Two Ways to Obtain Blood Results:

1.             Get our free app from Drchrono

We will gladly send you the link upon request.

2.     Get Results directly from the lab:

a. Quest Lab

1. ą

2.     “For Patient” ą

3.     “Get your Results with my quest”ą

4.     Your will be on the sign up page, just proceed to create an account

5.    For technical Support Please contact Quest Tech support at 877-291-7521


b.  LabCorp

1. ą

2. “Sign up. It’s free” ą

3.  “Create a new account for myself”ą

4.   Click “next” to proceed with the registration

5.  Sign in to Microsoft Health vault.  If you have a Microsoft account, sign in with your user name and password. Note “Microsoft account” is the new name for what used to be called “Windows Live ID.” It is the combination of an email address and password that you use to sign in to services like Hotmail, messenger, and XBOX Live.  If you do not have a Microsoft account, click on “Sign Up now” complete the registration request then click. Enter the characters you see at the bottom of the screen and click “I accept” to create a Microsoft Account only if you don’t have one.  Once you create the Microsoft account you will be able to complete the LabCorp patient account setup.

6. If you have any questions or problems please contact LabCorp at 1-800-745-0233