Aerial Video and Photography


Midwest Digital Forensics and Analytics, LLC offers UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) video and photographic services to our customers. We own the latest technology in this emerging market and our FAA Certified Pilot guarantees professional videos and photos for your business. The applications for this technology are almost limitless in the way we can showcase your business. With the use of UAV technology and the ability of our licensed experts to accurately compile images, we are able to utilize technology in ways previously unheard of.  From aerial photography and video of community events and activities to overhead accident and crime scene viewing to damage caused by natural and man-made disasters, let MDFAA be your eye in the sky!


Realtors, you have the means to provide prospective clients with a unique view of your property listings. The edited, finished video captured by our experts is provided to you with a link to our YouTube page and can easily be uploaded to your current websites.  This can be viewed by potential customers around the world.


Farmers, we are able to take detailed aerial photos of your land and show a number of things. These include, but are not limited to, land erosion, water usage and the effectiveness of your irrigation program as well as the effects of pesticide and what areas may be missed during application.  We can help you monitor controlled burns and view the area after the burn has subsided to verify all hot spots are distinguished. We can do precise photo overlays of images that will show in great detail the changes in your acreage.


Our UAV is capable of helping in various aspects of the agricultural world.  We can show you an up-close look at your equipment such as elevators and grain bins without putting anyone in danger.  Feedlot operators and ranchers can utilize our drone services to get accurate numbers when taking stock.  Images show the precise number of head per pen or head per pasture.


The Drone can go where it is difficult for man or woman to reach.  Aerial videos and photos can show up close views from a vantage point many have never seen.  Let our UAV show your customers what that last hailstorm did to their roof.  Use the video taken by our UAV to let your golfers experience the course before they attempt the challenge. 


We offer video and photos shot in high definition and can edit the videos or photos to your specifications. We have a number of standard packages available. Let us sit down with you and create a custom program benefiting your business.