Dear Parent or Guardian,

“Behold Your Mother!”

If ever there was a time that our youth need to draw near to our Holy Mother, our Model Disciple, it is now!  SOURCE + SUMMIT 2019, “Behold Your Mother!”, will lead your youth to a deeper relationship with their Blessed Mother, Mary, and though Mary to Jesus present among us in the Eucharist.


As you know, we're living through a time of crisis in the Church that is shaking the faith of many. At the same time, the wider culture is bolder and more aggressive than ever in its public opposition to the Judeo-Christian values that have been the foundation of our society and the “it’s OK to persecute Christians” mentality.


S0URCE + SUMMIT has given thousands of youth the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships, experience their Faith in a supportive and welcoming community while empowering them to become witnesses to their family and friends.


Fr. Mike Schmitz has said that, “This generation must know that they are not meant to leave the church but to LEAD the church!”

Is your child ready for the critical challenges he/she will be facing?


See how one youth was strengthened by attending Source + Summit


‘My name is Holly Bittner. I am the 21year old daughter of Eric and Lisa Bittner of Haubstadt, IN. I attended Source + Summit the earliest age that I could be a participant, which was my 7th grade year. That year I left the retreat with my heart set on fire for Christ and a whole new love for God. I wasn't able to attend my 8th grade year due to a very important, (so it seemed to be at the time), 5-hour long travel basketball practice. Six years, later I can still recall being at practice, and knowing in my heart that the gym wasn't where I was suppose to be. From 7th grade to my freshman year in high school were the hardest years of my life. I would have never dreamt of what had occurred would really happen to not only myself but to my family as well. But because of God's love and Our Heavenly Mother’s grace that she had shown me my 7th grade year, I was able to pull from my faith what Source + Summit had taught me at the age of 13.  That Faith carried myself and my family through that difficult time.


Looking back, 9 years later, I have been able to be a part of the TEAM for 3 years. My first year working on the Source + Summit TEAM, I gave a witness talk to over 300 participants and volunteers on God's MercyLove, and Forgiveness. I am currently reaching out to others on behalf of the Source + Summit team to promote the retreat to the youth. Last year, we had over 650 participants and volunteers and this year our goal is to reach over 700! I cannot help but to want as many as possible to experience the life changing weekend that I had.”




Thanks to the contributions of many generous donors the fee is still only $45 for the Youth Retreat.  Fee scholarships are also available by emailing



April 5,6,7, 2019

Reitz Memorial High School


Adult Retreat – April 6 – Christ the King Church



A magnificent group of modern day apostles will be here in number to CONNECT with your youth and help them to CONNECT with Jesus! 


You can check them out on our website SOURCE + SUMMIT or see the listing below.  Also, please check out our complete registration information on this site.





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Most Reverend Bishop Joseph Siegel Bishop Siegel's Letter of Invitation


Fr. Agustino, CFR from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal – keynote speaker at NCYC, World Youth Day, SEEK, Rally for Life,…. Loves coming to Source + Summit because he has the opportunity not only speak to our youth but to actually be with our youth, talking with them, hearing their confessions, counseling them and just being a friend to them.  What a unique and blessed opportunity our youth have!  He has literally been a life-saver to many of our young people!!   About Fr. Agustino


Nic Davidson – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! - Missionary, Youth Minister, Speaker and Author – After joining the Catholic Church in 2008, he has been sharing his passion for the treasures of our Faith with our youth. Fr. Mike Schmitz has said that Nic is one of the most impacting Catholic speakers he has ever heard.  About Nic Davidson



Sr. Teresa Immaculate, CSJ- Community of St. John - In the footsteps of the apostle Saint John “the Sisters of St. John seek to witness in today’s world, to the Love of Jesus for the Father and for all men. Through contemplation and the total gift of self, Sr. Teresa leads others through song and worship into a meaningful relationship with Jesus.  Sr. Teresa Immaculate, CSJ - You Alone


Fr. Zachary of the Mother of God, SOLT  Featured on EWTN, is a priest of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (About SOLT) and popular retreat master.  An attorney before being called to the priesthood testifies that he, "...experienced the infinite Mercy of God in a profound and personal way." Father Zachary has led many young people to discover the beauty of praying in adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament.  About Fr. Zachary of the Mother of God



Sr. Jordan Rose and Sr. Lucia Christi, SV – Sisters of Life – Dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life.  A much needed voice and presence in today’s society and the lives of our youth!  About the Sisters of Life


Gus Lloyd - Host of Seize the Day, on Sirius XM's The Catholic Channel. He is the author of Magnetic Christianity: Using Your God-given Gifts to Build the Kingdom and A Minute in the Church Series.  An anointed speaker, he travels  around the country, educating and motivating people to become all that God desires them to be.  His powerful testimony to youth is a must to hear.  He will be hosting the Adult Retreat on April 6 at Christ the King.  About Gus Lloyd


Fr. Terry, CFR – Br. Shawn, CFR – Br. Maximilian Mary, CFR - About the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal


Deacon Br. Charnel, CSJ – Br. Benedict, CSJ - About the Brothers of St. John


Our own Amazing Priests, Deacons and Religious

In Jesus, Our Source + Summit


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