration Form -  Source + Summit 2022 Registration Form

Google Registration Form - Source + Summit 2022 Google Registration Form




Thank you so much for EVERYTHING that you are doing to help our youth!     



In Jesus, Our Source + Summit,




Gail Shetler and the Source + Summit Retreat Team



Bishop Joseph Siegel

Fr. Tyler Tenbarge, Vocation Director of the Diocese of Evansville

Fr. Sudhakar, Chaplain of Source + Summit

Our own Amazing Priests, Deacons and Religious

The Nashville Dominicans
The Sisters of Life



The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal


  Fr. Giles Marie Berrie, CFR    Fr. Justin Alarcon, CFR    Fr. Terry Messer, CFR    Br. Damien, CFR

About the Friars:
The friars strive to daily pick up their crosses and follow after our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is why they exist: to live the Holy Gospel. This journey is fueled by their personal and communal life of prayer and is purified through their life of penance. As followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, the friars are called to daily conversion and to place their “spirits” into the hands of God, their Father…they will show us how to do the same.




                                Sr. Anne, CSJ - Apostolic Sister of the Community of St. John
“I met Jesus on a young adult retreat with the Community of St. John and in time realized it was only Him who could fill my heart. With this discovery came the desire to share that there is Someone who can and will satisfy the desire contained in every human heart for true love.”  Join Sr. Anne, as she shares her journey of committing her “spirit” to the Father helping us to do the same.




                                                             Nic Davidson - Missionary
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! – You don’t want to miss this opportunity (maybe our last) to be impacted by Nic’s witness as he and his family of 7 make their final preparations to enter full time missionary work in the country of Cambodia.  A true example of what is means to commit your spirit into the hands of your Father in Heaven.  



Giancarlo Bernini  
In the spirit of St. John Bosco, Catholic illusionist Giancarlo Bernini has astounded audiences with an incredible faith experience, a favorite at NCYC and conferences all over the US.  Using the art of illusion, Giancarlo will share a unique perspective on faith showing that what you don’t see really contains more truth and value than what you do see! 



Retreat Details





April 1, 2,3, 2022


Mater Dei High School


Friday – Registration 5:30 PM – Cafeteria – Drop off at Cafeteria doors.


Closing – 10:30 PM – Pick up at Main Gym Door.


Saturday – 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM – Drop off / Pick up – Main Gym Door.


Sunday – 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM


                 Closing Mass  - 10:30 AM  





$45 Due March 18 - fee waived for those in need


Catechists, PCL’s, Youth Ministers - No charge


After March 18 - $55.




13 – 24






Do my youth need a chaperone?


Yes.  If your youth are under the age of 18 you will need one adult (21 or older) for every 10 youth.   Your chaperones can tag team and also share the cost. 




Do I need to attend?  


 NO!  It is a blessing for anyone who attends but we realize that you cannot be at every event that is offered to your youth.  They will need a chaperone.




Are there overnight accommodations?


No, unfortunately not this year.  Please contact a nearby parish and see if they could accommodate you or call Kathy Smith 812-453-1024 for Hotel Recommendations.




How do I register a group?


Simply collect all forms and fees and make sure all forms are completed and signed. All adults must also have a complete form with a registration fee.  Youth ministers and DRE’s are not charged a fee.   Please fill in the Google form Source + Summit 2022 Google Registration Form  and send to Mail Registration forms to Kathy Smith, 8733 Shadowridge Dr. ~ Newburgh, IN 47630



Who do I contact if I have a question?


      Kathy Smith    812-453-1024  


      Mary Shetler – 812-459-4420

      Gail Shetler