Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at the Carver Educational Services Center


(This summary includes motions and resolutions passed at the May meeting. The complete minutes will be reviewed by the Delegate Assembly at the September 26 meeting.)


Approval of Minutes: The minutes from the April 25, 2006 Delegate Assembly were reviewed. The minutes stand approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer’s report was filed.


Business Items:

Proposed Amendments to MCCPTA Bylaws

The bylaws committee chair distributed the proposed amendments. At the February 28, 2006 Delegate Assembly a motion was adopted directing the bylaws committee to draft the following amendments to the MCCPTA Bylaws.

Article VI Officers and their Election: Insert a new Section 4e which reads, “Any officer of MCCPTA shall resign within a week of filing for candidacy for public office.”


Article VIII Board of Directors: Insert a new Section 5 and renumber the following sections.

“Section 5. If a member of the board of directors (other than an elected officer –See Article VI, Section 4e) files for candidacy for public office, he/she shall not speak publicly on behalf of MCCPTA. If elected to public office, a member of the board of directors shall resign immediately.”

The bylaws committee is proposing as an additional amendment a section that had been left out of our recent revision of the bylaws because it was not included in the Maryland PTA’s bylaws template. The suggestion has been made that without this language, members might be excluded in the future even though this has been our practice for many years.

Article VIII Board of Directors: Insert a new Section 11 to read, “Regular meetings of the board of directors shall be open to all members of local PTAs.”

Thirty days notice of proposed bylaws amendments is required for voting.

            Delegates voted on all three articles at once and all three passed unanimously by voice vote.

These articles will be sent to MD PTA.


Special Education Committee presentation on proposed comments to Board of Education policy IOB (Educating Students with Disabilities)

The Special Education Committee made a motion that we send a letter to the Board of Education requesting that a letter to be written from MCCPTA requesting that representatives from this committee be placed as members of the regulation workgroup for Policy IOB. The motion passed unanimously by a voice vote.


New Business Items:

Wootton Cluster Resolution on Health Technicians

            Whereas most MCPS Schools have health technician services for only 5 ½ hours;

                Whereas MCCPTA believes that 5 ½ hours of health technician coverage is insufficient to meet

                the needs of our children; it is

                Resolved that MCCPTA supports and will advocate for increased nurse/health technician services

                so that a nurse or health technician will be on duty from ½ hour before the start of the school 

                day to ½ hour after the end of the school day.


Rich Edelman made a motion that the Wootton Cluster Resolution on Health Technicians be put on the floor and carried over until September. It was seconded.


Vicki Rafel made a motion to table this motion until September and that it be referred to the health

and safety committee and the operating budget committee. It was seconded. The motion passed by a voice vote.