Spring Updates 

What we've been up to
Food drive 

Our food drive was a big success. We brought the perished food to the Salvation Army. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Restaurant discount

We would like to thank everyone in the culinary business who came for a massage at 20% off! Keep making Sudbury great. Big thanks to Dairy Queen. 

For valentines day we had a raffle! It was filled with awesome LUSH products as well as a huge box of chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We would like to congratulate Kim McMahon on winning our amazing basket!
Upcoming Events
Here at Optimum Health Center, we like to help out our hard working community. They work hard for us so we would like to give something back in appreciation. This year, we have decided to celebrate the following awareness months with 20% off all treatments.


Pharmacist Awareness -
March 20th to March 31st


Coaches Week - April 3rd to April 8th

Dental Hygienist - April 10th to April 15th

Teachers Week - May 1st to May 6th
Nurse Week - May 6th to May12th

For nurse week, Danièle and Erica will once again be volunteering at the hospital to show the nurses their appreciation. Nurses week is coming up and what a great way to contribute to them by volunteering our time. Thank you nurses.

Sudbury Rocks Expo/Race - May 13th and May 14th

We will be volunteering at Sudbury Rocks Expo and Race. We will be giving away free treatments at the race expo as well as selling Rock Tape and Hydrolyte products. Come check us out on race day we will be tackling the weather to give the athletes post race treatment. We are available for post race treatment.  Come show your support for the competitors!
We're always trying to improve ourselves. Check us out: 


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