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Boot Camp
2019-2020 Checklist
Class Coordinator
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Sample 4- or 5-Day Class Schedule …………………………………………….…5
Promoting Your STT Boot Camp………………………………….…….………..7
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hank you so much for your interest in bringing Tailor Made Learning’s Strategies,
Tips, & Tricks to your school/church/organization. Due to the high demand for
our boot camp, classes are on a first-come basis and are finalized once the host has
“10 full payments”. For your convenience, here’s a checklist for organizing a class. It is a
very simple and easy process.
Here’s an overview:
1. Set a tentative class date with the TML team. 866-575-2716
2. Download and edit the Turn Your Score Into Scholarships yer, send, and post to all
of your contacts. (make a JPEG)
3. Receive 10 full-priced payments from serious families.
4. Once 10 payments are received, TML will contact host to finalize the class date.
5. Receive detailed class flyer and site registration link.
6. Continue promoting the class.
As a class organizer your student wi! receive the fo!owing:
Free attendance with 10 fu!-price students in attendance (Your kids are not included in the
Bonus Comprehensive eCourse (received a%er the completion of the boot camp)
Course Materials
*Volume Bonus. *Based on final student count
11-15 students. $100 Visa Gi% Card
16-24 students. $200 Visa Gi% Card
25+ students. $300 Visa Gi% Card!
10:00 AM - 2:00 AM (10-15 minute break)
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (10-15 minute break)
Wednesday 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM
*Class coordinators do not incur any additional expenses to organize a class.
Tailor Made Learning covers all instructor fees and miscellaneous expenses for
Continental US classes; which is why each class requires a minimum of
students. Class rates are set at the scheduling of the class. The class can be as
large as the venue allows comfortably.
Download the editable Early Bird registration “Turn Your Score into
Scholarships” flyer and send/post to contacts.
Recruit the rest of the students, a minimum of 10 students at full-price.
Siblings are counted as a 1/2 student. These families can register online once
the information is on the TML website.
Provide an appropriate location for the class. The room must include
adequate seating (chairs and tables) and a projector screen or clean white wall.
Facilities fees may apply. (If so, host can divide and pass the cost to the
Receive emails from TML with helpful webinar and article links that answer
most questions. Use them to advertise and help fill the boot camp.
Send it out to your contacts and post on social media.
Collect email address of serious families and add parent/student information
to the roster on the tab or upload names on the online form. The 10 families
will receive an invoice to make the payment online. Once the first 10
payments are made, registrants will be able to register on the TML website
and will be automatically added to the roster.
4- or 5-
Print host checklist on page 10-12 with instructions leading up to the class
as well as the day of the boot camp.
Assist the instructor each day of the class with set up and any small
administrative tasks needed. The class coordinator or an assigned adult
must be present during the boot camp to support the success of the
instructor and students.
Facility Accommodation
Drinking water
Functioning A/C or heat
Semblance of privacy
Tables and chairs/desks
Room must be adequate to hold all students registered.
Advertising Your Boot Camp
Send emails and flyers to all your contacts, neighbors, and post on ALL
social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also make
personal phone calls within your network.
Here are some other groups:
Homeschool support groups in your area are a great advertising
resource. You can find a list of support groups by state/county at
Google the following for hybrid schools in your area:
Classical Conversations
Veritas Classical Schools
Masters Academy of Fine Arts in your area
Christian/Private schools in your area
Churches and athletic teams
Public high schools in your area, teachers, PTAs, or guidance
With your participation with the Strategies, Tips, & Tricks boot camp, your
students will join the ranks of others across the nation who have learned the
unique tips and exclusive strategies to scoring high on the SAT/ACT.
During the class period, we generally have a brief, 10-15 minute break. Many
parents choose to have their students bring a snack. Please decide what is
best for your group.
Boot Camp
The class is generally 4 or 5 days (4-5 hours with 10-15 minute breaks). For
weekday/weekend classes, the duration is 10, 2-hour sessions over a 4 week
pe ri od . Please s en d the fo llowing information to
Class Date:
Class Time:
Your address: (for administrative information and to ship materials to you if
Your best contact numbers/email:
Any special requests:
All families who register online will receive class details and reminder emails
before the class.
To help ensure the ALL students (including yours) are successful and motivated to
practice after the boot camp, families will receive emails to do the following
before the class:
1. Take test #3 for a baseline score.
2. Submit the answer sheet to admin.support@learningtailormade.com
3. Download and print the class outline notes and bring to class:
*After the class, students will have access to the eCourse to go back over all the
strategies and test-taking techniques. There will be reinforcing homework, and
once completed, students are instructed to retake the same test #3 to notate
improvement. This should give them confidence and motivation to continue
practicing to raise their scores even higher.!
Boot Camp
Thank you so much for your interest in hosting the TML Strategies, Tips, &
Tricks Boot Camp.
We are looking forward to our time together: organizing a successful Strategies,
Tips, & Tricks Boot Camp for the students in your community.
The Tailor Made Learning Team
(866) 575-2716
Host Checklist:
Week Before Class:
Secure a trusted adult to stay during class times if you, the host, is
unable. This helps ensure coverage for any unexpected occurrences.
Check out the classroom to make sure it is adequate and that the
manager is aware of the class.
Give building manager/janitors number and email to the teacher.
Confirm any snacks that parents may bring for the students (optional).
Email teacher for introduction. (His/her contact will be on the final
roster once registration has closed.) Alert them of specific ways to
enter building if no clear entrance or facility has multiple entrances.
Check to see if there is a (wired-in) projector on site for the teacher and
it is operational and has a remote. Please check if the projector is
functioning properly.
Registered families will be sent a reminder email about the class details a
few days before the class. It will also remind them to:
1. Take test #1 for a baseline score.
2. Email answer sheet to admin.support@learningtailormade.com for
3. Downloads and print class outline notes and bring to class:
Two Days Before the Class:
Touch base with instructor via phone.
Print roster/attendance log from email.
Download and print signage to hang up outside/inside for class:
Day of Class:
Bring printed roster for check-in.
Arrive (45-60 minutes) early to set up class (i.e. tables and chairs)
Meet with teacher beforehand an hour on the first day and 30
minutes on the second day.
Make sure A/C or heating is working.
Hang up signs (inside and outside) to direct students to classroom.
Set up check-in area
Have students sign in on the attendance log upon entrance. (This is
to be done at each session.). Leave the attendance log with the
Hand students a workbook (or put one on tables ahead of time)
Give out any extra books that were ordered (info on roster)
Host must stay during the entire class or arrange for another trusted
adult to be on site.
If a school, please make sure teacher has the security guard or
janitor’s number.
The teacher will arrive approximately 1 hour early on the first day and 30
minutes on the second day to meet host and set up the computer/projector,
Class starts promptly on time, so late show-ups will have to review missed
information on the eCourse. To finish on time, teachers cannot wait for
late students.!
Boot Camp Overview: learningtailormade.com.com/bootcamp-overview
(313) 306-4367
Links and