Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at the Carver Educational Services Center

(This draft summary includes motions and resolutions passed at the October meeting. Complete draft minutes to be posted later.)

The minutes from the September 27 meeting were approved.

The treasurer's report was filed for audit.

The nominating committee ballot was distributed. Hearing no nominations
from the floor the following people were elected on a voice vote.
    At-large                            Chris Barclay
    Magruder, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Watkins Mill      Allyson Morrison
    Northwest, Poolesville, Quince Orchard, Seneca Valley   Lauren Haven
    Churchill, Richard Montgomery, Wootton, Rockville   Lori Merrill
    Blake, Paint Branch, Sherwood, Springbrook      Leslie Ridgway
    Blair, Einstein, Kennedy, Northwood             Ana Janckson-Curtis
    BCC, Walter Johnson, Whitman, Wheaton           Terri Salus

Tracy Fox will serve as our MCCPTA representative to the Citizens Advisory Council as announced by the Board of Education at their meeting Oct. 24.

Committee Meetings:
Oct. 26 Special Education Committee meeting at 7:30 PM at Carver discusses grading and reporting and how it affects students with disabilities.
Curriculum Committee will meet Nov. 14 at Carver.
Grading and Reporting Committee will meet the same night and place.
Nov. 2.
Nov. 2 Gifted Child Committee will meet Thurs., Nov. 3 at White Oak MS
and Wed., Nov. 9 at Gaithersburg HS. Workshops will be held for parents
on the application process for magnet ES, MS and HS programs.

Advocacy priorities will be tallied and reported back to the Delegates.

Middle school reform committee has had its official start.

A survey by Patti Twigg on the list serv is to be taken back to local PTAs. We'll use a similar method to the advocacy priorities list to determine the outcome at the next delegates assembly.

Youth violence summit flyer distributed for forum to be held on Nov. 5  at Sligo MS from 9:30 AM to 1 PM. Open to all.

There may be some adjustments to the schedule for CIP testimony.

The new membership chair is Patricia Carpio.

Bylaws committee has completed its review and revision. The report will be brought to the next executive board meeting and then to the delegates assembly in November.

Policy FAA-RA work group meets 4 more times. Their meeting Wed., Oct. 26 at Julius West MS is open to all to attend.

CIP forum is Thurs., Oct. 27 at 7:30 PM at Carver. MCCPTA theme is to maintain the CIP.

Two executive board resolutions and one executive board motion passed during the summer were reviewed:

The first was the Policy FAA work group resolution. A motion was made
by Debbie Selecman to endorse this by the delegate assembly. It was
seconded. It was acceptable to the delegates to have word smithing done
to the sentence "This work group will develop specific regulatory
language to address provisions relating to public participation and
other MCCPTA concerns.", so that it ensures strong language to
emphasize public participation and involvement. A change was also made
stating that the MCCPTA Delegate Assembly will be kept informed
throughout the process.  [Full text of this resolution will appear in
the complete version of the draft minutes.] The motion to endorse the
resolution with the stated changes was passed on a voice vote.

The second resolution reviewed was the Directory Resolution. [Full text
of this resolution will appear in the complete version of the draft
minutes.] It has not been forwarded. A motion was made to endorse the
resolution by the delegates and it was seconded. A motion was made to
amend the motion was made to remove specific references to CRC, and
their background information, and make it a general statement. It was
seconded. Discussion followed. It failed on a standing vote. A motion
was made to amend the original resolution to add a further resolve that
MCCPTA as an organization also similarly opposes other non-school
sanctioned organizations from using this information in the future for
any purpose. It was seconded. Discussion followed and the wording
school sanctioned was changed to PTA/PTSA sanctioned. Also, the
references to the MCCPTA Executive Board were changed to MCCPTA. It
failed on a standing vote. A motion was made to add e-mail addresses to
the first paragraph and then it was agreed by the body to be acceptable
to add that without a motion. A vote on the original motion that
accepts this resolution with changes from MCCPTA executive board to
MCCPTA Delegate Assembly passed on a standing vote. The resolution
passed and it will be forwarded to CRC on our behalf. A motion was made
to keep the first two paragraphs  including e-mail addresses and then
add, "Be it resolved that the Delegate Assembly opposes use of the
student directories for purposes not approved by the PTA/PTSA." It was
seconded. It was a moved to table this to the next Delegate Assembly
and then send it to the executive board for language clarification. The
executive board will refer back to the Delegate Assembly at the Nov.
meeting for voting. It was seconded. It passed on a voice vote.

The motion to add a May delegate assembly was reviewed. Rich Edelman
made a motion for the delegates to endorse adding a May meeting. It was
seconded and passed with a standing vote. The specific date for the May
meeting is to be determined.

The Gifted Child Committee Proposed Resolution copies were distributed.
[Full text of this resolution will appear in the complete version of
the draft minutes.] The chair Diane McHale will put this into action at
the next Nov. delegate assembly.