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Dale O. Cloninger

Professor Emeritus, Finance and Economics, U. Houston-Clear Lake
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Execution and deterrence: a quasi-controlled group experiment

DO Cloninger, R Marchesini - Applied Economics, 2001 - Taylor & Francis
Using portfolio analysis in a type of controlled group experiment, this study develops an
empirical model of homicide changes in Texas over a period of a 'normal'number of
executions. The empirically derived model then estimates the changes in the number of ...

Crime rates, clearance rates and enforcement effort: The case of Houston, Texas

DO Cloninger, LC Sartorius - American Journal of Economics …, 1979 - Wiley Online Library
A bstract. Two time series relationships with respect to police and criminal activities are
analyzed. These relationships are: 1. That between police input and police output where the
latter was measured by arrest and convictions rates and the former by expenditures and ...

[CITATION][C] Deterrence and the death penalty: a cross sectional analysis

DO Cloninger - Journal of Behavioral Economics, 1978 - North-Holland

Perceived risk of punishment and the commission of homicides: A covariance structure analysis

HJ Brumm, DO Cloninger - Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 1996 - Elsevier
If the behavior of potential murderers does in fact respond to the risk of punishment, it is the
perceived risk rather than the ex post risk as measured by arrest rates, conviction rates, or
execution rates. Previous empirical studies of homicide behavior have, by and large, ...

Drug War and the Homicide Rate: A Direct Correlation

HJ Brumm, DO Cloninger - Cato J., 1994 - HeinOnline
The nation's concern with drug-control policy has escalated in recent years. This heightened
anxiety is reflected in the growth of federal drug-control budget authority appropriated by the
Congress. In fiscal year 1985 these budgetary obligations were $2.75 billion; by 1994 they ...

Price‐Fixing and Shareholder Returns: An Empirical Study

TR Skantz, DO Cloninger, TH Strickland - Financial Review, 1990 - Wiley Online Library
Abstract This paper examines the market reaction to three different events related to
allegations of price-fixing: the initial charges, the firm's plea, and the resolution of the case.
Negative, risk-adjusted shareholder returns are associated with the initial charge of price- ...

Moral and systematic risk: a rationale for unfair business practice

DO Cloninger - Journal of Behavioral Economics, 1982 - Elsevier
The objectives of this paper are (1) to distinguish moral risk (the risk associated with unfair
business practice) from normal business (operating) risk and financial (default) risk;(2) to
analyze the effect of moral risk on the systematic risk of a nonlevered asset; and (3) to ...

The deterrence effect of law enforcement: An evaluation of recent findings and some new evidence

DO Cloninger - American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1975 - Wiley Online Library
A bstract. Six attempts to measure the deterrence effect of law enforcement on certain
criminal activities, as well as one by the author, have produced no clear, unequivocal
evidence to support the belief that increased public expenditures on law enforcement ...

Lethal police response as a crime deterrent: 57-city study suggests a decrease in certain crimes

DO Cloninger - American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 1991 - JSTOR
Since Gary Becker's article on the economics of crime and punishment, economists have
explored extensively the possible deterrence effect of standard enforcement variables, not
only for their public policy implications but to test the hypothesis that illegitimate behavior ...

Execution moratoriums, commutations and deterrence: the case of Illinois

DO Cloninger, R Marchesini - Applied Economics, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
In an earlier work the impact of an execution moratorium in Texas on the monthly returns
(first differences) of homicides was investigated. That moratorium was judicially imposed
pending the appeal of a death sentence that could have had widespread consequences. ...

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