Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at the Carver Educational Services Center


(This draft summary includes motions and resolutions passed at the November meeting. Complete draft minutes to be posted later.)


The minutes from the October 25 meeting were approved.


The treasurer’s report was filed for audit.



Business Items:

This directory resolution was referred to the executive board for language clarification at the October Delegate Assembly. We sent out the resolution on the CRC use. We can take this position in the future. The group consensus was to put this on the January agenda.


Directory Resolution: (Draft as distributed)

            WHEREAS each school year the local PTA units of the Montgomery County Council

of PTAs (MCCPTA) typically compile and publish student directories that include

personal and potentially sensitive information such as names, street addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of students whose parents have agreed to have such information

included; and

WHEREAS in granting permission to be listed in the directory students and their guardians/parents are not granting permission to share that information more broadly; and


WHEREAS by common knowledge and accepted practice these directories are intended

exclusively for the private use of the PTA/PTSA and the local PTA/PTSA communities to facilitate communication within their communities, and are not intended to be used for any other

purpose; and

WHEREAS the information contained in the directories are the property of the local  PTA/PTSA; and

WHEREAS local PTA/PTSA units do not intend nor give permission for these directories to be used for solicitations, advertising, mass mailings, or any other purposes unrelated to the mission, objects and policies of the local PTA/PTSA or by any organization other than the local PTA/PTSA; and

WHEREAS the local PTA/PTSAs are justifiably concerned that fears about potential misuse of student directories could lead parents to withhold student directory information, thereby impairing a critical PTA/PTSA asset;

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Delegates oppose the use of student directories for any purposes not expressly approved by the local PTA/PTSA; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Delegates expressly oppose use of the student directories by non-PTA/PTSA sanctioned organizations for any purpose.


Proposed alternative language:

(1)     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Delegates oppose the use of student directories for any purpose not in accordance with the objectives and mission of PTA, or by any organizations not expressly authorized by the local PTA to use the student directory.

(2)     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCCPTA Delegates oppose the use of student directories by any group other than the PTA.




May Delegates Assembly:

A motion was passed at the October 25 Delegate Assembly to have a May Delegate Assembly. The proposed new date is Tuesday, May 30, 2006. The fourth Tuesday is the night before the presidents and principals dinner. We’ll put this out on the list for alternative dates and bring it back in January.


Proposal to change the Delegates Assembly start time from 7:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

The goal of this proposal is to see if we could finish our meetings before 10 PM.

Mark Loberg made a motion to change the starting time of the Delegate Assembly from 7:30 PM to 7:00 PM. The motion was seconded. Discussion included opposition based upon child care, working times, filling the extra time no matter when we start, and time constraints. The motion failed on a voice vote. 


Proposed  Resolution from the MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Committee:

WHEREAS MCPS has specifically adopted grading and reporting procedures for grades 6-12 which govern reteaching/reassessment, homework and grading; and


WHEREAS these procedures indicate that they "will be applied consistently within and among schools"; and


WHEREAS the MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Committee is aware that there have been several instances where these procedures were incorrectly applied in a secondary class such as, for example, where students were only permitted to take a reassessment if they earned below a 70% on the original task or where students’ grades on a reassessment were capped at 85%; and


WHEREAS we cannot necessarily equate the small number of complaints that MCPS has received from parents with a conclusion that the grading and reporting policy has been implemented successfully; and


WHEREAS the MCCPTA Grading and Reporting Committee believes that in the interest of fairness to all students, MCPS needs to be more proactive in monitoring compliance with the grading and reporting procedures;


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that MCCPTA requests that Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) immediately require that Community Superintendents working with local school principals review school wide, department wide and course specific grading practices to ensure that they are in accordance with MCPS procedures and to ensure the immediate correction of any practices that contradict the stated procedures.


New Business Item: New motions or Resolutions presented by delegates

MCCPTA Gifted Child Committee Proposed Resolution:


o        The MCPS Board of Education has stated that increasing rigor is on e of its main goals

o        Providing a general continuum of services is one of the MCPS guiding policies

o        Over 300 students prepared for accelerated work will be graduating this school year

from the competitive middle school programs in MCPS, while only 200 slots are

available at the high school level for the whole county

o        Expanding the number of spaces available in these programs increases opportunities

for all students down county and upcounty

o        Existing programs of this nature generate and share best practices of excellence within

the communities where they operate, thus indirectly improving the educational level

for all students

o        The current upcounty middle school program at Roberto Clemente  enrolls significantly

higher proportions of African American students than its sister down county programs

o        The name recognition and prestige of Montgomery County is constantly enhanced by its

great school system, of which its well-known magnet programs are a highly visible element; thus attracting desirable organizations and increasing job opportunities for all

o        The existing HS magnet programs were created a long time ago when the student population

of Montgomery County was approximately half of what it is today, and their number of

spaces has not grown at all since then

o        The bulk of new development and growth in the county is taking place within the upcounty area

o        Current busing of upcounty students to won county programs incurs significant costs:

Financial (the cost of transportation) and human (wasted student-hours each day and disruption to family schedules

o        Deserving upcounty students who currently miss the opportunity for more enriched education as either themselves or their parents are unwillingly/unable to make the sacrifices implicit in attending at locations far removed from their homes

o        The recent Report from the Deputy Superintendent Advisory Committee on GT Education

o        indicates as one of its recommendations that : “MCPS must meet the need for additional seats

in centers and secondary magnet programs. Of critical concern is the establishment of an upcounty high school program to align with the Roberto Clement model.”

o        The cost of this program (expected to be less than $500,000 p.a. when fully operational; less during its initial years of  operation) represents approximately 3/100 of 1% (three hundredths of one percent) of the overall MCPS yearly budget of $1.7 billion; and


That MCPS should establish upcounty high school programs for the highly gifted, along the lines of the successful middle school programs at Roberto Clemente Middle School.


[1] /The word “upcounty”, as normally used by MCPS, refers to the northern area of Montgomery County as defined by the area covered by the two northern groups of clusters, i.e., the northwestern quad-cluster of: Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard and Seneca Valley HS; and the northeastern penta-cluster of: Clarksburg, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Magruder , and Watkins Mill HS.

[2]/the expression “along the lines of the successful programs at Roberto Clemente Middle School” is intended to convey the many design aspects that have made such programs so successful. Among them: the proposed HS programs should: a)offer open enrollment; b)include both, math-science-computer science and humanities programs (i.e., no IB program, their curricula will be based on Blair’s math-science-computer science magnet and on its CAPS humanities program); c)attract underserved minority students, just as the middle school programs at Roberto Clemente are doing currently; etc


Andrea Abrahams, Brookhaven delegate called the question. Voice vote passed calling the question. The resolution as written passed on a standing vote.



Paul Wexstein, Piney Branch delegate, proposed an amendment to the resolution:


The teaching methodologies used in magnet programs, and in particular the use of sustained student inquiry into real-world matters, would benefit all students and have been shown to result in major boosts in achievement across all students groups and to correspond to both adult intellectual achievement and the way the human brain builds new knowledge.



That MCPS should establish and begin to implement a plan for ensuring that the pervasive use of sustained student inquiry into real-world matters through projects and other methodologies used in magnet programs for the highly gifted not be limited to the students selected for the limited seats in those programs but instead be provided to all students in MCPS.


It was not seconded.



Alternative resolutions can go out in the January packet because of time constraints. David Lechner read portions of his resolution that had bee distributed. It was seconded and it will be referred to the January meeting. The operating budget committee work with him on the facts.


David Lechner’s proposed amendment on the resolution on a new magnet high school:

Whereas in-school programs are generally more cost-effective and can be made open to all students willing to meet entrance requirements and pursue the more rigorous curriculum, and


Whereas there appears to be no “very large grants from the Federal Government” available to create a new upcounty program (like there was for the Blair program when originally created), and


Whereas retention of highly capable High School students in their own home schools will help ensure that the home schools have better MSA Test Scores to meet Adequate Yearly Progress goals per NCLB Act, and


Whereas an International Baccalaureate (IB) program provides a standards based and world-wide recognized curriculum in a challenging program for highly motivated and capable students using a criterion referenced grading system, and


Whereas program opportunities in upcounty High Schools will open up additional program “slots”

At the Blair Magnet program for all MCPS students to apply towards;



Be it Further Resolved:

1)       That MCPS should alternatively consider creation IB programs at all upcounty high schools, and

2)       That MCPS shall additionally create or maintain complementary program components that focus on Science, Computers, and Mathematics at these High Schools, and

3)       That such new programs shall be open to students at those schools and from any other MCPS High School who are able to meet the program entrance criteria and provide their own transportation to the school or one of the bus stops supporting those schools.


The resolution was seconded. It will be referred to the January meeting and he agreed that the operating budget will work with him for factual accuracy.



Motion to move business items to the beginning of the Delegate Assembly:

Blair Wilson, Sherwood Cluster, made a motion to amend the agenda from this day forward to always have business conducted prior to any and all visitors and other speakers. It was seconded. It passed on a standing vote.