Discussion Questions for Tangible Spirits


1.      Have you ever visited Jerome, Arizona?

2.      Thereís a TV show on DYI Network called Boomtown Builder, dedicated to restoring the old buildings there. Have you ever watched it?

3.      When you see an old building, do you ever imagine what it must have been like in its former glory?†

4.      Have you ever taken a ghost tour? Talk about what you liked/didnít like.

5.      Ghost factor aside, did you learn much from the tour?

6.      Why do you think the townspeople were so willing to believe that Mac, their friendly ghost aka guardian angel, was guilty?

7.      Did you agree with what Leo and Lucy did, in their efforts to save the fledging hotel?

8.      Do you view this as a marketing strategy (gimmick) or a deliberate effort to deceive? Would you be amused at such antics, or outraged?

9.      At what point did you realize who Minnie was?

10.  A historian for Jerome told me the story of the smelters and the rumored burials. Do you think these really happened?

11.  She also told me the theory of the ashes, working their way into the building materials. What are your thoughts on that?

12.  Had you ever heard of Executive Order 6102? (Itís real, by the way.) Do you think such a thing could have happen to hide the gold?

13.  Have you ever had a paranormal experience, or something you couldnít quite explain?

14.  Which begs the question Ė Do you believe in ghosts?