Talk Topics

Jim Orme, President

Northwoods Creation Association, Inc.


What is the Bible? The Bible is called a myth but is that a valid accusation? This talk shows that the Bible contains accurate history which have impacts on the world we live in. These impacts are illustrated in various branches of science including geology, biology and cosmology.


What is Evolution Really? The word evolution has multiple meanings. This talk clearly defines the terms and shows how it is misused to gain support for the common descent form of evolution. It then shows how the biblical view of creation fits into the biological classification system and gives examples of the created kinds of life.


A Deeper Look at Evolution: the Created Kinds. After a brief review of What is Evolution Really? additional examples of created kinds are given, the number of kinds on the Ark is presented and answers the question why there are extinct animals which have no descendents today.


A Deeper Look at Evolution: Genetics. The field of genetics is said to support evolution, but does it, really? This talk shows where we agree with evolutionists; it also discusses Junk DNA, epigenetics and recent advances which refute the concept of the evolutionary tree.


Worldviews and the Grand Canyon. Take a visual trip through the Grand Canyon. Look from the perspectives of an old earth person and of a young earth person to decide which worldview better explains what you see.


Mount St. Helens. This dramatic talk shows how did the eruption of Mt. St. Helens changed thinking on biology and geology.


Junior High Series on a Christian Worldview vs. Evolution. This series consists of three messages. The first two messages quote from the evolution sections of the Ashland WI 7th grade biology textbook. The talks then provide scientific data that show problems with the supposed evidences for evolution. In candid quotes some key evolutionists admit that evolution is untrue. These two messages help students think critically about what is taught in public schools, museums, etc. The third message gives an overview of the Christian worldview from a scientific perspective.




Jim Orme is a speaker who focuses on how science and the Bible support each other. He is also the author of a 34-page booklet Evolution: Fact or Fiction? (provided on the Resources page of This booklet is a guide to evolution displays at museums. Orme is President of the Northwoods Creation Association in Ashland, Wisconsin.


Orme retired after 34 years as a systems analyst and developer for Bell Labs, AT&T and Tellabs. His responsibilities were as varied as the simulation of a spy satellite system, the analysis of telecommunications traffic, and the development of domestic and international telecommunications standards.


Orme was elected to the position of Senior Member of the Institute of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The senior members constitute approximately the top 5% of the IEEE.