Game Design Document:

Flaming Bubble Boy (F.B.B.)

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents        2

Story Overview:        4

Narration (Backstory):        4

Plot:        4

Core mechanic overview:        5

Player Abilities:        5

Rules and Mechanics:        6

Win & Loss Condition:        7

Character description:        8

The Enemies:        9

Oil Monster:        9

Behavior:        9

Attack:        9

Mr. GW(Final Boss):        10

Environmental Puzzles:        11

Z-Axis Obstacles:        11

Wax Wall:        11

Solution: Using the flame bubble to melt it.        11

Moving Platforms:        11

Ceiling pathways:        12

Problem: Only viable path to progress is to crawl along the ceiling.        12

Solution: Using the glue bubble’s ability to climb to the ceiling and crawl to the other side.        12

High platforms/Steam jumps:        12

Problem: A high platform of ledge that the normal player’s jump can not overcome.        12

Solution: Using the flame bubble and rolling onto the pool of water converts it into steam lifting the player high enough to reach the platform.        12

Hazards:        12

Falling bridge:        12

Spikes:        12

Slides:        12

Falling arrows:        12

Death pits:        12

Time Attack:        12

Crazy Pathways:        13

Explosive platforms:        13

Art Style (The world):        13

Level Designs:        14

(Level 1)Underwater City:        15

Level Walkthrough:        15

(Level 2)Wax Sewers:        15

Level Walkthrough:        15

Paper Drawings:        15

(Level 3/Final)The Black Oil Forest:        15

Level Walkthrough:        15

Story Overview:

Narration (Backstory):

On a devastated planet, a mad man Mr. GW created a powerful machine able to control nature itself all because he thought the planet was too cold. It is with this machine called the “Thur-mo-state”, with which he was able to shape the weather and all of the worlds to his liking. Causing mass devastation, Lakes turned to lava, Forests were flooded in thick black oil, and skyscrapers melted like wax… Literally!

In order to survive this terror, the people of this world fled to the depths of their oceans in massive bubble cities… This is ridiculous! And for a while, they believed they had founded safety until the terrors of the Thur-Mo-Stat found their way to their sanctuary.

Now a hero Must stand, A Hero Must Bounce, A Hero in a Bubble!


        The player will take control of a small elemental humanoid boy in a bubble. This Bubble protects him from the terrible environments he must venture through in order to shut down the Thur-Mo-Stat and save the world. Venturing from the Underwater city, the discoveries that the bubble he is trapped in is a strength more than a weakness.

        The bubble is able to change its material to meet the challenges bubble boy will need to overcome. As he travels collecting the pieces of from the depths of the ocean to the wax filled sewers of the lost city and into the Black Forest Of Oil where he will confront Mr. GW and turn off the Thermostat.

Core mechanic overview:

Using the different Forms of the bubble to Solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The different states/forms of the bubble include:

Player Abilities:

The player can perform a high jump to reach areas four times the characters height by using the flame ball on pools of water to create steam/Geiser.

Rules and Mechanics:

Win & Loss Condition:

If the player spends 5 secs outside of the Bubble, Bubble Boy dies from the environment in a comedic and cartoony way. The game presents the player with a retry screen and if yes is selected the level restarts from the most recent checkpoint in the level. 

Character description:

The bubble boy is an elemental human boy with a head far too big for his body. Surrounded By a bubble that changes at will between Fire, Glu, Oil, And Soap(Normal).

Art References


The Enemies:

The enemies are themed to the nature of the environment they inhabit. They should seem like monsters that came to life from the environment.

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Oil Monster:



        Patrols a small area and upon spotting the player races towards them to eat the bubble. It can sink into a puddle to crawl along the floor and may surprise the player from falling from the ceiling.


        Consume - creature opens wide and engulf the player for a short time causing 2 hit to the bubble and wiping all of the player’s status effects before releasing them.

        Swipe - Creature smacks the bubble causing 1 hit to the bubble.

Mr. GW(Final Boss):

        He is a crazy elemental scientist. He created a Ther-mo-stat to change the weather to be hotter.

        You can defeat him by using the mechanic which you already used in the game.

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Environmental Puzzles:




Art Style (The world):

Cartoony fantasy, Reminiscent of the previous work such as battleblock theater, Worms, and Castle Crashers.

!!!Battleblock Theater.png

Art References

Level Designs:[a]

(Level 1)Underwater City:

Level Walkthrough:

(Level 2)Wax Sewers:

Level Walkthrough:

Paper Drawings:

(Level 3/Final)The Black Oil Forest:

Level Walkthrough:

Oil Bubble

[a]Level designs for paper prototype below. Please replaces with final level designs as Documentation finishes up.