Our Experts


Midwest Digital Forensics and Analytics, LLC is staffed by amazing professionals.  Our experts are seasoned investigators that have excelled through difficult training.  They have spent hours in the classroom enhancing their skills and increasing their knowledge.


Clint Brock is has been in law enforcement since 2004.  Prior to joining the Garden City Police Department, he graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Information and Technology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Fort Hays State University.  Clint spent 3 years at Garden City High School as a School Resource Officer.  During this time, he noticed a need for more community involvement amid the students.  He developed N.I.P. (Neighborhood Improvement Project) and convinced hundreds of local students to give up their Saturday mornings to help others.  N.I.P. painted over graffiti, gathered trash, planted trees and shrubs, and helped clean up the city in any location where people requested help.  N.I.P. was responsible for developing the community garden at East Garden Village, a large, local mobile home development.  Clint was recognized by the City of Garden City with a Distinguished Service Award and the Garden City Police Department as Employee of the Year for this effort in 2010 in developing what has become a vital community group.  


Mark Johnson has been in law enforcement since 2001.  Prior to becoming a detective, Mark spent 4 years on Patrol and gained the distinction of Master Patrol Officer.  He served as an FTO and was responsible for training newly hired patrol officers.  Mark was a certified defensive tactics instructor and a certified firearms instructor, a certification he holds to this day.  He spent numerous hours researching in-car camera systems for the police department patrol cars.  Mark was honored by the Garden City Police Department as Employee of the Year in 2012 for his research efforts and implementation of this camera system. In 2012, Mark was promoted to Detective 2nd Grade.


Clint and Mark were instrumental in helping to develop the Garden City Police Department Computer Forensics Lab, one of only three such labs in the state of Kansas.  Their continued training efforts and drive to succeed have led to numerous arrests and convictions.  They continue to collect training hours, growing their knowledge and abilities in the computer forensics community.  Let our experts help you or your business discover the information you need.