Making Government Relevant On Thomas Jefferson Day

Most daycares and schools are not going to celebrate Thomas Jefferson Day, but as a special celebration for the third president of the United States, and one of the most important writers of the Declaration of Independence, it is a great day for families to talk politics.

For many children, politics is a very unfamiliar area. Schools may avoid talking about the subject until children reach at least middles school years, but that doesn't mean kids can't understand and explore various political concepts such a voting, laws and the role of government.

To help your children to understand the government, regardless of your political perspective or leaning, consider the following activities:

Have a family voting system – parents can create the option to have democratic types of voting systems when changes are being brought into the way the family rules and expectations operate. Parents can establish rules and voting, and also talk about presidential (Mom and Dad) powers and how they may supersede the vote of the delegation.

Robert's Rules of Order – there is no need for formal Robert's Rules of Order in most families, but at least setting guidelines and expectations for "family meetings" is a helpful process. Kids, and adults, learn the importance of allowing for discussion and sharing ideas, which is something that is often lost in communication.

Get Online – there are a lot of great information sites about government and how the government works. A great site to visit is This is a terrific site to review with your children and explore questions they may have.

• The Three Branches – most children, even those in younger grades, can understand the importance of the three distinct branches of government. Talking about the three branches and how they impact the real world that American's experience at a child-friendly level will be essential.

The more that children get to understand the electoral process and the importance of participating in democracy, the better they will be able to understand these concepts as they get older. Talking to kids about elections, answering questions and providing information will help kids to become naturally curious.

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  • Making Government Relevant On Thomas Jefferson Day
  • Advice To Get Rich With


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