October 2013

To whom it may concern:

The extent of my ballet knowledge and experience goes no further than what I have learned from ballet master Jonathon Levy in the slightly more than 2 years that I have known him.  This knowledge comes from ballet classes I have taken from Jonathon Levy as well as time spent with him outside the studio exploring the ways that his knowledge of ballet and the human body can help my golf game.  I have had aspirations of playing golf professionally since my high school years.  I played college golf on a national level winning one college event and many other championships during my amateur career.  I turned professional in 2009 and less than one year later I found myself injured and not knowing how I could train and develop my body to overcome physical barriers that were keeping me from attaining the skill level required to be successful professionally.  I was forced to quit and it was not until the fall of 2011 after a two year hiatus from golf that I found myself in a Ballet 1 class taught by Jonathon.  I had become interested in ballet at the age of 26 as a way to improve my posture, strength, balance, and quality of movement.  Fate brought me to the class taught by ballet master Jonathon Levy. 

For the first four months I attended class 2-3 times a week and enjoyed learning the basics of ballet.  I began to feel stronger in my legs and core, my posture had improved, I learned how to stretch and even saw some improvement in my ballet technique.  It was a fun journey and it was great to expand my knowledge and life experience.  It was not until February of 2012 that I played a round of golf for the first time since the past summer.  I immediately noticed that my legs felt stronger, my posture held stronger through my swing, and I was hitting my shots better than I had 2 ½ years prior when I was trying to play professionally despite having only played a half dozen times since 2009.  I was excited and the next day I expressed this excitement to Jonathon.  He was not surprised that my limited ballet training was helping my body to function better in my golf swing and at my request he agreed to help me in any way he could to train my body for golf.  We quickly agreed on an appropriate level of compensation for his efforts and set about seeing what was possible. 

I simply hit some golf balls in front of Jonathon so that he could see the motion I was using and how my body was moving through the swing.  I expressed to him what I was trying to do, explained the basic technique of the golf swing, what I was feeling during the swing, and some of the things I felt I was lacking.  He immediately suggested and demonstrated several exercises that effectively increased my strength, power, and range of motion in key areas.  To this day we continue to build upon and refine these basic exercises.   

My intention with this letter of recommendation is not to vouch for Jonathon Levy’s knowledge of ballet, but rather to highlight the way that he has approached helping me in my pursuit of being a successful professional golfer.  He has developed a mastery in knowing how the body moves and how to train your muscles to perform a desired motion, but it is the selflessness and enthusiasm with which he uses this mastery to help anyone in need that is open to his assistance that I am attempting to highlight in this letter.  He has an unwavering belief that classical ballet forms the basis for all functional movement and therefore can enhance any bodily motion be it a golf swing or any other athletic action.  After seeing and knowing Jonathon for more than two years I fully believe that his highest aspiration is to master absolutely his trade so that he will be able and equipped to make a significant impact in this world through the students he trains, the people like myself that he helps, and the inspiration he can instill in others he comes into contact with. 

The inspiration he has instilled in me is derived from him simplifying how my joints and muscles are meant to work.  I have gained a level of conviction in my physical training that comes from believing that you know what is true and how to do things correctly.  Since returning to my pursuit of professional golf, just under two years ago, I have practiced upwards of sixty hours per week.  I have suffered through no injuries and have yet to feel even a hint of back pain.  To me this is a miracle when put into context with where I was physically in 2009 with a sore back, a knee joint that clicked each step I took, and a hip joint that popped slightly every time I made my swinging motion.  For myself and my golf game Jonathon has been a god-send.  I am confident that Jonathon will approach any task with the same energy, enthusiasm, expertise, creativity, and thirst for knowledge displayed in helping me to improve my golf game.  In Jonathon Levy I have seen nothing to suggest otherwise.


 Matt Kinsinger

Cell Phone: 775-830-4111

[I am currently competing in The Players Golf Tour – including Winter 2013-2014 PGA Qualifying Events and Tournaments in Arizona and Southern California]