Tournament Results


National Tournament of Champions: May 12-13

Another season in the books. Many thanks to Matt Heimes, Demond Wilson, and everyone who makes the NIETOC possible. San Antonio is a lovely city by night, and we ended our stay there with a boat tour up  and down the river. Jenna made it to semis in Prose and lost the finals break on a slim tie-breaker. We look forward to Gustavus Adlophus in MN next May, as our team's favorite place to go is always the one we've never been. Enjoy the summer everyone; it will be time to get back to it before you know. Thanks one and all for a great season!

Jenna Levin 8th Place-Prose Interpretation


WA State Speech Tournament: March 16

Washington is ours once again. This one was tight. Bear Creek, Mt. Rainier Lutheran, and Ridgefield were all outstanding. Hats go off to all of the teams, public and private, large and small, that made the journey down to UPS and Tacoma to the state meet. Some newer faces showed amazing promise, and we are well set up for Chicago and San Antonio come May. Eight title trophies now sit in the SAAS case, and we are grateful to the entire culture that supports us here at the corner of 13th and Union, and has done so for the last decade. Results included:

Jenna Levin Dramatic Interpretation-WA State Champ (National Qualifier)

3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 7th Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)

Alex Karbo 4th Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle 4th Place-Expository
Matt Fulle 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (National Qualifier)
Maddie Lee 6th Place-Extemporaneous (National Qualifier)
Elliot Frank 6th Place-Original Oratory (National Qualifier)
Augusta Chapman Humorous Interpretation-WA State Champ (National Qualifier)
Wiley Jones 6th Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Jeremy Alben/Izzy Bank 5th Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)

2012-13 WA State 1A/2A/3A Team Champions


University of California-Berkeley: February 16-19

Now THAT was a big tournament. Well over 200 entries per event, and if you break into the out-rounds you are among the top people nationally right now who do what you do. While Berkeley itself was a little. . . well, it's hard to describe Telegraph Ave., we had a great time in the Bay area, as we always seem to. Many thanks to all the UC team members and volunteers who made such a mammoth enterprise possible. And best of luck to one particular Berkeley Jamba Juice employee who got. . . a bit overwhelmed on Sunday night. In the end, ALL 3 of our Oratories busted out to Octas, and Matt continued on to Quarters, sewing up his trip to San Antone with his second national bid! Results included:

Matt Fulle Quarterfinals: Original Oratory (national qualifier)
Izzy Bank Octafinals: Original Oratory
Decker O'Donnell Octafinals: Original Oratory
Augusta Chapman Octafinals: Dramatic Interpretation


Newport High School (Bellevue College): Feb. 8-9

What a crazy way to end the regular season! New faces, veterans peaking at just the right time, and an all-time record on State slots gained for the year. Apparently this will be the last year Newport hosts at Bellevue College. If so, it's too bad; it's a lovely campus and close by. Now it's off to California, State, and then Texas. What a ride! Results included:

Claire Mason 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Hannah Lewis 5th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Sarah Dupree 2nd Place-Expository
Jenna Levin 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation

1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

Alex Karbo 3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation

2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation

Robert Franco 5th Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Wiley Jones/Christina Leonidas 1st Place-Duo Interpretation
Christina Leonidas 5th Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)
Rob Leet 4th Place-Impromptu (State Qualifier)
Wiley Jones 1st Place-Humorous Interpretation
Matt Fulle 1st Place-Extemporaneous
Maddie Lee 2nd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)


Eastside Catholic: February 1-2

Back to one tournament per weekend: I think that's the way to go. Life is different up "on the Plateau". Heck, even the weather is different. At times during the drive, the fog seemed so thick that anything could have come up out of it. But the castle on the hill has been kind to us historically, and this year we came away with some key breaks and good finals, even though we just took a few kids. Many thanks to coach Jeff Gans and his crew for a smooth, high quality meet. Results included:

Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 1st Place-Duo Interpretation
Alex Karbo 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Sofia Smith 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Veronica Owen 3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)


The University of Washington-Tacoma: January 26

This weekend we attempted the "Inception"-esque feat of being in two places at once. While some of our debaters went to Bear Creek with Joel, most of our IE'ers went south to UW-Tacoma with Zoe in search of those elusive TOC bids. Co-hosted by Thomas Jefferson High, the tournament was a first for us. It was also Speech events only. Running fast and well-organized, everyone was home for dinner! Results included:

Isabelle Bank 5th Place-Original Oratory
Elliot Frank 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State/National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 6th Place-Expository
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation
Jeremy Alben/Isabelle Bank 1st Place-Duo Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Maddie Lee Top Novice: Extemporaneous
Max Schoenfeld Top Novice: Prose/Poetry Interpretation


The Bear Creek School: January 25-26

This weekend we attempted the "Inception"-esque feat of being in two places at once. While most of our IE'ers went south to UW-Tacoma with Zoe in search of those elusive TOC bids, some of our debaters went to Bear Creek with Joel. Coach Kevin Davison and his parents and students were throwing their first tournament, but you would never know it. Everything was not only beautiful and professional, but totally on schedule and stress-free. Here's hoping they become a permanent presence on the calendar each year. Results included:

Sarah Dupree 1st Place-Expository (State Qualifier)
Alex Karbo 1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation


Federal Way High School: January 18-19

Federal Way High School is a pinnacle tournament every year; it's by far the largest regular season meet, with 60 schools in attendance, and has competition that rivals State. Coach Lois Gorne and company ran perfectly on time, and kept things orderly and fun. The Seattle Academy squad went in search of a few very specific prizes: state slots in a couple key events and those sought-after TOC bids. In the end, we came back with 3 state slots and 2 TOC bids. Results included:

Isabelle Bank 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State/National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 3rd Place-Original Oratory (State/National Qualifier)
Matt Fulle/Christina Leonidas 3rd Place-PF Debate (State Qualifier)
Sarah Dupree/Alex Karbo 2nd Place Speaker Point Award-PF debate


Auburn Riverside High School: December 7-8

It's always a nostalgic trip of sorts to go down to Auburn Riverside; our team has a host of fond memories from years past, from snow to state slots. This year we took mostly debaters, but also looked to pick up some key bids for the State tournament in the Individual Events. Mark Davis and his crew ran smooth and on-time. The weather even cooperated and gave us cool, dry dawns for our commute. When it was all over, we got what we came for! Now it's time for some Yule cheer and a few halftime adjustments at the break. See you in 2013. Results included:

Augusta Chapman 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 2nd Place-Expository Speaking (State Qualifier)
Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Maddie Lee 2nd Place-Novice Extemporaneous Speaking


Renton High School: December 1

This is how everyone will do tournaments soon. One day, there at a reasonable hour, home for dinner, well-run and on-time. And I'm not just saying that because we closed out IR finals, took 3 of the 4 ToC bids, and trophied 18. Not that it hurts. We took a substantial squad of 36 entries that mixed veterans and novices, and had both come away with success. We careen towards the Solstice Break with some good stuff in the rear-view mirror. Many thanks to Team Buchan for a great meet! Results included:

Jenna Levin 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)

1st Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)

Tessa Garcia-Duarte 2nd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)

3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation

Alex Karbo 3rd Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Veronica Owen 4th Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 3rd Place-Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

3rd Place-Original Oratory

Decker O'Donnell 1st Place-Original Oratory (National Qualifier)
Elliot Frank 4th Place-Original Oratory
Augusta Chapman 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Wiley Jones 4th Place-Humorous Interpretation
Grace Trautman/Emily Hilton 1st Place-Duo Interpretation (State and National Qualifier)
Jeremy Alben/Izzy Bank 4th Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Wiley Jones/Christina Leonidas 3rd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Evie Bellew/Lucy Halperin 2nd Place-Novice Duo Interpretation
Evie Bellew 2nd Place-Novice Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Bryce Barton 4th Place-Novice Impromptu


Tahoma High School: November 16-17

Man, Tahoma got big! Over 45 schools were down in Covington to try for the state and TOC bids at stake. The Golden Bears threw a well-run, on-time meet that fed us well and provided good competition for one and all. By the time the dust settled and we were on our way home we had netted multiple state bids and a TOC bid in Oratory. Our novices shone brightly as well. Results included:

Lev Klarnet/Connor Rice 2nd Place-Novice Pub. Forum Debate
Max Schoenfeld 2nd Place-Novice Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Elliot Frank 4th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 7th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Tessa Garcia-Duarte 3rd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Jenna Levin 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Wiley Jones 2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Reed Watson/Marley Arborico 3rd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 1st Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)


Snohomish High School: November 9-10

There's a crispness to the air, especially at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, that signals the beginning of the local forensic season. And about time, too. Diana started up the bus and we motored up to Snohomish. As is always the case at this time of the year, there were some exciting new faces and several of them came up big their first time out. Things ran a bit late, and it was a sleepy crew that pulled back into the CUB parking lot on Saturday night, but we came away with five state bids and all our debate teams went at least 3-3, with all but one going 4-2. Results included:

Maddie Lee/Julia Delaney 4th Place-Novice Pub. Forum Debate
Raven Guenneguez 3rd Place-Novice Prose/Poetry Interpretation
Decker O'Donnell 5th Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)

2nd Place-Humorous Interpretation

Alex Karbo 2nd Place-Dramatic Interpretation (State Qualifier)

4th Place-Prose/Poetry Interpretation (State Qualifier)

Reed Watson/Marley Arborico 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation (State Qualifier)
Matt Fulle 2nd Place-Original Oratory (State Qualifier)


University of Utah: October 6

Salt Lake City is lovely and the students and faculty of the UU put on a great tournament as we flew to Utah for the first time. Our team came in search of those all-important NIETOC bids (DI, HI, DUO, and OO), and the Utes offered them for placing 1st in one of the NIETOC events. In the end, thanks to some hard work by our veterans, Delta airlines and the Red Lion Downtown Salt Lake, we secured two of the four available. Just as impressive; 6 of the 7 team members who made the trip broke finals at a tournament that featured schools from WA, UT, ID, and NV. Results included:

Augusta Chapman 1st Place-Dramatic Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Wiley Jones 1st Place-Humorous Interpretation (National Qualifier)
Decker O'Donnell 2nd Place-Original Oratory

6th Place-Humorous Interpretation

Alex Karbo 4th Place-Dramatic Interpretation
Wiley Jones/Christina Leonidas 2nd Place-Duo Interpretation
Matt Fulle 4th Place-Original Oratory