Stonefly Retrievers Puppy Contract

This contract constitutes a legally binding agreement between Larry Thompson and Jody Eller, herein known as Sellers, and __________________________________________________, herein know as Buyer. 

Stonefly Retrievers will deliver to the Buyer a (male/female) Golden Retriever. 

Sire: Semper Cooper's Mulligan MH QA2 *** CCA AKC# SR78985803 Dam: Stoneflys Madison River WCX AKC# SR67197801 

The consideration for this sale shall be the sum of $ 2200.00

Deposit for sale shall be $ 250.00.  Deposit is for breeding scheduled for fall of 2020. Upon successful breeding deposit shall be increased to $500.00. If breeding does not take place or is not successful deposit will be refunded in full.

Breeding is to be done by Natural Breeding. Any deposits received before confirmation of successful breeding will be returned in full.

Deposits received will be applied to the total price of the puppy, remaining balance must be paid in full before puppy is delivered: otherwise the deposit will be forfeited and the Buyer will have no claim on the puppy.

The deposit insures the Buyer the delivery of a healthy sound puppy with all appropriate vaccinations and worming.

Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by his/her veterinarian to confirm good health within 5 days of accepting the puppy and must notify Seller immediately if any questions of good health and soundness arises.

The Seller shall not be responsible for any medical costs incurred from the puppy after it leaves the physical possession of the Seller.

The Seller shall not be responsible for the safety of the puppy after it leaves the possession of the Seller, including shipping time.

Seller hereby guarantees that until 26 months of age the puppy will be free from the following:

Genetically inheritable cataracts, PRA or other eye disorders so severe that they prohibit the puppy from living a normal, active life as a pet and companion.

Genetically inheritable hip dysplasia as described by the OFA, slipping patella, or elbow dysplasia so severe that prohibits the puppy from living a normal, active life as a pet and companion.

Genetically inheritable subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS) so severe that it prohibits the puppy from living a normal life span, or a normal active life as a pet and companion.

Genetically inheritable hypo or hyperthyroidism so severe that it prohibits the puppy from living a normal life span, or a normal active life as a pet and companion.

In the event such heredity hip/elbow, heart or eye problems as listed above do occur, Buyer must provide written verification from a veterinarian that the puppy has been so diagnosed. Buyer will be then given a refund equal to one-half of the purchase price. If this puppy has been bred, whether by plan or accidental breeding, before having OFA (hips/elbows), CERF (eyes), and cardiac clearances, this guarantee becomes null and void.

Seller will provide Buyer a Full AKC Registration. 

Seller makes no guarantees or warranties other than specifically described in this contract to include congenital, genetic or idiopathic defects or abnormalities. Every effort is made by the Seller to produce a healthy responsibly bred puppy. If the puppy presents a condition not covered by this contract, the Seller will not be held responsible for any compensation or reimbursements to the Buyer. 

Buyer agrees to maintain the animal in good health and provide proper training and socialization. 

Buyer certifies that he/she will be the principle owner and caregiver of the said puppy. 


Buyer agrees to provide the American Kennel Club number and registered name to the Seller within 60 calendar days from the date of puppy purchase for the purposes of record keeping. As a courtesy to the Seller, the Buyer will include the kennel name of STONEFLY RETRIEVERS where possible in naming the puppy. 

In the unfortunate circumstance that a legal issue arises not covered in this contract, all litigation must be filed in Lane County, Oregon. 

We hereby agree to the terms outlined in the above statements and to the terms set forth in the bill of sale. 

Printed Name of Buyer: ____________________________________________

Buyers Address: ____________________________________________

Buyer's Signature: ____________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________

Printed Name of Sellers: Larry Thompson, Jody Eller

Sellers Signature: ____________________________________________

Sellers Signature: ____________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________