help to save the pit bulls from abuse

pit bulls

help to save the pit bulls from abuse in a few easy steps. Step 1, stop thinking pit bulls are blood thirsty monsters they can actualy be realy sweet.step #2 if your nice to pit bulls they can live up to the name man's best freind.step #3 learn that if pit bulls are dogs what makes them so diferent from your doxen or other. step #4 what is the point of hurting a dog if that dog is doing nothing to you

this is a picture of a pit bull

step #5 if you can't take care of a pit bull you need to make sure the person your seling him/her to won't abues you formor dog.step #6 if you abuse a dog you will have guilt for the rest of your life and that dog will have scars for the rest of his/her life.and just so you know these steps can be used for any dog.