Overnight Guests

If you have a group that needs overnight accommodations we will be offering sleeping arrangements for any young person under 18 years of age accompanied by a chaperone (1 adult per 10 youth for overnight) who has had a criminal background check.  Local area hotels are also an option. 






We provide separate sleeping areas for boys and girls.  Both have separate shower facilities

Must bring own toiletries, towels and bedding.

The chaperone / child ratio is 1 to 10 for the overnight stay.  All chaperones must have a criminal
background check and have completed the Safe Environment for Young People Training to be able to chaperone the overnight stay.  Chaperones will sleep at the opposite end of the gym or large room.


Chaperones may help other groups by chaperoning their male overnight guests while a female chaperone may chaperone the females from their group. 


Breakfast and an evening snack will be served.  No extra charge.


Overnight group reservations must be made in advance to (please click here) Overnight guest accommodations.



Nearby Hotels


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