Draft Beer

Coffee Porter/English

Brewed in-house, this porter stands on a base of Briess and MO and gets it's mouth feel from the addition of caramunich. Coffee malt finishes it off. The hops are Nugget, Willamette and Crystal. In this variant, we used a commercial English ale yeast known for it's clean finish


Coffee Porter/American

The grain bill, hops and process are the same as our English Coffee Porter. This variant uses a popular American ale yeast for a slightly drier profile.



With equal amounts of Briess 2 row and Marris Otter as a base, this brew's full body comes from the addition of biscuit and caravienne specialty malts. The hops are all from the US. We used Nugget and Amarillo during the boil. This variant features Crystal hops at flame-out and a classic English ale yeast. Brewed in house.


Scottish Ale

This Public Option original starts out with Marris Otter from the UK, mellowed by a small addition of Briess. The sturdy head comes from specialty carafoam malt. A nod to Scotland is provided by a generous addition of peated malt. Boil hops are Warrior and Willamette. We've added a wee bit of bitterness with Liberty hops at flame-out. Nottingham yeast gives this beer a slightly dry finish.


Southern Belle

Imperial Brown Ale from our neighbors at 3 Stars.


Peppercorn Saison

Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale. Another great 3 Stars brew.


Premium Cans


A pale lager from Holland.


Rowdy Rye

Both fun and aggressive, Rowdy is a hop forward rye ale full of flavor. From Atlas Brew Works.


District Common

A quaffable California Common featuring biscuit malt and Czech Saaz hops. Also from Atlas.


Regular Cans


A medium-bodied American-style lager.


Bud Lite

Like the original, A medium-bodied American-style lager. Just fewer calories.


Pabst Blue Ribbon

An American Adjunct Lager style beer.



A pale lager brewed in Mexico