Software Validation and Data Integrity

Replicable Results

MDFAA is committed to providing forensically complete methods of data extraction, preservation and distribution.  We use up-to-date software, hardware, write blockers and digital media storage devices for our clients.  We are devoted to maintaining our integrity in the forensics community.  We use continual training and peer review to preserve our position as an industry leader when new technology emerges.


Highly trained law enforcement departments in the United States and around the world have tested the products we have chosen.  Our equipment and programs are validated to provide a finished product that is replicable and forensically sound.


Our experts have completed instruction at the highest levels in the field of digital forensics.  This includes photo and video technology.  We are committed to providing our clients with a product that reflects the professionalism and quality that we have been trained to accomplish.


The information that we provide to our clients will provide replicable results in a forensic environment.