Henry Gladney’s Publications


1.    Maintaining Preserved Information, application 13225520, September 2011.

2.    Preparing Digital Information for Long-Term Preservation, application 13219630, August 2011.

3.    With David Choy and Hui-I Hsiao, Method and System for Managing Access Control to Objects Stored Remotely from their Metadata, pending.

4.    Process for Adding Users to a Safe Dealing Network, application filed November 2000.

5.    Distributed Data Structures for Authorization and Access Control for Computing Resources, United States Patent 7,331,058, February 2008.

6.    Secure Transaction Data from a Very Smart Card, application filed September 1999.

7.    Access Control for Resources Serving Unknown Users in Ubiquitous Computing, application filed July 1999.

8.    Federated Digital Library by Managing Links, United States Patent 6,044,378, (March 2000).

9.    With J. Reimer, Object-Oriented Access Control for Military and Commercial File Systems, United States Patent 6,044,373, (March 2000).

10.  With J. Antognini, R.M. Cubert, D.B. Hildebrand, S.F. Horne, and R.W. Schmiedeskamp, Providing Access to a Library of Digitized Documents and Images, United States Patent 5,649,185, (1997).

11.  With D.J. Lorch and R.L. Mattson, Impact Calculation for Version Management in a Distributed Information Service, United States Patent 4,714,996, (1987).

12.  With D.J. Lorch and R.L. Mattson, Communication for Version Management in a Distributed Information Service, United States Patent 4,714,992, (1987).

13.  With E.D. Carlson, P. Lucas, D.L. Weller, and S. Zilles, Transfer of Control Among Hierarchical Cooperating Sequential Processes, United States Patent 4,410,940, (1983).


Preserving Digital Information, Springer Verlag, 2007, ISBN 978-3-540-37886-0

Patterns of the Information Revolution: (written in 2012-3; not yet published). Book Overview Preface

No Taxation without Representation: 1768 Petition, Memorial, and Remonstrance, 2014, ISBN 978-1-49904-209-2














Digital Preservation

Long-Term Digital Preservation: a Digital Humanities Topic? Cologne, April 2011. Published in Manfred Thaller (ed.), Historical Social Research: Controversies around the Digital Humanities, 2012. (HSR Vol. 37 (2012) 3)

Long-Term Digital Preservation: Why is Progress Lagging? Intl. Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives, Berlin, Sept. 2011[2]

Trustworthy 100-Year Digital Objects series of articles:

Divide and Conquer Digital Preservation, July 2003.

Executive Summary of a Digital Preservation Proposal, planned for 2Q04.

with R.A. Lorie, Durable Encoding for When It's Too Late to Ask, ACM Trans. Office Information Systems 23(3), 299-324, July 2005 

Evidence After Every Witness is Dead, ACM Trans. Office Information Systems 22(3), 406-436, July 2004.  Synopsis.


Syntax and Semantics—Tension between Facts and Values, November 2003.  Also athttp://wenku.baidu.com/view/4ef752737fd5360cba1adb5c.html

What's Meant?  Intentional and Accidental in Documents, planned for September 2004.

How Might Evolving Economics Affect Digital Archive Design, planned for November2004.

with J.L. Bennett, What Do We Mean by Authentic? D-Lib Magazine 9(7), July 2003.

with J.L. Bennett, End User Interfaces, planned for September 2004.

Long-Term Preservation of Digital Records: Trustworthy Digital Objects, The American Archivist 72(2), 401-435, Fall 2009

Critique of Architectures for Long-Term Digital Preservation, unpublished 2009 draft.

Economics and Engineering for Preserving Digital Content, unpublished Oct. 2008 draft.

Digital Preservation in a National Context: Questions and Views of an NDIIPP Outsider, D-Lib Magazine 13(1/2), January 2007.

Principles for Digital Preservation, Comm. ACM 49(2), 111-116, February 2006.

With M. Hedstrom, S. Ross, et al., Invest to Save; Report and Recommendations of the NSF-DELOS Working Group on Digital Archiving and Preservation, 2004.

Digital Preservation & Archiving: Summary of a Forthcoming EU-US Workgroup Report, December 2002.

Trustworthy and Durable Digital Documents: Overview, available on WWW, March 2002.

Digital Document Durability, chapter in Edward A. Fox et al., Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Sourcebook for Educators, Students, and Librarians, Marcel Dekker, New York, to appear, 2003.

Critique: Attributes of a Trusted Digital Repository, October 2001

Digital Archiving for 100+ Years: Know-how in the Industrial and Commercial Sectors, for Digital Library Federation (contact author about availability), August 2001.

Audio Archiving for 100 Years and Longer, J. Audio Engineering Society 49(7/8), 628-637, July/August, 2001.

Archiving the Digital Public Record: An Internet Snail's PaceiMP Magazine, (October 2000). Reprinted in Trinity College Alumni Magazine, January 2001.


Human and machine roles in sharing documents (PDI Fig. 2)

Human and machine roles in sharing documents (PDI Fig. 2 simplified)

Model of digital repositories and related human roles (PDI Fig. 26)

Schema for a Trustworthy Digital Object (PDI Fig. 32 & 34)

Schema for a Preserved Information Package

Content of a TDO Protection Block (PDI Fig. 33)

Information Security, Privacy, and Business Controls

A Bit About a Digital Future, Trinity Alumni Magazine, 9-10, Fall 2001.

With Arthur Cantu, Jr., Authorization Management for Digital Libraries, Comm. ACM 44(5), 63-65, 2001.

Safe Deals between Strangers, IBM Research Report RJ 10155, (July 1999).

Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Interim Retrospect and Prospects, D-Lib Magazine, (July 1998).

With J.B. Lotspiech, Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Storing, Sending, Showing, and Honoring Usage Terms and Conditions, D-Lib Magazine, (May 1998).

Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Document Access Control, D-Lib Magazine, (June 1997).

With J.B. Lotspiech, Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Assuring Convenient Security and Data Quality, D-Lib Magazine, (May 1997).

Condition Tests in Data Server Access Control, IBM Research Report RJ 9244, (March 1993).

Access Control for Large Collections, ACM Trans. Info. Systems 15(2), 154-194, (1997).

Administrative Control of Computing Service, IBM Systems Journal 17, 151, (1978).

With D. L. Johnson and R. L. Stone, On Computer Installation Accounting, IBM Systems Journal 14, 314, (1975).

With E. L. Worley, and J. J. Myers, An Access Control Mechanism for Computer Resources, IBM Systems Journal 14, 212, (1975).

Intellectual Property

Digital Intellectual Property: Controversial and International Aspects, Columbia-VLA Journal of Law and the Arts 24(1), 47-92, Fall 2000.

Digital Preservation Archiving and Copyright: Problem Description and Legislative Proposal, (August 2000).   

Are Intellectual Property Rights a Digital Dilemma? Controversial Topics and International Aspects, iMP Magazine, (February 2000).

With R. Davis et al., The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age, National Academy Press, Washington D.C., (January 2000).

Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property, Synopsis and Views on the Study by the National Academies' Committee ...,  D-Lib Magazine, (December 1999).

With F.C. Mintzer, Intellectual Property in the Digital Library: From the Vatican Library to the Future, text of invited presentation to the ACRL Western European Specialists' Section at the annual American Library Assn. meeting, (June 1997). 

With M. Bezy, Digital Intellectual Property -- Protecting Everyone's Interests, (May 1996). 

Digital Content Management

Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: a Note on Universal Unique Identifiers, D-Lib Magazine, (April 1998). 

With  F.C. Mintzer, Fabio Schiattarella, Julian Bescos, and Martin Treu, Digital Access to Antiquities, Comm. ACM 41(4), 49-57, (April 1998).

With F.C. Mintzer, and Fabio Schiattarella, Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Digital Images of Treasured Antiquities, D-Lib Magazine, (July 1997).

With T. Ager, P.M. Dantzig, and F.N. Parr, Digital Library Scalability, invited paper at Computers in Libraries '96 Symposium, (February 1996).

Selection for Digital Library: A Position Paper, 2nd Workshop on Documents in the Digital Culture, Maui, (January 1996).

With F.C. Mintzer, L.E. Boyle, A.N. Cazes, B.S. Christian, S.C. Cox, F.P. Giordano, J.C. Lee, M.L. Kelmanson, A.C. Lirani, K.A. Magerlein, A.M.B. Pavani, and F. Schiattarella, Towards On-Line Worldwide Access to Vatican Library Materials, IBM J. Research and Development 40(2), 139-162, (March 1996).

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With E.A. Fox, Z. Ahmed, R. Ashany, N.J. Belkin

, and M. Zemankova, Digital Library: Gross Structure and Requirements (Report from Workshop), IBM Research Report RJ 9840, (May 1994); short form in Proc. Digital Libraries '94;

A Storage Subsystem for Image and Records Management, IBM Systems Journal 32(3), 512-540, (1993).

Inter-Machine Protocols for Document/Image Libraries, Proc. 13th Int. Conf. on Distributed Computer Systems, (May 1993).

Design of a Distributed Image Library, Proc. Share 78, 173-182, (March 1992).

With P.E. Mantey, Essential Issues in the Design of Shared Document/Image Libraries, in IEEE Symposium on Electronic Imaging Science and Technology, Image Communications and Workstations, February 1990.

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With D.J. Lorch and R.L. Mattson, A Version Management Method for Distributed Information, Proc. Third Int. Conf. on Data Engineering, 570-574, (1987).

Medical Applications of Digital Library

With W.M. Culver, Multimedia Storage Subsystem for Operational Applications, Proc. ACM Workshop on Multimedia Database Management Systems, 101-103, (San Francisco, October 1994).

With W.M. Culver, Multimedia Library for Clinical Information, Proc. IASTED/ISMM Int. Conf. Distributed Multimedia Systems and Applications 114-118, (July 1994).

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With W.M. Culver, M.D.  Multimedia Library for Clinical Applications, Intl. Conf. Distributed Multimedia Systems and Applications, Oct. 1995.

Real Time Computing

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Chemical Physics

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Physical and Analytical Chemistry

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Bibliography focused on Digital Preservation, November 2011

Glossary focused on Digital Preservation, November 2011

Trustworthy and Durable Digital Documents: Overview, January 2002

HMG Resume, April 2001.

Quality in Digital Document Collections, May 2001.

Care for the Future: 100-year Digital Archiving, May 2000.

Safe Deals between Strangers, April 2000.

Virginia's "No Taxation without Representation" Protest, August 1998.

Digital Access to Antiquities for Scholars and Students, Oct 1997.

and more than 40 unpublished IBM technical reports, among which the most interesting is with J.L. Bennett, Object Models for Office Systems–An Exposition of Architectural Concepts, IBM Research Report RJ 4584, (1985).

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[1]   See also http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewArticle.asp?id=72228

[2]   Available at http://www-e.uni-magdeburg.de/predoiu/sda2011/Gladney.pdf