Tournament Results


WIAA Washington State Tournament: March 10

Saturday, March 10, we finished off a great transitional season at the WIAA State tournament on the campus of the always-lovely University of Puget Sound down in Tacoma. 50% of the attending team broke through to Finals in their events, resulting in a 4th Place Trophy in the overall team category! The breakers were juniors, sophomores, and even a freshman "diaper dandy" (apologies to Dick Vitale. It is March.) so the future looks bright! Of all the 1A/2A/3A schools in Washington, only 32 qualified to State. We also returned home with that rarest of medals: an IE state championship.  Highlights included:

Helen Olsen WA State Champion!!: Extemp
Morgan Purrier 2nd Place - WA State: Impromptu
Morgan Purrier Finals - WA State: Extemp
Katie Raynolds Finals - WA State: Oratory
Marissa Roecks Finals - WA State: Prose/Poetry
Leandro Fefer Finals - WA State: Impromptu

Puget Sound District Tournament: March 1-3

Back to Kamiak already? You bet! That's where the National Qualifier Tournament is held near the end of each season, so it's a return to Mukilteo, as school's compete to make it to the "Big Dance" each June. While it looks like no Cardinals will be headed to Kansas THIS year, several of our competitors went WAY deep into the tournament. Highlights included:

Aaron Mesnik-Greene Finalist/2nd Alternate to Nationals: HI
Leandro Fefer Finalist: HI
Katie Raynolds Finalist: OO


Kamiak High School: Feb. 2-3

We don't get many opportunities to head north, so we point the big yellow bus towards the Mukilteo Speedway at this time of year and go to beautiful Kamiak for our regular season finale. Special thanks to Andy the black belt bus driver for hanging out when the awards ceremony started late. Highlights included:

Morgan Purrier Superior: Senior Impromptu (Repeat State Qualifier)

Superior: Senior Extemporaneous (Repeat State Qualifier)


Eastside Catholic High School: January 19 - 20

Just across Lake Washington on the I-90 bridge, you'll find Eastside Catholic, where coach Mike Burton and his team ran a model tournament that actually finished an hour or so AHEAD of schedule! Can't beat that. We had several first-timers out for this one and everyone represented SAAS at the highest level. Highlights included:

Morgan Purrier Superior: Senior Impromptu (State Qualifier)

Superior: Senior Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)

Katie Raynolds Superior: Senior Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Lauren Larson Superior: Senior Original Oratory (State Qualifier)
Marissa Roecks Superior: Senior Prose/Poetry Interp (Provisional State Qualifier)
Erin Handley Superior: Novice Impromptu
Rachel Warren Superior: Novice Extemporaneous

Auburn Riverside High School: December 9

This tournament marks the halfway point in the season, and what a season it's been thus far! ARHS had 31 schools on a foggy, rainy Saturday. The bus pulled out of Seattle at 6 a.m. and before the day was through we dealt with everything from collapsed varsity rounds to boa constrictors. Highlights included:

Leandro Fefer Finalist: Senior Impromptu (State Qualifier)
Maddie Reddington Finalist: Senior Prose/Poetry Interp (State Qualifier)
Katie Raynolds Finalist: Senior Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)
Claire Mauksch 2nd Place: Senior Dramatic Interp (State Qualifier)

Auburn High School: December 2

51 squads at Auburn High School, ice and snow the week before, and TWO fire alarms during the tournament! Yikes! It was more than worth the trip, however, as our post-season roster continues to grow. Highlights included:

Helen Olsen 3rd Place: Senior Extemporaneous (State Qualifier)
Helen Olsen 3rd Place: Senior Impromptu (State Qualifier)
Carter LeBlanc/Maddie Reddington Finalist: Senior Duo Interp (Provisional State Qualifier)

Puyallup High School: November 11

The Puyallup High School Invitational kicks off the season each year, and we joined 39 other schools down south to inaugurate a new team. Highlights include:

Katie Raynolds Finalist: Novice Dramatic Interp
Leandro Fefer 3rd Place: Novice Impromptu
Erin Gamoran Finalist: Senior Humorous Interp  (State Qualifier)