Local Media



Arizona Range News

122 S. Haskell Avenue, Willcox

Phone: 520-384-3571

Publisher: Monica Watson, 928-428-2560 x 225

Website: http://www.willcoxrangenews.com/

Published every Wednesday; serving Willcox, San Simon, Sunsites, Bowie, Cochise and Dragoon.

KHIL 98.1FM / 1250 AM (Willcox) Phone: 520-384-4626

Website: http://www.willcoxradio.com/khil- 98.1fm---1250am.html

The Bisbee Observer

7 Bisbee Road, Ste. L, Bisbee

Phone: 520-432-7254

Publisher: Laura Swan

Website: http://www.thebisbeeobserver.com/Default.aspx The Bisbee Observer is published every Thursday and serves an area of more than 10,000 residents in the communities of Bisbee, Douglas, Naco, McNeal,

Double Adobe, and Palominas / Hereford, Sierra Vista, in Southern Arizona.

CAVE 97.7 FM (Benson) Phone: 520-290-9797

Website: http://cavefm.com/index.htm

Douglas Dispatch

530 E. 11th Street, Douglas

Phone: 520-364-3424

Managing Editor: Bruce Whetten, 520-234-0145

Website: http://www.douglasdispatch.com/

The Douglas Dispatch is published every Wednesday reaching an estimated 6,000 readers in the Douglas, Double Adobe, McNeal, Elfrida, Sunizona and Sunsites communities.

KBRP 96.1 FM (Bisbee) Phone: 520-227-6547

Website: http://www.kbrpradio.com/

San Pedro Valley News-Sun Benson News-Sun

200 S. Ocotillo Avenue, Benson

Phone: 520-586-3382

Managing Editor: Chris Dabovich

Website: http://www.bensonnews-sun.com/

The San Pedro Valley News-Sun is published every Wednesday; The San Pedro Valley News-Sun serves Benson, Arizona and the surrounding communities of St. David, Pomerene, Cascabel, Dragoon and Willow Lakes.

KKYZ 101.7 FM (Sierra Vista) Phone: 520-459-8201

Website: http://kkyz.com/


102 S. Fab Avenue, Sierra Vista

Phone: 520-458-9440

Publisher: Jennifer Sorenson, 520-515-4605

Website: http://www.myheraldreview.com/

Cherry Creek Media (Sierra Vista)

KWCD 92.3 FM / KZMK 100.9FM / KTAN 1420 AM Phone: 520-458-4313

Website: http://www.cherrycreekmedia.com/

The Tombstone News

525 E. Allen Street, Ste. 4, Tombstone

Phone: 520-457-3086 or 520-255-9103

Website: http://thetombstonenews.com/index117.htm

KWRB 90.9 FM (Sierra Vista) Phone: 520-452-8022

Website: http://www.kwrb.org/index.php

KDAP 96.5 FM (Douglas)

Phone: 520-364-3484

KRMC 91.7 FM (Spanish)(Douglas)

Phone: 520-364-5392