The AAAI-15 Workshop on Computer Poker and Imperfect Information is a forum where researchers studying theoretical and practical aspects of imperfect-information games can share current research and gather ideas about how to improve the state of the art and advance AI research in this area.

In recent years, poker has emerged as an important, visible challenge problem for the field of AI. Just as the development of world-class chess-playing programs was considered an important milestone in the development of intelligent computing, poker is increasingly being seen in the same way. Several important features differentiate poker from other games: the presence of imperfect information (due to hidden cards), stochastic events, and the desire to maximize utility instead of simply winning. Games of imperfect information typically require randomized strategies which "hide information" effectively. For these reasons and others, games of imperfect information require methods quite different from traditional games of perfect information like chess or Go.

All topics related to theoretical or practical aspects of imperfect-information games are of interest at the workshop. This includes descriptions of novel competitors or components of competitors from recent or future AAAI Annual Computer Poker Competitions, other research on poker that is not used by competition agents, research applied to games of imperfect information other than poker, and purely theoretical research.


The workshop will take place 9:45AM-5:30PM on Monday January 26. It will consist of a series of oral presentations followed by a poster session and discussion. Here is the schedule, and here is a report summarizing the highlights. The proceedings are available here.


Submissions will be in the form of a 2-8 page paper, using the main AAAI conference format. Oral presentations and poster session participants will be selected from among the submissions. Accepted papers will be collected and released as an AAAI technical report. Papers should be submitted as pdfs to the workshop organizer. The deadline for submissions is October 14, 2014.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the workshop organizer:

Sam Ganzfried [sganzfri@cs.cmu.edu]