Dear Parent or Guardian,

“I Tell You the Truth!”


In St. Joh Paul II’s, Letter to Families, he warns, “Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound “crisis of truth”?  Twenty-six years later the consequences of this crisis have been devastating and continue to ravage the souls, minds and bodies of our youth!

SOURCE + SUMMIT 2020, “I Tell You the Truth”, will boldly challenge the lies of this culture of death in a believable, convincing and engaging way. and reclaim and strengthen the souls and minds of our youth while inviting them to a real and personal relationship with Jesus.


Does your child know and live the TRUTH?


See how the TRUTH proclaimed at Source + Summit changed an entire family!


‘My name is Holly Bittner. I am the 21year old daughter of Eric and Lisa Bittner of Haubstadt, IN. I attended Source + Summit the earliest age that I could be a participant, which was my 7th grade year. That year I left the retreat with my heart set on fire for Christ and a whole new love for God. I wasn't able to attend my 8th grade year due to a very important, (so it seemed to be at the time), 5-hour long travel basketball practice. Six years, later I can still recall being at practice, and knowing in my heart that the gym wasn't where I was supposed to be. From 7th grade to my freshman year in high school were the hardest years of my life. I would have never dreamt of what had occurred would really happen to not only myself but to my family as well. But because of God's love and Our Heavenly Mother’s grace that she had shown me my 7th grade year, I was able to pull from my faith what Source + Summit had taught me at the age of 13.  That Faith carried myself and my family through that difficult time.


Looking back, 10 years later, I have been able to be a part of the TEAM for 4 years. My first year working on the Source + Summit TEAM, I gave a witness talk to over 300 participants and volunteers on God's MercyLove, and Forgiveness. I am currently reaching out to others on behalf of the Source + Summit team to promote the retreat to the youth. Last year, we had over 650 participants and volunteers and this year our goal is to reach over 700! I cannot help but to want as many as possible to experience the life changing weekend that I had.”





April 17, 18, 19, 2020

Mater Dei High School


Adult Retreat – April 18 – Corpus Christi Church


Thanks to the contributions of many generous donors the fee is still only $45 for the Youth Retreat.  Fee scholarships are also available by emailing



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