Tournament Results


NFL National Tournament, Birmingham, AL: June 13-20   

The end of a great run. Each of the kids was eliminated at various times over the course of the week. The semifinals had no Washingtonians this year. Disappointing, but what a ride! The Deep South NFL District threw a smooth, organized, awesome shindig. Support from back in Seattle has been awesome all through this process, and we learned some lessons for Kansas City next year as well. Thanks to all.


Extemporaneous/Impromptu Tournament of Champions: May 14-16

Each year, Northwestern University hosts the TOC for Extemporaneous and Impromptu. Students qualify by making finals at their state tournaments. Chicago was gorgeous and the Hotel Orrington is an outstanding place to stay when you're visiting the North Shore. Erin Handley and Morgan Purrier were our competitors this year, with Erin breaking finals (second year in a row for SAAS) in Impromptu! She caps off an awesome Seattle Academy career as one of the best of the best. Morgan graduates with 423 nfl points, our all-time leader!

Erin Handley 6th Place overall: Impromptu Speaking


WA State Tournament: March 14

2009 1A Washington State Speech/Debate Academic State Champs

2009 1/2/3A Washington State Speech Team Champions

Champions again. Final score: Seattle Academy, 80. Next school down, 29. Our team put on a dominant performance from the start. What an awesome swan song: 3 State Champions, 5 students moving on to national competition. This was one of the best teams in America this year. The tale of the tape:

Morgan Purrier Extemporaneous Finalist - WA State (qualifies: Chicago TOC)
Leandro Fefer Impromptu Finalist
Connor Raikes Humorous Interp WA State-3rd Place
Rachel Warren Original Oratory WA State-2nd Place
Marissa Roecks Prose/Poetry Interp WA State-2nd Place
Erin Handley Impromptu



WA State-2nd Place (qualifies: Chicago TOC)

Rachel Liddell Expository

Prose/Poetry Interp

WA State-2nd Place

WA State Champion!!

Maddie Denman Original Oratory

Dramatic Interp


WA State Champion!!

Katie Raynolds Original Oratory WA State Champion!!


NFL National Qualifier: March 5-7

This year is turning out to be one for the record books. In any given year, a school is very lucky to send a single competitor to the NFL National Tournament (SAAS has sent two in its history) and many schools never will. This year 3 Seattle Academy students will represent Washington at the national tournament in Birmingham, AL, in June! What is there to say but:

Ben Symons Humorous Interpretation NFL National Qualifier!
Rachel Liddell Original Oratory NFL National Qualifier!
Maddie Denman Dramatic Interpretation NFL National Qualifier!
Hannah Van Nostrand/Maria Miracle Duo Interpretation District Finals
Rachel Warren International Extemporaneous District Finals


Mt. Vernon High School: January 23-24

Hard to believe it's already time to close out the regular season. We pointed the bus towards Canada and hit the gas. While our focus at this tournament was primarily on our debaters, we got some good news in Humorous, as the boys secured their State spots with 2 top-3 placements. Next stop: the playoffs!

Connor Raikes 2nd Place: Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier!)
Zach Thal 3rd Place: Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier!)


Federal Way High School: January 17

2009 got off to an astounding start with the Federal Way tournament. Generally the largest tournament of the year, there were events that had 100 competitors. It was a long day, but by the time it was over, the Seattle Academy judges were sitting on the sidelines, unable to judge finals in ANY event, as SAAS was included (sometimes 50%) in every single one. The tale of the tape:

Rachel Liddell 1st Place: Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier!)
Ben Symons 3rd Place: Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier!)
Morgan Purrier 1st Place: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)
Katie Raynolds 2nd Place: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Erin Handley Finalist: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)

Finalist: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)

Marissa Roecks 3rd Place: Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier!)

Finalist: Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier!)

Rachel Warren Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)

Finalist: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)


Auburn Riverside High School: December 12-13

The end of a six week run that had us at five tournaments. The snow threatened Friday and Saturday, but didn't really start to fall until we were on our way home Saturday night. By that time, Morgan and Rachel had won Impromptu and Oratory, and SAAS had its first competitor in Student Congress (McKinley). Now it's time for the holidays and some well-deserved rest for the Team. Thanks to coach Mark Davis and all his gang down at Riverside for a smooth, fun meet. See everyone again after the New Year!

Simon Wenet/Claire Hoover 3rd Place (tie): Public Forum Debate (Varsity Div.) 4-1
Hannah Van Nostrand/Maria Miracle 3rd Place (tie): Public Forum Debate (Varsity Div.) 4-1
Morgan Purrier 1st Place: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)

2nd Place: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)

Rachel Warren 1st Place: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)


Renton High School: December 6

There was a point during the awards ceremony where this one got just a little embarrassing. If our names had been called again, I truly think we would have been frisked at the door on the way out to make sure we weren't taking the silverware. 20 schools, great competition, and we brought home first place trophies in five of the eight events at varsity level. Early Christmas?

Ben Symons 1st Place: Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier!)
Katie Raynolds 1st Place: Dramatic Interpretation

1st Place: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)

Rachel Liddell 1st Place: Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier!)

1st Place: Expository Speaking (State Qualifier!)

Peter Alexieff 3rd Place: Novice Dramatic Interpretation (first tournament)


Eastside Catholic High School: November 21-22

The end of a wild three week stretch! I have rarely been so thankful to approach Thanksgiving! A week off will be very welcome indeed. First things first, however, and the team was able to dominate at Eastside Catholic (their new school up on the Sammamish plateau is huge and cool), and then take our bus down south to Sumner to make the girls soccer WA 1A State final game! We were the very well-dressed ones cheering down front. Congratulations to coach Rob Phillips and the Lady Cardinals on their title! Other highlights included:

Simon Wenet/Claire Hoover 1st Place: Public Forum Debate (Varsity Div.) 6-0!
Hannah Van Nostrand/Maria Miracle 1st Place: Public Forum Debate (Novice Div.) 5-1
Morgan Purrier Superior: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)
Maddie Denman Superior: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)

Superior: Dramatic Interpretation

Campbell Cock-Foster Superior:Novice Impromptu

Superior: Novice Extemporaneous

Marissa Roecks Superior: Prose/Poetry


Tahoma High School: November 14-15

November rolls on, and Tahoma has moved its date earlier in the season, taking us south to Covington and the hinterlands of King County. Thirty-one other schools apparently had the same idea. For many, it's still the first tournament this year, but we've already started strong, with six state berths in only two meets. Debate continues to grow (that's that 2011 class!), with Erica Rasmussen and Nellie Trenga-Schein going 4-2 in Novice Public Forum, and Alec Fiebig and Scott Hughes going 5-1 and placing 3rd in NPF Debate! Other highlights included:

Alec Fiebig/Scott Hughes 3rd Place: Public Forum Debate (Novice Div.)
Rachel Warren Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Rachel Liddell 2nd Place: Expository (State Qualifier!)


Snohomish High School: November 7-8

A brand new Speech/Debate year began, appropriately enough, at a brand new school. The Snohomish team invited 16 schools up to its new campus at beautiful Glacier Peak High School. The scenery was truly breathtaking, even at 7:30 in the morning. Due to the end of Fall sports and the Fall stage production, we took a slightly smaller group, but one that included several students competing at their first tournament! Especially nice was our growing Debate section, with Simon Wenet and Claire Hoover going 4-2 in Varsity Public Forum, and Hannah Van Nostrand and Maria Miracle going 5-1 and winning the whole thing in Novice Public Forum Debate! Other highlights included:

Maddie Denman 2nd Place: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)

3rd Place: Dramatic Interp

Maria Miracle/Hannah Van Nostrand 1st Place: Public Forum Debate (Novice Div.)
Katie Raynolds Finalist: Original Oratory (State Qualifier!)
Leandro Fefer Finalist: Impromptu (State Qualifier!)
Morgan Purrier Finalist: Extemporaneous (State Qualifier!)