Meet The Desert Oasis Crew

DJ Frank Tha Tank

DJ Frank Tha Tank

Manager / Owner

Originally from Sacramento, Ca, I moved to several other places like Lewiston, ID, Reno, NV, Copperas Cove, TX and  now living in Mesa, AZ.

I originally got into karaoke back in 2009. I was living in Reno at the time, working in a call center for a top 4 cell phone company. I met a couple who would tell me stories about the best karaoke shows they had ever hosted in the Bay Area in California. They kept asking me to come out to karaoke with them, to talk about the karaoke business and also to see how fun karaoke could be. I finally caved in and went out one night. It was a blast. The first song I sang with them was "Mary Jane's Last Dance". I was hooked. We went out as often as we could. I still thank the both of them for really showing me what karaoke is about. To this day I still feel the same way when I sing. Energized and having a great time.

Well as fate would have it, I had switched jobs to a very RED cellphone company doing tech support. That job ended up getting cancelled. There was a point where I had to find a new job or transfer with the company to Phoenix. After long deliberation, I decided to move to Phoenix. For a fresh start.

One day at work, I was looking through craigslist for side jobs. I found one for a Karaoke company looking for Karaoke hosts. I met and interviewed with KJ Phil. I passed and had my training with DJ Dr. Love aka Bob. A full week of training because I had my first gig at Kat's on 24th st and Indian School. I loved it.

Fast forward a few year. I'm now one of the amazing owners of this amazing company.

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