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Industry Specific Solutions

  • ATM Banking

    Banking Solutions

    Security is an extremely important in banking industry, 24×7 surveillance is present in many financial institutions but lack to provide informative evidence after an incident happens all the time. Watchnet DVR had tremendous success delivering clear detailed picture to the banking sector that result in conviction, Banks and financial institutions faces a multitude of threats including fraud, theft and physical attacks on staff and customers.


    The threat faced by the bank’s ATM fraud has been significantly reduced by installing Watchnet ATM DVR. The application of the networked CCTV solution helps the central monitoring station to alerted on transaction fraud, video loss, and total failure for ATM DVR communication. Using specialized software technology sensitive data is kept confidential while transaction numbers and Bank card numbers can be captured and overlaid over video for easy verification. When it comes to customer disputes, the bank can link metadata to images and apply text search function for post event analysis is certainly a powerful tool for the bank. Watchnet ATM Interface Module is compatible with a wide range of bank systems and ATM systems

  • Industrial

    CCTV plays a big role in the industrial applications. It is not only used to prevent theft but also keep an eye on the production line, employee behavior and following safety protocols. WatchNET has developed industrial quality DVRs that can be networked with multiple locations and cameras to withstand the tough environment including vibration, extreme heat, moisture and low lighting conditions. Vandal resistant IP66 rated, IP based network cameras can cover medium, large or enterprise level installations.

    With analytical feature like Missing Object, Foreign object, Camera occultation, Video loss, Counting application it is easy to keep the security in industrial applications.

  • Law Enforcement

    DVRs provide evidence for law enforcement. Watchnet DVR has unique special application products that are used in many Police stations around the world.

    Interview room recorder with dual DVD burner, Mini evidence recorder with clip on microphone and camera, Covert cameras with audio,

    Use in Court

    Watchnet unique auto play CD / DVD burning technique allows the backed up evidence to be played on any PC , Watermark and Authentication tool provides video to be verified as tamperproof to be admissible in court .

  • Access Control

    WatchNET has had an immense success in the CCTV Industry offering Surveillance Solutions over the past 18 years. To meet the growing demands of this industry for a complete Security Management Solution, WatchNET has been investing in research and development for the past four years to determine the right range of Access Control System. With this extensive background and industry experience WatchNET is now launching its range of Access Control Systems, fully integrated with its present range of CCTV systems offering our valued clients a comprehensive Security Management Solution. This company’s prime goal is to be a one stop organization for our clients in need for a quality solution.

    WatchNET Access products include Access Control System, Time & Attendance system, Elevator Access Control, Car Park Management etc. With all of these integrated with Intrusion detection and CCTV systems, WatchNET Access is able to offer our valued clients a comprehensive Integrated Building Security and Management system which is TCP/IP based. Added to this the development team has immense experience and resources to provide tailor made solutions to meet virtually any customization from our clients.

  • Retail Management

    Traditional camera system in retail store offers general surveillance and fail to provide detail picture when needed for evidence and conviction, Watchnet DVR retail video loss prevention systems not only capture clear video of events on real time but also integrate to most cash register and weigh scales to overlay the text on the video for accurate analyses of events like, No sale, Return, Void, Cancel etc. Watchnet DVR can also act as a effective tool to monitor sales if any given item and report for effective sales analysis and employ efficiency. Most POS and Cash registers can be integrated directly or using specially designed data capturing devise to convert RS232 data to IP.

    Watchnet DVRs sales analytic functions can significantly help retailers to plan sales strategy, boost productivity and maximize profit.


  • I'm Christian from Bureau Enquête du Québec in Gatineau. I take a few minutes to say to you, you have a great team at the Technical and sale Department. Those men (Manuel, Aka and Steve) gave me a very good service. For Manuel and Ake - they spend a lot of time and energy to find and built a solution for my VIP customer (those guys are very technically professional people) And they know what they have to do. Smart people. About Steve - he spend a lot of energy and he keeped tracking on the case to make sure everything was ok, and he made a conference call to make sure everybody know what they have to do and make a follow up. Take care of those people; they are a very good team (technical and sale). Manuel and Aka - they are a very good people. Feel free to call me if you have any question. Thank you
    Christian Lefebvre
  • "Hi Omar Thanks for the quick resolution to the problem I had today the Customer was very pleased and impressed with the quick response....... Thanks Again
    PS The Client we impressed was the local Provincial Jail Superintendent.
    Herman Kamphorst
    Senior Technician/Network Administrator, Atlantic Alarm & Sound
  • "Joining the Watchnet Preferred Partnership Program has been great! The support our company receives is outstanding."
    Stave Lulias
    Access Communications
  • "The technical support is some of the best in the industry, and their VNC is like having a manufacturer's representative on site. The Watchnet demo unit is the best sales tool available!"
    Costas Kagarakis
    On-Target System
  • "What a great bunch of folks! The technical and sales training are excellent and they treat your business like a Partner."
    Mike Munford
    Visual Remote Systems Management
  • "Their demo unit is the most effective in the industry! Our association with Watchnet has increased our CCTV revenues by 1000% and made us one of the most dominant providers of video surveillance in our area."
    Harry Robinson
    Concept Communications
  • Hi Alex, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your support team for all the hard work and support you have provided us over this past year with our Digital Video Recording system. I appreciate the many hours you have put into our project in order to modify it to our specific needs and provide a system that allows us to work efficiently and effectively.
    I look forward to our continuing partnership and advances in the digital video technology industry.
    Tom McDonald
    Inspector, South Simcoe Police service
  • We have been a partner of WatchNET for almost 7 years now.
    Just recently I was concerned about the process of calling you and a tech would call us back.
    I just want to say that Vatsal gave the kind of top notch service that made me not mind waiting the 172 hour I had to wait.
    From the moment I described the problem, Vatsal was on top of things. Being an engineer myself, I recognize when someone knows exactly what they are doing and talking about.
    IT was a pleasure speaking with him and watching and learning.
    Really looking forward to working with him in the future.
    Thank you and please pass my kind words along to Vatsal so he knows his customer’s KNOW he is doing a GREAT JOB!
    Ryan Anderson
    ComTec Systems, Inc.
  • I would to take this opportunity to personally thank Manuel for helping out this very important customer.  CP Rail has been testing out some of our VDV IRM cameras and are looking at deploying WatchNET cameras across Canada long their tracks to monitor switching equipment.  I have been working on this for almost a year and needed Manuel's help with their IT Dept to setup the cameras the way they needed.
    Manuel "Thank You so much"!!!
    Peter Brackett
    CP Rail Canada
  • I am writing this e mail to really Thank you and Manuel, for helping me and correcting what ever the issue was with the cameras and the software. I truly appreciate the support.
    Manuel, I was impressed with your professionalism while you were on site and the way you meticulously checked each camera while installing the updates. Since the update we didn't have one issue that was reported to me and DVRID remote access has been running very smooth with better picture quality even with the low bandwidth option.
    Once again Thank you very much and Keep up the good work
    V. Koukounian
    Gogan Integrated Systems Inc
  • Dear Mr. Thomas: "On behalf of the Toronto Police Service Hold Up Squad, I wish to thank you and your employees of Watchnet DVR Inc. for the invaluable assistance that you provided to us during our robbery/shooting investigation on Tuesday, July 9, 2003. The quality of the digital images captured by the equipment installed by your company, and the timely fashion that they were provided to us greatly benefited our investigation.
    Thank you again for your assistance.
    Stephen Harris
    Staff Inspector, Hold Up Squad
  • It is not often you find a company that will give you an immediate and continuous return on investment and what a great product line, my advise, join the Preferred Partnership Program TODAY!
    Gene Allen
    Guardian Security