Tournament Results


National Tournament of Champions, May 13-15, 2012

Tough to split our squad, but nice to have to. Nine of us headed down to the Golden Gate for the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions at James Logan High School in northern California, while Kendall Reingold and her mom flew east to Chicago for the Extemporaneous/Impromptu ToC at Northwestern University. Both schools put on an amazing national tournament, which is no easy feat. Demond Wilson and Company always go top drawer at NIETOC, including amazing food and a live jazz trio in the judges' lounge! At the end of the weekend, SAAS speakers returned home with national recognition after competing against the best the U.S. has to offer.

Decker O'Donnell Tournament of Champions - 4th Place - Expository
Kendall Reingold Semi-finalist (top 12) - Impromptu


Washington State Tournament, March 10, 2012

Nothing like the University of Puget Sound in March. Feels like the home court. Hard to get the brain around seven state titles. As I told the team last night: two of the most difficult things I know of are 1) to be great when everyone EXPECTS you to be great and, 2) to start a new chapter. This team did both. Ridgefield, Republic, and Eastside Catholic all were great; kudos to their competitors and coaches. In the end, while I have had teams of jaw-dropping talent, I have never had a group of students that simply was willing to work this amazingly hard. Zoe and I are humbled by their talent, ethic, and spirit. Results included:

Rachel Habib/Katie Hodgman Quarterfinalists (top 8) - Public Forum Debate
Jenna Levin 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)

1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

Sam Warren/Peter Alexieff 4th Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 5th Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 2nd Place-Expository
Kendall Reingold 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (National Qualifier)
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Augusta Chapman 4th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Gracie Truex 3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Entire Team 2012 WA State 3A Overall Champions


Newport, February 18, 2012

Another regular season comes to an end, this time at Bellevue College, where the Newport High School team put together a quality, intimate Winter Knight Invitational. Several of our team members went across the lake to try to pick up either the first or second halves of their Tournament of Champions bids with a first place finish Saturday night. Those are available in DI, DUO, HI, and OO, and lead to the national tournament in San Francisco. Coach John Julian put together four preliminary rounds and finals to hand out those coveted valentines. Now it's on to State in March. Results included:

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Sam Warren 1st Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 2nd Place-Original Oratory
Kendall Reingold 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation
Gracie Truex 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation


Eastside Catholic, February 3-4, 2012

So the tournament began with an interesting twist: our coach went up and got a "Blessing of the Throat" from the good Father at Eastside Catholic chapel. Apparently the tournament began on the day of St. Blaise (patron saint of the voice and throat). They made an announcement over the school's p.a. as we arrived that the Friday afternoon blessing this week would be the Blessing of the Throat and that anyone, "especially our debate visitors this weekend" was welcome to come up and receive it before they leave. Intrigued by the name, Joel went up to find no one there at the moment but the priest, who explained the history of St. Blaise, and offered a blessing, even though Joel's not catholic. Coming down to the playoffs, we'll take help from any and every source! Actually it was short, but quite calming and centering. Two crossed candles at the throat and an intercession prayer for 'health and strength of voice'.

So I got dat goin' for me. . . which is nice. . .

All kidding aside, a very nice gesture by our hosts. And successful! From now on; throat blessings for everyone before every tournament! Results included:

Veronica Owen 3rd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Elan Markowitz 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 3rd Place-Expository (State Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 2nd Place-Expository (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle/Christina Leonidas 3rd Place-Varsity Public Forum Debate
Rachel Habib/Katie Hodgman 2nd Place-Varsity Public Forum Debate (State Qualifier)


Federal Way, January 13-14, 2012

A happy New Year to all! We return to the arena by heading down to what is easily the largest regular-season high school meet in Washington each year: Federal Way High School. Forty schools and sixty Public Forum teams alone! Drawn like bees to the honey of a TOC bid in DI, HI, DUO, OO,and LD, they came from near and far. The weather offered a bit of a complication on Saturday afternoon/evening with an uncertain snow forecast, but we rolled with it, sending the majority of the team home on the bus right after the final round. The two debaters who stayed behind with Joel to compete in semis and pick up the other trophies at the award ceremony brought home a nice box of post-holiday treats through the snow, including the first national Tournament of Champions Qualifier of the season (Decker O'Donnell in Oratory). Results included:

Gracie Truex 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation

Jenna Levin 2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Decker O'Donnell 3rd Place-Original Oratory (National TOC Qualifier!)
Reed Watson/Marley Arborico 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Rachel Habib/Katie Hodgman 3rd Place-Varsity Public Forum Debate (State Qualifier)


Riverside, December 9-10, 2011

Auburn Riverside High School throws the last tournament before the holiday break each year. Sometimes it feels like you're "taking a knee" and heading into the locker room at half-time with a lead, at others it feels like you're lucky to get out of the first half intact. This year was a little bit of both. It's been a lot of fun throughout our season to this point, but it's also been a wild ride at times. Hard to believe that after we return there will only be three regular season meets left on the calendar. Riverside was a blast, as coach Davis and his gang kept things running on-time and organized down in the Auburn Valley. Before we went off to trim our trees and spin our dradles (made, in fact, from clay) we nailed down some heady hardware. Results included:

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)

1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation

Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 4th Place-Duo Interpretation
Rob Leet 2nd Place-Novice Extemporaneous
Rachel Habib/Katie Hodgman 1st Place-Varsity Public Forum Debate


Renton, December 1, 2011

With all apologies to the peacock network, Thursday nights in Renton are "Must-See IE"! A weeknight tournament is a bit unusual, but Mr. and Mrs. Buchan and all the gang at Renton High School threw an awesome IE meet. Not to mention the fact that we all get to sleep in Saturday morning this weekend! The Team left school at noon and headed down to have lunch together (The Mazatlan restaurant in Renton treated us like we were the Seahawks, maybe better. Thanks!) and then walk over to the RHS campus. Three rounds and then a break to finals followed, and we were home well before the average ninth-grade boy stops playing "Call of Duty" and goes to bed. An added bonus this year was Renton's inclusion on the list of Tournament of Champions "bid schools", meaning that a 1,2, or 3 placement in the national events (DI, HI, DUO, and OO) gets you half-way to San Francisco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair if you're going. Results included:

Claire Mason 3rd Place-Novice Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Josie Parks 2nd Place-Novice Original Oratory
Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier) (1/2 TOC bid)
Jenna Levin 5th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Gracie Truex 4th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Jenna Levin 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Gracie Truex 3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Sam Warren 4th Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Izzy Bank 4th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 3rd Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier) (1/2 TOC bid)
Matt Fulle 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier) (1/2 TOC bid)
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 3rd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier) (1/2 TOC bid)


Tahoma, November 18-19, 2011

The youth movement continues! Tahoma High School down in Covington was an eventful weekend, with Seattle Academy facing off against. . . Seattle Academy in the semi-finals of novice Public Forum. That happens sometimes due to seeding and record, and our kids dealt with it well. We also saw some neat results from our Dramatic Interp'ers in both the novice and open divisions. This tournament often ends a long, three-weekend straight stretch for us, and this year has us grateful for the break next Saturday. We have definitely earned our turkey! Results included:

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 4th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Brandon Miller 4th Place-Novice Dramatic Interpretation
Harrison Grad/Alex Karbo Semis-Novice Public Forum Debate
Sara Bosworth/Sarah Dupree Finals-Novice Public Forum Debate


Snohomish, November 11-12, 2011

There's nothing better than being back on familiar ground. With the SAAS theater department's outstanding production of "Chicago" featuring so many Speech/Debate team members just last weekend, we took just a handful of competitors up to Snohomish, but it was a welcome weekend. Coach Bill Nicolay and his team and parents fed us, showed off their beautiful new buildings, and put together a first-class meet that had us driving back down I-5 Saturday night right on schedule. Our squad this year is an interesting mix of new faces and formerly-junior members stepping up for their turn to lead. Already, they're making their marks and establishing their own identities. Results included:

Nick Fielden 5th Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)
Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Isabelle Bank 1st Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)


Whitman, November 4-5, 2011

Whitman College in Walla Walla is quite the drive from Seattle, but features beautiful scenery, a quaint campus, and a tournament that ran swiftly and on time. We took three Public Forum teams and stayed at the luxurious Morgan Inn in nearby Milton-Freewater. While we came away without any out-rounds, it was a terrific trip, and a fun kick-off to the new season.