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2018 Weed & Pest Program Policy

Black Tailed Prairie Dog-Plains Pocket Gopher (Private Landowners)

Cost share designated: District 60%   Landowner 40%.  (Up to $2,000.00 cost shared by the district) If landowner needs more funding, they must petition the Board for approval.

Cost Share Requirements:

All tax paying landowners of Crook County are entitled to have cost share for chemicals applied to designated weed and pests in Crook County.


 *”Landowner” means any owner or lessee of state, municipal or private land, and included an owner of any easement, right-of –way or estate in the land.  Federal landowner means the federal agency having jurisdiction over any lands affected by the act.  (Wyoming Weed & Pest Control Act of 1973) Tittle 11, Chapter five, (a) (xx).

Supervisor may inspect any lands before, during or after application.

Registered, approved chemicals shall be used on the Wyoming designated noxious weeds or pest and shall be applied according to the label.

Chemicals must be applied in the fiscal year they are purchased.  Fiscal year is July 1– June 30.


There will be no charging of chemical to another party without prior authorization on file at the Weed and Pest office.

Purchasers of restricted use chemicals must have a valid certified private or commercial applicators license to purchase chemicals.  

NO COST SHARE: on labor

Purchases shall be cash or upon approval by the District, shall be due 30 days from the billing date, interest free. After 30 days, interest will be charged at 1.5% per month until paid.  After 90 days the cost share shall be relinquished, and the landowner shall pay 100%   of the purchase price.

Pesticides may be purchased at any authorized dealers other than Crook County Weed and Pest. To receive cost share from the District, one must:

        a. Have paid sales receipts

        b. Sales receipts shall be submitted within 60 days of purchase to the District office

        c. The District will pay the lesser of; District or Dealer Price.

This Weed and Pest Program shall be in effect under the following provisions:

        a. As long as the County Mill Levy & the Wyoming Department of Agriculture funds are available for the program.

        b. It also may become necessary to put each cooperator on a prorated basis which will be determined by the District            each year.