Tournament Results

National Tournament of Champions: May 9-11

Even thunderstorms and tornadoes couldn't keep us away from the Midwest for the ToC's! Twelve competitors headed to Minnesota for the NIETOC, while Maddie Lee represented solo at the ETOC in Chicago. Northwestern University, the NIETOC committee, and Gustavus Adolphus all threw exemplary meets with national-level competition and first-rate tournament mechanics. In the end, SAAS team-members broke finals in two of the ten events offered, ending a Seattle Academy Speech season of spectacular highs and the occasional low. But as ever, our losses are softened and our triumphs are sweetened because we go through them together. Results included:

Maddie Lee 6th Place-Impromptu
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle 6th Place-Expository


WA State Speech Tournament: March 15

Washington is ours once again. This one was tight. Bear Creek, Mountain View, Kingston, and Ridgefield were all outstanding. Hats go off to all of the teams, public and private, large and small, that made the journey down to UPS and Tacoma to the state meet. Some newer faces showed amazing promise, and we are well set up for Chicago and Minnesota come May. Nine title trophies now sit in the SAAS case, and we are grateful to the entire culture that supports us here at the corner of 13th and Union, and has done so for the last decade. Results included:

Hannah Fleischmann 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation-(National Qualifier)
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

6th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)

Alex Karbo 3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Eli Etzioni 6th Place-Impromptu
Becca Karjian 3rd Place-Expository
Sarah Dupree 7th Place-Original Oratory (National Qualifier)
Maddie Lee 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (National Qualifier)
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle 6th Place-Original Oratory (National Qualifier)
Augusta Chapman Humorous Interpretation-WA State Champ (National Qualifier)

5th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)

Wiley Jones 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 6th Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 4th Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)

2013-14 WA State 1A/2A/3A Team Champions



University of California-Berkeley: February 15th-17th

They say it never rains in Southern California. I have no idea about that: we were in Northern California. But the weather was still pretty decent and the nice kids at Berkeley ran a gigantic meet (over 100 competitors in many of the events) on time and generally online. We took 12 entries and broke 5 to outrounds, including Decker, who triple-broke and did 20 rounds over the course of an exhausting three days. A fitting victory lap for the end of yet another regular season. Now on to State! Results included:

Decker O' Donnell/Alex Karbo Semis-Duo Interp (tied for 8th overall!)
Decker O'Donnell Quarters-Humorous Interp
Decker O'Donnell Octas-Oratory
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle Octas-Oratory
Augusta Chapman Octas-Dramatic Interp


The Bear Creek School: January 24th-25th

Splitting the squad is always stressful, but worth it. We took seven competitors to the debate extravaganza at The Bear Creek School, where coach Davison and his flock always run a seamless, lovely meet that pulls out all the stops to make everyone feel welcome. Their campus is matched only by the volunteers and staff who are always at hand with directions, a cookie, or simply a smile. Over the weekend, Sarah picked up the placing she needed for her at-large bid to nationals in Oratory, and some of the new folks chimed in as well. Results included:

Sarah Dupree Finals-Oratory
Becca Karjian 3rd Place-Expository (State Qual)


University of Washington-Tacoma: January 25th

Splitting the squad is always stressful, but worth it. Meredith and Diana took over 25 competitors down to Tacoma for the UW meet, where there were state and TOC bids up for grabs in the eight speech events. Everyone kept in close touch via text and email, but Joel still nearly chewed his own arm off up in Redmond with the stress! Hats off to the senior leaders who took care of the younger ones for the day and yet still managed to come away with some outstanding qualifications as the regular season winds down to a close. Results included:

Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qual)

1st Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qual)

Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle 3rd Place-Expository (State Qual)

2nd Place-Oratory (State/National Qual)

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 1st Place-Interpretive Reading
Decker O'Donnell Finals-Oratory (State Qual)
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton Finals-Duo Interpretation (National Qual)
Abbey Spangler Finals-Interpretive Reading


Federal Way High School: January 17-18

Federal Way is always the testing ground. It is the largest regular-season local meet by far: over 60 schools from as far away as California, Idaho, and even Minnesota. We went in search of more NIETOC bids and brought some home, but it was also a great debate meet. Two of our JV teams went 5-1, just narrowly missing out on the semi-finals while one of our varsity pairs went all the way to the final round! It's the last dash to the end now, and we're in great position for the stretch. Results included:

Alex Karbo/Sarah Dupree 2nd Place-PF Debate (State Qual)
Wiley Jones 1st Place-Humorous Interp (National Qual)
Sarah Dupree 2nd Place-Oratory (National Qual)
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle 2nd Place-Expository (State Qual)
Decker O'Donnell Finals-Humorous Interp (National Qual)


Arizona State University: January 10-11

We had heard good things about the Sun Devil meet from other teams and coaches, and they were all true. Put aside for a second that there are worse places to fly to in January than sunny, 75 degree Tempe; Coach Symonds and his squad throw a terrific high school meet. 55 schools came from as far away as Anchorage, and included competitors from AZ, AK, NV, CO, CA, WA, NM, UT, and TX. Especially awesome was PF debate, with over 100 teams and a TOC bid at stake. We brought eight kids, and they had a great tournament. Look for us to head back next season! Results included:

Decker O'Donnell 3rd Place-Original Oratory (National Qual)
Alex Karbo/Sarah Dupree Octa-finals (round of 16)-PF Debate (National Qual)
Augusta Chapman Semi-finals-Dramatic Interp
Sean Long Semi-finals-Expository
Maddie Lee Semi-finals-Extemporaneous


Auburn Riverside High School: December 14th

And so once again we come to the halfway point in the season. In the Southern Reaches, Auburn Riverside has gotten to the point where 44 different schools come to compete for the various state bids. The meet ran on time and our small group came home with a couple new bids and ready for a holiday break! We're ready to zoom all over the U.S. in 2014. Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year to one and all! Results included:

Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qual)
Lucy Halperin 4th Place-Expository (State Qual)
Maddie Lee 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State Qual)

2nd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qual)


Renton High School: December 7th

How civilized Renton is! First round at nine, done by five, home sorting ballots and having dinner at six. Gotta love that. Plus everything is so smoothly run and easy to get to that we can focus on what's important: quality performance. A special shout out to our SAAS parent judge volunteers: 40 slots meant 8 judges needed, and our parents stepped up beautifully for the biggest SAAS crowd of the year. We're lucky to have them. Results included:

Augusta Chapman 3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qual)
Sarah Dupree 3rd Place-Original Oratory (State/National Qual)
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 3rd Place-Interpretive Reading (State/National Qual)
Decker O'Donnell 3rd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qual)
Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 1st Place-Duo Interpretation (State/National Qual)
Alex Karbo 4th Place-Interpretive Reading (State Qual)
Evie Bellew/Veronica Owen 3rd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qual)
Wiley Jones 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qual)
Abbey Spangler 2nd Place-Interpretive Reading (State Qual)
Dylan Mortimer 2nd Place-Novice Original Oratory
Adelaide Smith 2nd Place-Novice Interpretive Reading


Tahoma High School: November 22-23

Wow, Tahoma got huge! Over 30 schools and every room in the place used to capacity. It's great to see old friends and familiar faces all over, and a big thanks goes out to our parent volunteers who did some terrific judging all day long. We've got some impressive new youngsters on the team, and they stepped up for their first time out. No doubt that everyone earned their turkey this year! Results included:

Maddie Lee 1st Place-Extemporaneous (State Qual)
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (State/National Qual)
Decker O'Donnell 4th Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qual)
Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 1st Place-Duo Interpretation (State/National Qual)
Alex Karbo 4th Place-Interpretive Reading (State Qual)
Ethan Davis 2nd Place-Novice Humorous Interpretation
Zamir Birnbach/George Campbell 1st Place-Novice Public Forum Debate


Central Valley High School: November 15-16

Across The Pass we go! In November, no less. The weather cooperated however, and we took three pairs over to Spokane for the Bear Brawl. There were 33 PF teams total, and they worked the schedule to get in six preliminary rounds and break all 4-2 teams to an octa-final, which everyone there appreciated. A lot of fun, and we hope to head back again next year. Results included:

Alex Karbo/Sarah Dupree Quarter Finals: Public Forum Debate
Jordan Gonchar/Graham Vidger Quarter Finals: Public Forum Debate


Snohomish High School: November 1-2

Nothing better than getting the local season started again each year. It's a ways north, but Coach Nicolay and his gang host a great meet. It's always fun to get the new team members involved, and this tournament saw several of those acquitting themselves well. Our varsity leaders came up huge, garnering eight state bids and two of the four ToC bids up for grabs. The Washington tournament schedule is rolling. Results included:

Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qual)

2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qual)

Maddie Lee 1st Place-Extemporaneous (State Qual)
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State/National Qual)
Decker O'Donnell 1st Place-Humorous Interpretation (State/National Qual)
Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qual)
Evie Bellew 2nd Place-Original Oratory
Evie Bellew/Veronica Owen 3rd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qual)
Graham Vidger 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qual)
Lucy Halperin 2nd Place-Expository


University of Utah: October 12

Salt Lake City and the University of Utah welcomed us back for the second year. We took eight team members, and everyone final-ed in at least one of their events! Of the dozen ToC bids in the four national events (DI, HI, DUO, OO) that were up for grabs, we brought home five. The Beehive Bonanza featured over 30 schools from multiple western states, and is consistently a high-quality meet. We look forward to returning again in 2014! Results included:

Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (national qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell/Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (national qualifier)
Evie Bellew 1st Place-Original Oratory (national qualifier)
Evie Bellew/Veronica Owen 4th Place-Duo Interpretation (national qualifier)
Wiley Jones 3rd Place-Humorous Interpretation
Hannah Lewis 2nd Place-Original Oratory (national qualifier)